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     Ok, first and foremost, this is my 100th post, and taking into consideration the days I was bored of posting or wanted to throw in the towel, I think congrats wouldn’t be a bad thing for dear old moi—never would have made it this far, don’t you think?

Back to normal transmission: Today, I will be discussing a wife/husband of God. In the book of Esther (from the bible), Esther received beauty treatments for  a year, and even that was not enough ‘cos the virgins had to take whatever they thought they needed to impress the king. You ever wondered why Esther had to undergo beauty treatments, even though she was a beautiful young lady? The beauty treatment wasn’t enough, they were given the opportunity to use more stuff at their disposal.

      Your husband is the king of your household, you are the queen. What kind of queen do you choose to be? vashti—and you get thrown off your throne. Esther—and you are remembered. The good book says that a prudent wife builds her household while a foolish one tears hers apart, therefore, what are you doing to keep your house in order? There are other virgins clamoring for the attention of your husband. Moreover, you don’t know who your husband is listening to. Vashti was so confident in her position, but she didn’t know her husband was receiving advice from other men, not to forget they were eunuchs (unmarried men). When you, as a married woman start taking advice from an unmarried woman, regarding your marriage, know something is wrong.

       Your marriage is a union, it is a ministry, an investment, a gift, how are you handling it? In every phase of life, we meet hardship and trials, that is why there is the phrase for better or for worse inculcated in the marriage vow. “For better for worse” We use that phrase so many times that we fail to define what the worse means. The worse includes those times when he comes home drunk, worse times are those times that you have constant quarrel at home, it includes those times when his family did not accept you. It is those times when he wasn’t bringing the money to the table. It is those times when he was abusing you. It is those times when you felt like this is it, I am fed up.

         When you get to that point in your life where you wanna give up, where you think divorce is the solution, know that you have got to the road of “for better for worse” and Solomon said “it is better not to make a vow than to make a vow and not keep it”.

      Contrary to what you may think, your marriage vow is not a mere recitation, you are doing it in the church, and you need the covering of the blood of the lamb, since you are putting God as a witness to the vow you are making. How are you going to make a vow to God and not keep it? Wife/husband of God, when you have come to the end of the road, look up and surrender to your maker. Be like David and know where your help will come from. Your help is not going to come from your family or his family, or any friends or even the legal system, your help comes from the Lord and it is good if you realize it on time.

         A wife and husband of God should honor one another and be loyal to each other, if they don’t, they sin against God and give room for divorce. What does it mean to be loyal? Faithful, and unwavering in allegiance. Food for thought—what it took to get him/her may be what it will take to keep him/her.

            My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. ist

    • BSNC? YOUUU!?? Just because I wasn’t online for a few hours? a little sleep and you took this spot?!!! Infact, I dey vex!!

      • lol, I knew Ochuko was gonna have something to say about this

  2. congrats a your 100th post, that is 10 good decades..

    Nice post. i like the end, what it took to get him/her may be what it will take to keep him/her.. true story..

    • thanks my dear. Yup, what it took to get him…..keep up with that afterwards

  3. BSNC; do u live inside me or wot? cos that was the exact comment I was going to leave…lol…

    Naijagirl, hope u don’t mind some repitition…congrats on your 100th post…way to go!

    This is good stuff…I particularly like your conclusion “what it took to get him/her may be what it will take to keep him/her”…good!

    • thanks ooo, and nope I dont mind repetition….just this once (wink wink)

  4. Liking the definition of loyalty — Faithful and unwavering in allegiance ..

    Congrats on the 100th post… You’ve posted at a canter it seems! Thumbs up..

    • thanks Danny. Sometimes, I wish we could break down the words we use in relationships for proper understanding, and perhaps, be able to carry out what they mean.

  5. Congrats on 100. I was aiming for the top spot, but it’s still OK. You’ve affected and are affecting lives, that’s what matters most!! Keep up the good work Naijagirl 🙂

    • awww, thanks a lot. Its words like this that put a smile on my face

  6. I’m currently reading a book titled Choosing God’s Best and it said something about your commitment to God determines your commitment to your marriage. We all all know being true Christian and serving God no matter what is hard. If we can do that then…..

    Please check out my recent post on

    • It takes a lot of discipline to be committed to God, however its in the presence of God that lots of revelations are revealed.

      It takes the glory of God to conceal things, and the honor of kings/husbands to seek them out. the true prayer of every single xtian woman should be “Hide me Oh Lord, that my husband would have to come through you to find me”. If they are dedicated and committed enough to seek you out from God’s hiding place, then….

  7. Beautiful words…liked the food for thought more…

  8. BTW, congrats on the 100th post.It is not easy to have 100 quality posts 🙂

    • thanks ooo, Its not easy especially when you think of the days you are too lazy or bored to post or comment on something

  9. Hmnn.. my marriage counselor…lol
    This is beautiful.. reading it allover, if only ladies know……

    • Thanks my dear. If only we knew a lot of stuff we ought to know about relationships or marriage, there will be peace

  10. Heyyy, CONGRATS on your 100th Post!!
    I thought you said you had written your 101th post a week ago tho. So you too felt tired of blogging at one time? Hmm.This was a good post to mark it.
    Great parallel between us and the queens- Vashti and Esther. One author said we think the Bible is trying to put women down by telling us to be submissive, when in fact God has shown us the secret to being successful- with a dignified respectful quiet… Chai, I didnt do the author justice oh!! The book is “Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires and The Respect He Despereately Needs”. Have you read it? It’s really tight.

    • I havent read that one but I will keep my eyes open for it. Is it on youtube? snap, not likely. hmmm, where to find it…..

      lol, no last week was warm up to the 100th post. and trust me, there were moments, days, weeks, times I asked myself “who sent you to blog”, but I am glad I have gone this far

  11. this might sound really corny but i cnt wait to be married.

    • corny you say? lol, not really. A bunch of people cant wait to get married. I pray marriage lives up to our expectations

  12. I read this.. but decided not to comment until you did a new post.. lol..
    Weid, I know..
    Unlike everyone else.. I didn’t understand your quote on the end..
    “what it took to get her may be what it will take to keep her”
    Do you mean get her as in, when she agreed to date you in the first place? Or am I looking at this naively??

  13. @Roc…hmmm, you decided not to comment until a new post? touch your forehead and check the temperature for me?…

    When you want something, you go after it; it may not be easy getting what you want. However, when you get it, you have the feeling of “I got it”. What did it take you to get that thing/person?

    ok, let me break it down–you are after a lady and you get the lady. Let’s say you got her and you married her. Got her could be getting her to talk to you, to go out with you, to marry you, to……
    Most people stop doing certain things they did in the past while going through the chase. For instance, you stop taking care of yourself or dressing well or being courteous. Some women would say “am I looking for a husband? I already got one”. point is, you stop doing those things you did when you were going for the chase/kill.

    it goes both ways; a woman stops doing what she did when she knew she was being pursued. Men stop doing what they did when they were doing the chase or vice versa.
    summary: its in the genetic of men to be competitive/pursuer/etc…..and the woman ought to learn to do those things that would keep him on his toes and make him keep going for the chase, while the man ought to learn to keep going for the chase…….Now, you have succeeded in confusing me too.

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