TGIF 2.9 (He got me)

      I am grateful its Friday. If there’s anyone who is glad its Friday, its moi. I am screaming TGIF at the top of my voice, so if you hear TGIF on the radio… may be me.

     I am grateful for having the privilege to be checked up on by fellow bloggers. I opened my mail at work and saw a post from Danny and Ochuko. This prompted me to start preparing for an entry for the TGIF series. Thank you guys; you inspired this piece.

I am grateful that God got me. He got me— I keep telling myself that…..

      I am grateful for divine favor. Last week, I started a new project and it’s been “WW3”.  There’s this thorn in my flesh at this new office but God got me. This is someone who shouldn’t be here but she has set up a system that is not conducive for me or others in my line of duty. The devil thought he had me, ahhhh, but I run.

    I am grateful for music. What will my life be like without music in it? This afternoon at work, in the midst of a down time, I plugged my ear phone to my ears and wished I could drown all the noise and bickering around me as I listened to ijoba orun by Lara George. I hit “replay” and allowed the music to play away. This song always speaks to me. Its calming, soothing and just makes me wanna curl up to God and cry at his shoulders. I always imagine myself doing that, drown everything out and just focus on my maker.

     Sometimes, we are so overwhelmed and involved with things around us; work, children, spouse, family, stress, enemies, exams, bills, deadlines etc so much so, that we forget to take out time, even if its seconds to think of God (in a good way)….. but Lord you got me,

       God got me. He got me, I will keep telling myself that. I don’t care what the situation around me is, cos in the midst of every turmoil, he still got me. In the midst of the storm, Jesus was sleeping peacefully. In the midst of the storm, even Jonah (the anointed) was sleeping. I am an anointed of God, I carry his anointing and I know he got me, if he be for me, why should I fear anyone? He got me….I am sorry but I am speaking to myself when I say “he got me” and he knows that I know that he knows he got me.

       With the kind of job I do, Sometimes I ask myself what I was thinking getting involved in that sector. Sometimes I try to convince myself that doing something else would have been less tasking, but even in the midst of it all, I thank God cos he always finds a way to bring the truth home. The truth is that…….he got me.

      I am grateful that I am unique. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and because of that, you never know who you are standing or sitting next to. You never know the kind of anointing someone standing next to you is carrying. You never know who the person belongs to or what they are going through. Have you ever found yourself in a position where you blame God, family, friends, country and anything blameable for your condition. You complain and assume your condition is the worst, but one day you get to meet someone or hear about someone and you just realize that your condition is heaven compared to theirs.

      I am grateful for people whom you meet or interact with for few minutes but they leave a lasting impression that could change your life or your outlook on things. Yesterday, I was privileged to meet a lady (Mary) who touched my life. I am grateful for Mary.

     While talking with this young lady who was in her 50’s, I realized she was a hospice patient. She had been told by her doctors to go settle her affairs ‘cos she does not have too long to live. Her family wants her to come home, so she can die in the midst of family, but there was something different about this lady—she was calm and maintained a strong face.

    There was an older lady in the same room with me, and this woman could not hold her composure. She broke down and wept bitterly, so much so, that I was moved to tears. We prayed together and we tried encouraging each other.

     Ms. Mary told us her story; how she went from being the VP of a company to losing her job, down to unemployment checks. When the unemployment checks ran out, she was informed that her breast cancer has become malignant and has spread out. In addition to that, she received an eviction letter from her apartment.

      While cleaning one lady’s house, she realized the house owner was a breast cancer survivor. Family friends volunteered she should find someone to squat with but God provided a woman (the breast cancer survivor) who called her when family and friends left her hospital room and told her never to let accommodation bother her, that she would pay her rent from then until the year after. 

     She went through chemo, radiation, everything but the cancer had spread to her lungs and liver. She talked of how people ask her “do you need anything, or call if you do”, but one woman stood out from all, (same woman). This woman stood out cos even when Mary said “no I cant think of anything I need”, the woman told her, “I know you have laundry, I will do your laundry”.  Laundry? laundry?….I would never think to ask for someone’s laundry but I learned that little things go a long way.

