TGIF 3.0 – What I like about me.

Phew!!!! I am the happiest person today cos finally, I get a reprieve from the killer job that has been keeping me away from blogsville. Special thanks to everyone who commented on the last entry and those who responded to the cry for Mary.

      I wanna introduce you to a certain creature I recently encountered that inspired today’s grateful series. A human being like you and I, but God took extra care in the creation of this creature. While writing the draft for this series, I kept looking at her snapshot and I wish I could put it up, so you too, can attest to what I am seeing—‘cos she is one fine lady. She is beautiful, gorgeous, and above all she is surrounded by the aroma of God. 

        She is none other than your dearest “Naijagirl”.  This naijagirl sef, be serious jare—I am serious. I look good, I am beautiful….this Godly beauty. You ever looked at yourself in the mirror or your pic and all you could mutter is….damn, I look good. That’s same feeling I am getting as I make this entry.
         Over the past weeks, I have met people who one way or the other find one kind of imperfection about their body. Some were congenital imperfections, some were acquired imperfections, and some were just plain out of their mind, making up stuff where nothing could be found. All these, made me pause and think about my body and how good I look. I don’t care about those times that I thought one part of me was imperfect. Just for a second  today, I wanna take out time and give God his props for making this beauty, this wonderful creature that is called “me”—just look at me, I am a testimony. I am a beautiful work of God.

       As a kid, I always thought my mom was very beautiful—you would need to see her to understand. While watching her pic with my younger bro one day, we were dissecting every part of her body and placing claim on the different features she had. I remember arguing with my brother, over who had the highest claim to her. I always knew I had beautiful eyes, nose and mouth/lip, but today, that’s not all I am grateful for—I am grateful for every inch of my body.

Brain: I am glad I still got my mind intact. You will never know what it means to have your sanity until you find yourself in such a situation where it’s gone. Have you ever taken illegal drugs and it went to your brain and for a while you were acting crazy? I have witnessed that and I must confess that it’s a very scary experience, both for the culprit and the well wishers. Have you ever been in a very stressful situation, so much so that you knew your mind/brain was running away from you? You couldn’t tell if you were “going or coming”. Have you ever been tipsy or drunk, with that feeling that your faculties are not intact? For all these reasons, Lord, that’s why I praise you.
        When you are brain dead, even if your heart is still beating—you are considered dead. I recently watched a show of love between a leukemic patient and a healthy female. It made me think of cancer patients, hospice patients, people in one sick bed or the other. People who are not sure of getting up tomorrow—but here I am, with my mind intact, and all the functional neurons in my brain can attest to that. Is it any wonder why I am grateful to him?

HEENT: I am grateful for my hair. Only a bald man/woman or a patient in chemotherapy may be able to understand why I am grateful for the amount of hair on my scalp. I have one of the most beautiful eyes and the beauty is deeper because they are functional and right on mark. I have a great grand mother (GGM) who is blind and one of the greatest desire and prayer of my grandmother (who is her daughter), is for my GGM to see. Stevie Wonder said he would give anything just to be able to see his wife for the first time—the beauty of eye sight.I am grateful I can see.

        I am grateful for my ears. When you view people’s ears, you will know why I am proud of God for making my ears so right on target. I have a beautiful nose—no need for plastic surgery. I recall the time period where almost everyone wanted a “pointed nose”—all we do in the run for “onyiboism”. My nose is not like anybody’s. Its not like an onyibo’s. My nose is like my nose and I am grateful for that. My lips? Ah! Have you seen my lips lately? I have lips that make people shout halleluya to God. My teeth? I never got braces but oh my, I have teeth that would make any toothpaste company wanna kill, just to get me in their commercial. As for my tongue—its right on target and its being trained to act right. For having appetite to eat when I want to—that’s why I praise you Lord. For not having stomach ulcer or heartburn or any kind of problem that would prevent me from eating—that’s why I praise you. Thank you God for my head and neck features.

CHEST: I have normal chest and I am grateful for that. When you see someone who has a deviated chest—you would understand why I am grateful for my chest. Breasts? I have seen men/women  who seek out breast reduction. I have seen women who pray and seek for breast implant to increase the amount they have. I have seen those who ask for a breast lift. I look at myself and my “breasteses”, and all I can say is “Father, thank you for this two beautiful babies and for where they are. It sure goes a long way to prove that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. For a heart that beats and skips—that’s why I praise you. A patient being told there is no donor for a heart transplant, or a patient waiting on someone to die just to get the person’s heart would appreciate why I am grateful for my heart. An asthma patient or patient with one pulmonary disorder would understand why I am grateful for my functional lungs. I am grateful that I can breathe without any problem.

      For having a wonderful stomach that does not need to be shortened from gastric bypass—that’s why I praise you. I have seen women who come for stomach reduction, for stomach tightening, for tummy tuck or panniculectomy, and all I can think of is—thank you baba for this flat abs. I got the right pack “6 pk, 1 pk, 3 pk?”—and I don’t even work out. My oh my, God you are too much. For every organ in my body—that’s why I praise you Lord. A patient waiting for an organ transplant would understand why I am grateful for my organs.

       My VG? I am grateful that God deemed it necessary to bless me with this beauty. Someone who is confused about his identity and asks for a sex change, would understand why I am grateful that my VG identifies me legally as a female. My butt? Mmh mmh mmh—enough said on this mama jama. Believe it or not but there’s a medical procedure for butt implant or butt lift and I have come across women who request for it and go for it. I have a beautiful behind and I didn’t even pay for it. Baba God I thank you. You are just too much.

Extremities: I am grateful for well defined arms and legs/calf (I have always been proud of my legs. I always thought/knew I had well defined calves. People ask me how I stay in shape, but will they understand if I tell them its just baba God? I tell them the closest thing to workout for me is dancing and they always think I am weird/crazy, and in case you are wondering,  I am not the world’s best dancer but I know how to have fun with my old jams, while burning calories at home.  I am grateful for my digits/fingers and toes. Recently, I watched a young man walk into the doctor’s office complaining of an abscess got from a sting of a fly. Apparently, his wound got bad and guess what? his finger had to be amputated right there. I saw the look on his face when he was told an emergency amputation was required. I saw that look and I looked at my fingers and couldn’t help, but be grateful for my digits being intact. I saw another lady who was going to receive a prosthesis for her fingers and no matter how cool you think it is, you cant compare a prosthetic hand with a normal hand and fingers.
         I am grateful I still got my mind. I am grateful he woke me up this morning. I am grateful for every mountain he has brought me over. For every trial he has seen me through. I am grateful for this creature called me. I am grateful that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. What part of your body are you grateful for?

               My words, my views, my style!Naijagirl©2009!

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