TGIF 3.8 – Lessons from my fish

      I am grateful for animals/Living creatures:  I have always loved the idea of having a pet—puppy, fish etc, but I couldn’t bring myself to own one, not even an ant.  From childhood, animals and I don’t walk on the same path. Mere sound of a dog bark sends me to the opposite direction, whether it’s a Chihuahua or German shepherd. So, now you know that when I walk in the park and hear those dog owners say “oh no, he/she doesn’t bite” I just smile and think to my self “yeah, sure, as long as you keep it on the other side of the path”.

Some colleagues at work encouraged me to start with a fish and then I could mature into a dog or any other kind of pet owner. They helped me make a list of things to get for the aquarium and how to take care of the fish and what type of fish to get. Of course, all of them told me more than half of the fish will die before the end of one week, but that it was normal. Ok, cool. Off I go to the pet store.

The store attendant told me I will have to prepare, and treat the water and fish tank for one week as a welcoming party for the fish, that is, before I buy the fish. Ok, sure, I decided to treat the water for one week. I went back to buy the fish and I was told the cheapest fish they had was 20 bucks. one tiny fish was 20 bucks? What?  Its not as if I am gonna eat the fish. Even fish sef wey I fit eat never cost that much not to talk of one small fish wey go die within one week.

I left the fish until months later, I went back to another pet store and they were on sale for some fish. I bought 22 of them. With all the excitement in my face, you will think I won a lottery. I Put them in my big tank but before long, some of them started dying. I actually felt bad, not minding I was told that it was normal for half of them to die within the first week. I decided to remove the remaining fish from the big tank and put them in a small bowl, making it easy for me to change the water everyday.

The fish stopped dying and I was happy coming back to see my “new babies”. I travelled and left them in the hands of a loved one, but on coming back, almost all the fish were dead except one that I didn’t think was pretty. I was very sad and disappointed ‘cos the ones with beautiful colors were dead except this ugly looking one. I lost interest in taking care of that one, including neglecting the water change and feeding, but believe it or not, this one fish refused to die like the others. That actually caught my attention and love for it and before you can say Jack Robinson, I became attached to that one fish, but I sat down one day and realized I have learned some lessons from my fish and I likened those lessons to my relationship with my father.

Lessons from my fish

–          I took out time to buy the fish and all I needed to house it and make its life comfortable. The fish were my responsibility, and my investment—people don’t play with their investments:  God made me, therefore I am his responsibility. He invested a lot in creating me; he has a stake in me. I am the investment of God; where your investment is, that’s where your heart is, that must mean I am in the heart of God—he thinks about me. I am the thought of God.

–          They pollute their environment/water a lot, so I learned to change the water almost every day, to give them fresh environment/water: The love of God for me is new every morning. He puts fresh love for me every day, notwithstanding what I had done the previous day.

–          They are either smart or dumb—I haven’t figured it out; I take them off and put in another container, then I clean the fish bowl and put fresh water and food. Now, the big issue is getting them back into the clean water. You would think they would hurriedly run into the clean water and new food screaming “thank you mama” , but oh no, we have to do a little dance and I have to nudge, cajole, plead, beg, threaten, before they know to go into the clean water”: Makes me think of my relationship with my maker. Just like the fish, I am expected to rush into the will of God because that is best for me, but do I do that? No! God have to move and shake things before it dawns on me what his will/plans are.

–          They make a lot of poop/mess, but do I leave them? Oh no: I do go astray a lot, through the words of my mouth, through the meditations/thots of my heart and through my actions. Do you know how many times I fall short and sin every day? But does God leave me? No. even when the world judges me, does he judge me? No. Being the caring father he is, he accepts me back everytime, no matter how severe my sin is – Now, thats the kind of father I want.

–          The one fish I didn’t like was the one that survived and stuck  by me; even when I left it, thinking it would die, it still survived: Sometimes, the one thing you couldn’t stand, becomes the source of your deliverance.

–          It survives in its own poop or mess and without food, until I come back to pet it: No matter how much the stock market change, no matter how much recession gets to my side, I am fearfully and wonderfully made and God has deposited some shock absorbers and certain things in me that would help me weather the stormy seasons. It may not be something big, bright or shiny, but its there and I only need to ignite it, for it to shine to its full potential. I only have to tap into that to see a positive change for me.  “God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear, but along with the temptation he will also make the way out in order for you to be able to endure it.”—1 Corinthians 10:13.

“Even if the world blows up andthe mountains cave into the sea, do not fear, trust in the Lord, for he knows all things. Be still and know that I am not just God, but I AM GOD” (Ps 46)

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!!! Enjoy this song “you were always on my mind”

                    My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009!

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