Quick question/Brain teaser 1.2

      When a human being or an animal moves on land, one is able to guess correctly what direction they are moving, either from the footmarks left on the soil or some other possible means—this is how lost kids are found. Better still, when you, yes I mean you reading this blog right now—when you pass, any body can determine what direction you went based on the tracking marks you left behind (either perfume, marks on the floor, etc).  

      Now, how do you determine what direction a bird has flown, when the bird is in the air? Remember, there’s no soil for the bird to leave its footmark, and even if it passes feces, it won’t stick to the air, rather it will fall on someone on ground. And before you hammer on the smell of the bird—there ought to be some law of physics that defies that—I mean, if diffusion causes the smell of perfume to migrate everywhere on land, how much more in the air where the wind/air will be much.

       When you are done thinking about that one, throw in a snake to the puzzle. When a snake crawls on the ground, it leaves tracks for sure, but when it crawls on a rock–How in the world are you gonna know? A rock has no land marker to determine who crawls on it, so how do you know the direction the snake took when it crawls on rocks…....Now, you know to be careful when walking on rocks, especially if you are anti-snakes.

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  1. lol…this is past two,i cnt think after 2pm.lmao.

    • lol….if na for exam hall, you will tell your scantron that one?

      lol, that was quite funny–thanks for the laugh

  2. and yeah,finally first.

    • lol, you are soooo first

  3. LOL… Perhaps, I will allow the more brilliant people tackle this one.. Cos me I no know o!

    • lol….oh come on Danny, if the sharp brain and busy brains of Naija blogville will say this, what then will mere mortals say?

  4. Hmm.. So what’s the question exactly??
    Where’d the snake go? Unless the snake climbed mountain Everest.. It’s bound to come off the rock.. as long as you can see where it got on.. you should be able to see where it got off..
    If you cant see where it got off.. then it’s under the rock.. And you’re in trouble. 😀

    • Rocky, the exact question is “how can you tell what direction a bird has flown or is flying when is in the air?” “how do you determine a direction a snake followed if its climbing on a rock”

      lol, yu sure are in trouble when the snake gets you…..cant wait for a time when humans and friends will be friends.

  5. NG na wah 4 u n ur imagination oh…bird tracks n snake tracks? ha! I’ll pass on this one oh…even gurus like d Bagucci himself have passed, so which 1 be my own? lol…

  6. haha
    shall never cross my path! amen!
    lol so i shall not go looking 4 trouble
    looking 4 their tracks 😛
    nice blog
    saw the wedding piece
    nd da brenda fassie video was a nice touch 🙂

  7. ah this one hard o. i dunno, abeg tell me the answer if you know…

    how do we know the direction… i will pass, Next..

  8. if this na exam, chayoma don score 0/2….

    i shall patiently wait for you to answer your very own questions…

  9. @Doyin–lol,you just sounded like one of my friends when he heard this question this morning.

    @Sweetness…lol, amen amen amen oooo. I no like snakes so i am echoing a big amen.

    @BSNC….you will pass. come back now now and answer this question ooo. You have to find the answer before you pass; who is to say you wont pass the rock where the snake is hiding and like Rock said “you will be in trouble”, or you wont pass where the bird is flying and it will poop on you…..hmmmm BSNC, come back and answer now now….dont mind me jare

    @Chayoma….lol, you will wait for me to answer my own question huh….I wonder if that would have worked if i told my teachers that “sir/ma, I will patiently wait for you to answer that question you just asked”….hmmm, i should try that on someone.

  10. naijagirl mi..did u leave something out..? i’m feeling so..
    anyhowz..rocks are not around around like that..you know..
    but for a snake..every surface can be termed a rock..cos we cant find footsteps..except on sand…sometimes..
    how u doinnnnnnnnn.?

  11. @Simeone….When you walk on a rock, can you identify your foot marks? Is any print or mark left on a rock when we walk on jump on them? If no, then how can we trace the direction a snake went, when its climbing or hiding in a rock?

    i am fine my dear. hope you are good

  12. If the bird shaits on more than one person, then you can tell the direction it if flying (oh, pls Im sorry. This is my week of goofiness. I cant think of any answer and I’m in a hurry(generator is about to go off :-))
    I’ll put on my nightcap and think about it wyl I sleep.

  13. @Cider….hahaha. By the time the bird poop falls from the height to the people, the bird must have flown to another direction.Abeg,dont make the nightcap too tight so blood can circulate well and you can think of the correct answer.

    week of goofiness, I should have something like that, if not that am almost always goofing around.

    so you are one of those people that disturb me every night with your generator noise? eh…..Inspector general of police must hear this one ooo

  14. @everyone….Ok y’all…..this is another “trick” question. This was taken out of my bible; Proverbs 30:18-19; three things are beyond me, four I cant understand, and the above two questions were among the four things the writer couldnt understand. “The way of an eagle in the sky. The way of a snake on a rock. The way of a ship at sea, and the way of a man with a young woman”…..seee, the bible has some interesting things. Things, even you can’t comprehend.

    I love my bible!!!!!!

    Thanks for checking in

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