TGIF 2.8

Its Friday already; they sure do creep up on me, but what more can I say than TGIF.

     This is one of those days I have to rack my brain for things I am grateful for….uhhhh I got one; I am grateful for financial blessing for this week. I am grateful for being able to pay all the numerous bills attached to adulthood. I am grateful when my bank account does not scream “error error”, especially in this global crises.

    Is it not weird how we focus on our problems or things we need God to do? We focus on these things at the expense of stuff we should be grateful for. My mind was wired on my laundry list of prayer request which I haven’t seen manifestations for, but the truth is that if I can get past this particular roadblock, then I will be able to see the many things God has done this week.

    I started a “90 days of miracle” journal where I have to write down for the next 90 days the miracles God gives me every day. At the end of this event, I should be able to have tons of things to be grateful for… could join me and see how fun it can be.

     I am grateful for family; don’t know what I did to get them, but I am glad I have them.

     I am grateful for crazy friends who don’t agree with you or perhaps make sense atimes, but they still make you happy.

I am grateful for food……enough said.

       I am grateful for security; everyone looks for security at one point in time. Whether is financial, marital, job, house, etc. anything that brings security I am grateful for.

       I am grateful for the show “Burn Notice”; I turned on the TV and realized they were having a marathon. I started watching it today but I am already hooked to the show, can’t wait for the next episode. It’s a good show with lots of high tech lessons about intelligence spies and escape routes; I am taking note (you never know when some information will come in handy).

       I am grateful for some old school naija jams; my idea of exercise is not running in the park or going to the gym ‘cos I am too laid back to do that, however my idea of exercise is turning up the volume on one of the old school jams and dancing to it. The good thing about dancing in the comfort of your own home at the expense of exercise is that even though you are burning up calories, you have the liberty of doing any type of dance, without having to be diplomatically correct.

        I am grateful for the different seasons (hot, cold, dry, rainy, harmattan, spring, summer, fall, winter etc); they help to remind me of God’s promise “While the earth lasts, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall never cease” (Gen.8: 21,22)”

       I am grateful for my names; all my names mean one kind of blessing or the other, and I just realized how important I was when I tried searching up all my names online and realized the domains were already booked solid….for all of them, even the short forms of my naija names… is that possible?

       What else am I grateful for? I am grateful for people that leave comments on my blog, yes you…..I am grateful for you. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

               My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. There you go babygurl….
    Moi is Firsssssssssssssssssssst!

    It’s a good thing to praise the Lord and give him alone all the glory..
    It’s of his mercy that we were not consumed


  2. Ok second!!!
    Wow this is what made David a man after God’s heart.
    I’m with you on the 90days thing.. plus I’m grateful to God for everything!!
    I’m grateful for my name too, for finance, for good health, for family, for love….everything.
    Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. And I am thankful for you. Thankful for reminding me to be thankful, thankful for your sweet comments on my blog. I truly appreciate them!
    Officially following your blog. I promise to be loyal 😉 Except i’m travelling to Naija for a month in a week.

    • uh uh uh, take me take me take me to naija…..
      thanks for your comments and have a wonderful week. May God watch over you on your trip

  4. I am grateful for Life, I am grateful for the heat, i am grateful for the few showers this morning. I am grateful that my plans seem possible. I am grateful for those close and i am grateful for you 🙂

    Have a Truly blessed weekend!

  5. NG,
    it’s another TGIF already? Phew!
    I’m liking these things you are grateful for indeed..
    Do have a Fab. weekend.

  6. Oh, I like that you’re grateful for your name. I love all my names too…I like to think about the love and thought that went into gifting me with these names that are truly a blessing. I’m glad too that my parents gave me only Yoruba names, forever tying me to my homeland, no matter who I marry or where I live.

    Have a beautiful weekend, Naijagirl!

    (PS are you planning on buying a domain? The geek in me loves this!)

  7. 90 dyas of miracles? What a good idea.
    How far are you? Is it making any difference?

  8. Thankful even for the opportunity to be thankful…I like the 90days idea; I should join u on that one…have a lovely weekend…

  9. I jst showed my sis the part where u wrote dat “dancing not just help u burn calories bt also give u d liberty to do any dance steps”. I want to add that it helps u to entertain people ard, ‘cos my sis is dancing now, she claims she’s burning calories but I say she’s entertaining me.

    ***gud stuff on the 90days of miracle, i’m thinking of doing same too.

    • lol, now I am flattered… can be entertaining as well as instrumental in burning calories. so you say potato, she says potahto….its same end result and everyone is satisfied.
      I use the same excuse when I want to dance in public–I am exercising!!!

  10. I need to do the same and keep a jounral of God’s blessings! You had me laughing when you mention your bank account not screaming, “error, error!” I see I wasn’t alone, lol. We have so much to be thankful for. However I have been focusing on what I don’t have lately. God is still good and faithful!

  11. im grateful for life.

  12. Ahh, we thank God for NaijaGirl too!
    I will try the 90 day list from tomorrow. It’s a good idea I’m glad you shared.
    So you rock to da musik and “gym gym di body” abi? lol (NYSC soldiers can spoil English!)
    Have a blessed, stress-free new week… or even if it is stressful, may it be the kind of stress that helps you thank God more.

  13. The little things are what make the difference afterall.. Nice one — the 90 day thing…

  14. Great post!

  15. I’m grateful that you have so much to thank God for….if only we always look closely enough!

  16. 9ice post,girl!

  17. Hi!!
    Everything is okay at your end right?
    Have a good day!

  18. Naijagirl, where are you? trust you’re doing fine?
    Please come quick. You missed TGIF2.9 and now tomorrow is another TGIF. Remain blessed.

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