TGIF 3.4

I am grateful for loneliness: Have you ever found yourself in a season of loneliness? Maybe you are surrounded by people, but you are still lonely. It takes someone who has been through this to understand what I am writing. Mind you, you can be alone and not lonely and you can be surrounded by people and still be lonely. Loneliness is a time to seek for what to occupy yourself or mind with, however, in a bid to flee from this state, we may find ourselves filling our mind or self with the wrong things.  If you have never had an episode of loneliness—congratulations, but for those of us who can confess we have been lonely one or two times or even too many times—Be grateful for a beautiful opportunity to draw closer to your maker or to fill your mind up.  It may not seem like its beautiful at that time, but still be grateful for such an experience.

I am grateful for fulfillments: you ever found yourself in a position where you felt absolutely fulfilled? Your fulfillment could come after having washed your car or swept the compound or even taking a shower. It could even come from seeing all your kids laughing and playing. Having a sense of fulfillment is a beautiful thing, but at the same time, I have to caution that you stop expecting the wrong person to fulfill you cos you might just be setting yourself up for a fall.

I am grateful for trials/oppositions/failures/Haters: If you never went through all those experiences/trials/oppositions/hateration/failures,  you could never be as strong as you are today. It came to kill me, and for a while I was bitter, but I am better now. Sometimes, God puts folks around you that don’t like you to refine you and when they think they are doing you evil, they are just polishing, refining you and making you shine. You ever heard what is involved in the making of your gold accessories? Even the purest diamond goes through a season of cutting and refining to elicit the reactions you give it at the store. At the time when you are going through the process of refining, it may not seem like its for your own good, but one thing I know is that everything works out well for the good of those who love God and that includes me, so everything works out well for my own good, no matter what it is. We have been delivered, and things that used to intimidate or make us cry can’t do that any more. You are now the overcomer of things that used to overcome you. Things don’t run me, I run things cos I am on another level of faith.     Have a wonderful weekend y’all

                     My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009!

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  1. Inspirational words as always. I am grateful for all that too.

  2. Well i know all those emotion girl

    Lonliness used to be my companion but i just overcame that, it comes and goes

    And yes, theres a certain time where everything just falls perfectly in place and am contented

    People and trials come for a reason but you have already overcome


  3. like the part about you running things.. not you running them.. cool…

  4. totally feel you on the first point..
    reli nice thankful post..

  5. its really hard to be grateful for the failures but i try to be.

  6. Faith: We run things; things don’t run we!!
    You’re truly on another level.
    I don’t understand the ‘loneliness’..pls xplain small [u can send me a private mail] LOL..
    This week for me was proof that all things work together for good to those who love God. God sent helpers to me and my family when we least expected.
    [One key to a great life? Never worry about anything. God’s taken care of it..]
    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  7. Lol so I was enjoying reading this,and I completely identified with you when you spoke about loneliness. But u completely/flatout lost me when you spoke about God putting folks in your life to ……
    I was wondering, do u know this as a fact or your assuming that God did those things? Why religion always gotta come into everything. sigh.
    *heads back to his page sulking*

  8. hmmm…set me thinking…

  9. I don’t even know where to begin. That was excellent girl! If everyone could take advantage of the lonely season, everyone would have relevation of it’s purpose. Even in marriage, believe it or not, there are lonely seasons.
    I didn’t like the trials/haters, but if Jesus did, then why would I be exempt? I appreciate them now, because it made me better, not bitter.
    Girl that was wonderful. May I have permission to post your article on my inspirational blog? Let me know asap.

    • Lady A, thanks a lot and you can post the article with my blessing

  10. Babe,TG 4 u!

    • Girl, abeg i know I still owe you something…..bear with me, will rectify that ASAP. Hope you are good

  11. TG 4 u!

  12. Thank you for giving me new things to be thankful for and find the good in.

    Have a blessed week, ok?

  13. Hmmm. Deep. I was really feeling those words. We are who we are today due to trials and tribulations. At the time it seems heaven is against you but now you see that period as some kind of training day.

  14. TG4U….i am indeed grateful for loneliness, infact all points mentioned…

    And especially grateful for learning from such mistakes and improving oneself from set backs.

  15. What else can we ever say order than thanking God even for evrything.

    How have you been my dear?

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