TGIF 3.9- Unclean me

        I am grateful for grace; had a lil quanta with one of my siblings and it was only the grace of God that saw me through. I am grateful for prayers answered, both directly and indirectly. Sometimes, you make a prayer request and you are looking at route “A” thinking that’s how the answer will come but right from underneath you, the answer comes from route “B”.

           This week alone, I have consciously and unconsciously made prayer requests and I can only say God has answered most of them. Both for peace of mind, family peace, calmness, boldness, fun, happiness, laughter, financial breakthrough, divine favor, journey mercies, emergency help and deliverance…..In case you were wondering, Yes, I actually do pray for such things.

             I am grateful for the thanksgiving holiday—its one of my favorite holidays—because it gives me an opportunity to officially thank God, and of course, I get to eat a lot within that week. This year was no exception, I had a blast with my loved ones, and because I know that there are people who didn’t have this opportunity, I am just gonna pause and say—I am grateful for the opportunity to have a blast. You may be one of those people angry with God for having not answered that major prayer you have been praying since January 1, but what about those people who cant even pray? What about those people who are 6ft under and have no hope of prayers answered—take out time today to say “thank you God” for giving me one more day.

              I am grateful for peace of God that calms a stormy weather. I am grateful for new friends. I am grateful for having a job, a place you can wake up in the morning and go. I am grateful for a good work schedule. I am grateful for strangers we meet that put a smile on our face. I am grateful for friends who keep you company and stay up with you when sleep is MIA. I am grateful for prodigal relatives that still remember they are relatives. I am grateful for the gift of hope.

          I am grateful that in spite of all my wickedness, immaturities and filthiness, that he still accepts me as his and calls me “mine”. I am grateful for setbacks for they are opportunities for God to prove himself strong. I am grateful for they give me reasons to be grateful and to testify and to be able to write my TGIF series. I am grateful for all the wonderful bloggers who are not angry that I have been MIA from their blogs in a while. I am grateful for you reading this right now, No, don’t turn around, I meant you. Yes you. I am grateful for you.

           Have a wonderful weekend y’all.

                  My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009!

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  1. oh and I am grateful for an internet connection to read grateful blogs!

  2. I am grateful for you,girl!

  3. Im grateful that im i have things to be grateful for

  4. Thank God for your life girl and He is always faithful..

  5. I’m grateful that we crossed paths in the Internet. 🙂

  6. Wish you the very best this year..keep updating ok!

  7. hi sistah,,how are you…? been a while.
    hope you are doing good..
    the Lord is ur strength ..

  8. Hey you. Hoping all is well with you and yours.

  9. How are you NG? Hope you are doing very fine.
    It’s been a long time.

    • Ochuko!!! I’m fine my dear, thanks for asking. How are you doing?

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