TGIF 3.1

       I am grateful for rest. Having undertaken tedious responsibilities that have deprived me of good sleep and rest for the past one month, I have come to appreciate rest and sleep. If you are able to lie down on your bed and sleep without having to count sheep or romance the 4 corners of your bed due to constant turning—be grateful cos not everyone is able to do so.

       I am grateful for “teachable spirit/personality”. Most people consciously or unconsciously consider themselves above learning; they may assume they are too learned or too learned for some people. I have come to appreciate the ability to learn from anything and anyone. This past week, I have learned the following lessons;

–          Never confide in someone who has never been through something, else they would not understand and they will turn around to judge you.

–          That you live in a better house, have a better job, have more money—that don’t mean you are a better person than me

–          Children/teenagers are genetically impatient—as a parent, if you understand this, you will save yourself days and hours of frustration. To understand children, you have to come to their level.

–          Every human being changes with time—whether for good or for bad, whether for a second or days, whether consciously or unconsciously, whether hormonally charged or not. We are changed by one thing or the other, which is why its said ‘change is the one constant thing in life”

–          We never stop learning; only a dead man would consider not learning—Relationship is akin to education/getting degrees/learning; the knowledge you have of your partner is related to the level you are in. When you get married to your spouse, you may have achieved a bachelors degree in that relationship, but the ability to achieve a masters or PhD in that relationship, is based on the amount of work/time/energy you put into it and into learning your partner.

           I am grateful for every happy person out there; anyone who has an opportunity to be grateful or happy—happiness is relative and it’s a decision. I choose to be happy today, what about you?

         I came across this clip, I thought it was funny, but not very many people may get the joke except you are used to being chased by telemarketers or sales reps;  Have a wonderful weekend y’all!!!

            My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009!

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  1. I’m grateful for rest too. God has given me rest in spite of the storms.. You are so right about having a teachable spirit, it’s amazing how much progress one can make by listening and learning from every situation. I’d check out the video. Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

  2. Gosh i wish i could get that good night sleep. i can’t sleep these dayz o. i like the quotes really nice. I am grateful that you are grateful.

    how is my doctor doing?

  3. I choose to be hapi..and I’m greatful for life and a lot of other things..
    good to know you are doing fine…
    loved this points..
    keep winning…

  4. Hallo!
    Thanks for the tip on kids- yes they seem to be genetically impatient in deed! I see that in life you need to (kind of)lower your expectations of ppl (not hte right word sha).
    Thank God for a good nyt’s rest too. Have a luvly weekend, NG!

  5. how are you doing?

    I am always grateful for a good rest, had a good one today.

  6. Thank God for being able to sleep at night o! I agree with you, a lot of people can’t.
    Thank God for the lessons you’ve learnt too!

  7. This post contained some serious knowledge. Especially the patience with children issue. God knows, my children have turned me into a saint, the amount of patience I have to exercise on a daily basis. But, I can’t complain.

    Hope all is well.

  8. i like your list of things your thankful for.

  9. Baby na wa o, been a while o.. what is happening? This one wey we no dey see your tail light again.
    Anyway, nice tips jare….xx

  10. Never confide in someone who has never been through something, else they would not understand and they will turn around to judge you.

    This is so true…. Even if they have good intentions – it doesn’t always work out……

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