Brain teaser 1.3

       With the negative impression we have of churches today, and with the lack of trust in pastors, I was wondering (out of curiosity), if Jesus was to come in our time, would we receive him like in his time or will things be different? Will we take him like another “prosperity preacher” or would we say “truly this man is the son of God”.  Is he gonna be a celebrity preacher or what? What would we know him as?

      If an “ex”; ex suitor, ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, ex fiance, ex employer, ex relation….anything under the umbrella of ex…if an “ex” invites you to his/her wedding, whats the right response and whats the right gift for such an occassion?

     As you ponder over these questions, please, help me check out this video and this guy. Whose church is this abeg?

               My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009


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  1. I won’t go but I will send a gift card or a generic gift or something.

  2. Def will not go.
    But then again….
    Just send a gift. And sign it with regards.

  3. Shey we know what Jesus is supposed to look like? I think people will recognize him instantly, abi?

    As for the ex-anything, it all depends on the relationship you have with the ex.

  4. I might or might not go to the wedding depending on which “ex” it is. I’ve had a couple of break-ups which ended amicably. I would have no problem attending a wedding of an ex who I am on good terms with.

    That video is hilarious. It’s been all over facebook for the past couple of weeks. I like his style jo lol. That’s his own way of praising God. I believe the church is an RCCG chapter in Houston, Texas.

  5. Saw that video on fb and really it baffle me too o my dear…

    About exs? Me no dey do ex o, maybe it’s because I have never left an ex in a friendly state.. I dont even think one yeye ex will give me invitation to their wedding anyway…

    Then for Jesus..hmnnn, can we tell dear?
    I keep imagining too.

    Aw have you been? Looks like a long while to me, ve not been around cos im quite busy this days.

    Take gud care and enjoy the rest of the week dear.

  6. Now, I’m married I might attend, but if I was nt I will most likely nt attend.

  7. I doubt majority of us will receive Jesus the way they did in His time. The way most people turn spirirtuality to plain religion, we tend not to want to be involved with most things ‘christian’ (or should i be speaking just for myself).

    Depending on who the ‘ex’ is and on what terms you guys parted, that will determine if you accept the invite or not.

    • nah, you are not speaking for yourself. A lot of people share the same sentiment as you. Some people cannot differentiate between “religion” and “relationship with Christ/God, which you probably called spirituality”. I have been saying it from day 1, religion is on the forefront of our problems today, not spirituality, but few people have been able to separate those two. This is still same reason like you said that people stay away from anything “christian”

  8. Brother Francis (the dancer) is now an “internet legend” oh…very popular on fb/you-tube…I like his way of praising God with reckless abandon…

    About the Ex; I guess it depends on how they parted…if they parted amicably, then y not…I can attend an ex’ wedding, so long as there is no animosity, and present a neutral gift eg a kitchen appliance or something like that…but if they parted as “enemies”, then better not to attend…

    Jesus, hopefully, we would recognise and follow faithfully, if He were to come now…but there’ll always be Judases, and doubting Thomases, and Pharisees, etc…who would try to give Him a tough time…

    • My first thot with the dancing was “woah, is this not a tribalistic/masquerade dance step, especially ith the falling and rising”, but you know the more I watched, the more it took me to David and what it said in 2samuel 6; he danced to the extent that his wife was ashamed of him. I still wonder how he was dancing–a whole King.

      I think there are more doubting thomases now, than at his time—I am not sure. Even his fellow “pastors” will doubt him and say stuff about him. Its like opening a church in a strip club, of course some people would “holler”

  9. Considering when Jesus came in his time, asides from his disciples, he majorly hung out with adulterers, prostitutes, thieves and sinners..
    I’m sure the ‘holier than thou’ crew will consider Him a sham.. Just like the pharisees of old..
    It is what it is..
    I’m curious as to what they say He looks like though.. Was He white or Black?

    If I get invited.. I’ll go..
    As long as I get an invite, and I’m on good terms with the person in question.. Chances of the ‘good terms part’ is slim though..

    The church is RCCG in Texas.. Think it says so, somewhere in the clip I saw.

    • lol, I like your response Roc….the holier than thou will criticize him. Now you have given me food for thot, he never came for holier than thou but for the sinners, for the adulterers, prostitutes, thieves etc.

      Jesus–white or black? I wonder if an asian, indian etc would come out to claim he was same as them…..

      RCCG,I wonder which chapter in Houston it is.

  10. lol @ all the comments…
    Jeses of now wont be really accepted like he wasn’t really accepted then….but people would still follow him for miracles…
    ex..wahala..if i get invited i might not go,..regardless of how the relationship ended and all that…

  11. Simeone…, yup. people will follow him for miracles even doubting thomas.

  12. i might go oh…just to show dat there r no hard feelings.

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