     Sometimes. we are too diplomatic and ask, do you need anything? When you know they do need something. Its like asking “how are you”, when in earnest, you couldn’t care any less about the person or how they are doing. To you, its just a greeting. Go to the store, find something, clothes, can food whatever you have….it will go a long way in helping someone who is in need. I always tell people, I value the thot behind the gestures and gifts given to me more than the gifts itself. I always tell them “its the thot that count for me”. Now, I have learned that I may not have to go purchase anything, I could volunteer to clean their house, do their laundry, wash their car, take out their trash, call them on the phone to check up on them or just keep them company by sitting down with them.

      Thanks to everyone who checked up on me; y’all make me always wanna type up something even when the clouds look dark. Please put this woman in your prayers for me. I still believe doctors say what they have to say, Onyibo find a way to give a name to every form of foreign disease in the body but there’s a name above every other name and at that name, my bible said every knee will bow, so please y’all help me put this lady in your prayers. Her name is Mary. I will need your prayers for this thorn in the flesh at work too.

  Bear with me for not visiting your blog. I pray God makes a way for me to update my comments on your blog this weekend. Yes, I mean you.

         I am glad for afrocouture. I Just learned the website will be launched this week, so be sure to support these young Nigerians at their new website when it launches.

                     My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. yes o..he’z got ma back..
    how u doing..?
    hav a fun weekend..

    • Thanks Simeone.I am doing great. hope you are good.

  2. That’s such an inspiring story! Thank God you’re well!

    • I am well ooo, thanks for asking.

  3. True words… He’s always there running sturvs on our behalf……

    • ditto that. If only it would register in our mind. Hope you are good Danny.

  4. i loooooooooove ijoba orun…whenver im angry i’d just put on my ear plugs and let it soothe…i thank God for life.

    • Thats what i do too. I love the song, its a calming song. I dont know if its the instrumentals or something, but there is something to that track.

  5. God’s got me. He got me as in got me.
    I thank God for life and for hope. I thank God for family. I thank God for grace, for pardon of sin, for direction and for correction.
    I thank God for his rod and staff.
    I thank God for you, for me, for everyone.
    You’ll share Mary’s testimony on this blog. Amen.
    Have a great week ahead.

    • Amen oo. I am grateful for you Ochuko. thanks

  6. inspiring post. I shall try to remember Mary in my prayers.

    BTW, you post had me singing this song I love so much thats so calming. I have mentioned it before but check it out if you havent, its called Seattle by Mary Mary, that’s my calming song.

    • Thanks. I had to check out the song. thanks for that


  8. Love this post!

    • thanks.

  9. I am going to pray for that lady now.

    I declare to you that the anointing of God is going through her and giving life to her body and that Christ has borne her infirmities so she does not have to go thru any pain.

    He himself bore our infirmities and carried our diseases.

    Now when you get to the hospital, whether she feels the symptoms or not she’s healed. Tell her to believe in divine health that its God’s will for her to be healed and stay healed.

    N.B The absence or presence of symptoms does not say whether she is healed or not, it is the word of God that is her guarantee that she is healed.

    Take care, it seems crazy but i just had a leading to do this. Obey please.

    • Thanks Tisha. I havent seen Mary since the last time, and I may not see her again, but I left a message, and i prayed your words on the message and my belief is that it will be an instrument for her healing. thanks for those words.

      I loved the “absence or presence of sx doesnt prove you are healed, but the word of God”. The word of God is powerful, it brings healing, the word of God is God personified.

  10. hi!
    Hope you aren’t too stressed?
    God bless you plenty and have a luvly week!

    • Thanks a lot Cider. longest time, hope yu are good

  11. Not been here for a hot minute..
    Hope you’re doing okay, miss?!

    • My one and only Rocky. longest time. hope you are good.

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