Its only in naija….

        Its only in naija where a lawmaker’s pic will appear in a national newspaper in his nude glory. I came across this appalling, bizzare and bittertaste story since Monday but I was too lazy to comment or write a post. However, as of today, updates are still coming on the story, so check it out here.

        Its only in naija where a politician will boldly come out to confess that 80% of lawmakers/politicians are spiritualist or into juju (We compare ourselves to America and the progress they have made, but we never paused to consider the reason behind their progress or why they have “IN GOD WE TRUST” in their currency).

      Its only in naija…..where this story might be swept under the carpet without appropriate measure taken to look into this development.

      Its only in America where the media wont let someone die in peace without bringing up contradictory stories and scandals about the deceased.

                  My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. lol…i love ur only in america and naija…i dont no y americans wnt just allow someone to die and go and account for himself…i saw the picture oh..i no fit shout sef.

    • my dear help me see oo. America wont let MJ die in peace without bringing contradictory stories about him. na wah.

      as for naija pic…..e get as e be

  2. hmmm…funny and terrible world we live in ..

    • i guess we can call it the ironies of life

  3. its only in naija ooo, the nude pictures are everywhere.Its absolutely appalling.

    Its also amazing that its nt like these politicians have the interest of the citizens at heart, its just to enrich their pockets. The citizens only get to hear abt the oath taking after alliances are broken, and things don’t work out the way they planned.

    • thank you my dear. He kept crying “i was deceived, i was deceived. they used me and dumped me”. if his pic didnt show for newspaper, we wouldnt have had tangible proof of the extent these politicians go just to be on seat. It was after him that another dude came out claiming he and others were put under oath years ago too…….but without the nudeness

      its just a big shame for us

  4. dta is right…it’s rather shameful…I say we need major prayers 4 our leaders…

  5. lol, you gotta love naija though. Every country has its own quirks.

  6. lol, gotta love naija. Every country has its own quirks.

  7. It’s so saddening my dear, so saddening…

  8. @Doyin….prayers no be small ooo. I go begin my own prayers now cos this info was just plain sick and appaling.

    @Taynement—east, west, north or south….no place like home. with all its idiosyncrasies, i still love my naija

    @sassy mi…..i tell you. thank God for MJ, else, CNN would have picked up on it by now

  9. thanks for sharing. It’s just a shame how we Africans ridicule ourselves.

  10. oh my gosh, i saw that naked pic of the politician and was appalled.

  11. Lol.. Saw this on someone’s blog..
    Talk about scandal..

    For some reason though, I get the feeling if we add ‘In God we trust’ to our flag, anthem, and currency..
    Chances are little will change..

  12. @Tigeress…I am probably more appalled by this story and pic than the parties involved.
    @Diane….Its embarrassing…to think this is a full grown *ass* man with a wife and kids. Oh the embarrassment to his wife and children.
    @Roc….you are probably right. Nigeria is one of the most religious countries I know, yet it hasnt stopped us from doing what we wanna do. We just do it now under the umbrella of religion

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