TGIF 3.6 – In love with him

I am grateful for the love of God.

        Have you ever been in love? I don’t mean have you ever loved someone, I mean “in love”. The crazy, butterfly in stomach, crazy about you ,type of love where you think of the person all the time, see the person in things around you, and would wanna do anything just to please the person or make the person happy? Have you? Well, I have.

       This afternoon, I was having a private discussion in my mind with God. I was telling God, I wanted to fall in love with him. I wanted to be so crazy about him like I was with mister, and I was asking cos I have come to know the difference between loving someone and being in love with the person. I have always said “I love you Lord,” especially at those times when he has surprised me or done something major for me, but that’s not what I wanted today.

     Loving someone is stable, but being in love comes with a roller coaster kind of feeling and that’s what I wanted. My thots were “God make me believe truly that you love me, let it be a permanent belief in me. Let me believe you desire me cos that may fuel my own love.” Yeah, I know it sounds selfish.

       I reflected on the selfishness but the truth is that there’s no way I could have loved God without him loving me first. Thinking otherwise would be kidding myself. My first attraction was because he loved me and I saw the beauty of what I can gain by affiliating myself with him. Perhaps, it was the audacity of the person that preached to me the day I first asked him to come into my heart. But I have come to know him a long time and I am no longer satisfied with that stable love. Now, I want more. I want to love him based on his character. I want to love him because of who he is. I want to love him just because.

        Barely an hour after these utterances, I came across this entry in “I thought for sure I’d be married by now” by Jeff Hidden. This is a beautiful story and the best so far about the love of Christ for every child of his.

……“Jennifer responded to my altar call for releasing the past and receiving inner healing. When I started to pray for her, the Lord gave me a vision of heaven. I saw Jesus lifting his left hand, looking at a huge diamond ring on his finger. He was in pure delight as he gazed upon the beautiful stone. He could not contain his excitement. Jesus turned to God and said, “Look, Father, isn’t it beautiful?”

As God turned, a bright light hit the diamond and caused a million rays of light to shoot in every direction.

“Wow!” Jesus said. “Isn’t it spectacular?”

“Yes”, said the Father. “It is the most beautiful diamond I have ever seen.”

Jesus stood up and began to twirl around like a new bride enraptured by her wedding ring. The glorious light beaming through the atmosphere caught the attention of the angels.

Amid the worship of “Holy, Holy, Holy,” you could hear the angels oohing and aahing as they pointed at the ring and whispered to each other.

“Isnt it beautiful?” Jesus asked the cloud of witnesses who were already stunned with amazement. You could tell he was proud of his ring and its obvious beauty.

“its one of a kind!” an angel shouted

“its so bright that I can hardly look at it,” another bellowed.

“its priceless,” two angels concluded after trying to calculate the value of such a precious stone,

Jesus made his way back to the throne. “Look, Father, look. Isn’t it the most precious thing you have ever seen?”

“it certainly is,” God firmly agreed. “it certainly is”

Then, in the vision, Jesus looked at me and said, “Whisper in Jennifer’s ear and tell her, “You’re that diamond on the ring finger of Jesus.”


            Have a wonderful weekend y’all. Enjoy  “in love with him” by jeremiah Gyang

                My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009!

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  1. i hope im a diamond on His finger too.

  2. you sure are Leggy. I imagined myself as a diamond ring in his fingers. He is proud of me, shows me off and looks at me at every time. thats what I am…thats what you are too. Hope you are good

  3. What a beautiful story. I really need to be in love with God too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. great story… trust you are good! enjoy your weekend…

  5. This is lovely. I enjoyed reading it. I can totally relate to how you feel and what you now want.

  6. Long time o! Falling in love with God is what I strive to be. So help me God!

  7. I feel you on this post…really being in love with God is something I suddenly started desiring…

    This is a beautiful post…

  8. Yea,we all are in luv with HIM,ma dear………it like most tyms,we dont even deserve HIS luv bt we get it all the same…
    Hw u?

    • I concur that. I am fine oo, how are you. I am off to send you a mail

  9. what happend 2 ma comment???
    Lovely post…..hw u?

    • lol, see your post. It waited for me to approve it. thanks

  10. @Myne Whitman….thanks a lot. I think thats one thing a lot of us ought to desire
    @Danny….thanks. I am doing great, thanks for asking
    @Repressed….lol, thanks. I am glad someone can relate. sometimes, it feels as if you are the only one with the same thot
    @Nice anon…lol, thanks. I strive too my dear, and amen to your prayer
    @Rita…thanks a lot. I hope everyone of us get to have that desire and get fulfilled at it

  11. Awww i love that last line…i’m the diamond ring on His finger! How can i not be in love with this God?
    Thanks for this post, enjoy the rest of your week!

    • You are welcome and thanks

  12. lovely post. never thought of it that way, being a diamond on his finger.

    Hope all is well.


    • All is well my dear, thanks for asking. Hope you are good

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