TGIF 2.6

     I am grateful for Life; that I can breath is a blessing, that I can cry/laugh/smile (show emotions) is a blessing.

     I am grateful for journey mercies; for the past couple of weeks, I have been either in the air or on the road more than usual…..but I am grateful for God’s protection. I hate having to experience the ear ache that comes when flying or the potholes in the air, so, whenever I enter a plane, I start praying against these things. Yesterday, I boarded a plane and while the plane was taxiing, the pilot went into full speed. If there was an air traffic cop nearby, the pilot sure would have received bunch of tickets. You will think it’s a driver doing 100 on the freeway. I wont lie, I was scared, I held unto my seat and kept muttering some prayers ‘cos never in my life have I entered a plane where the pilot was in such speed while still on the runway. I imagined him speeding like that in the air, but how does one notice that a plane is speeding in the air, except there is turbulence.

        I am grateful for prayers answered this past weekend and week. I know we shouldn’t be amazed when it happens, but there’s this feeling I get when I raise my prayers and I find them being answered.

        I am grateful for joy; there’s this joy that I get, especially when I am in my church; its an infectious and bubbly type of joy. You see me and I am all excited. I wish for the service to go on and on so I could keep basking in the joy.…..people notice this change and comment on it, but if you ask me, I think everyone  should taste that joy. Don’t forget, the joy of the Lord is your strength.

       I am grateful for divine favor; believe it or not, but my new name is favor. Why? Because I have been basking in the abundant favor of the almighty…..abi na only me wey e love?

        I am grateful that God blessed one of my bestest friends with an extra year today—friends that stick to you even when you are at your meanest/worst. Still on friends, one of my friends got engaged/hooked/hoodwinked/bamboozled, so we are planning a wedding.

        I am grateful that even in my “brokest” moments, I still have something to give—don’t ask me how, but the saying “you will be a lender and not a borrower” comes true.

       I am grateful that even when I assume I don’t have anything to fill up my TGIF series, he finds a way to remind me of all his blessings for the week, and before I know it, I have filled up pages.

     I am grateful its Friday, I have lots of catching up to do (personal work and personal sleep/rest). Have a wonderful weekend.

           My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. Air traffic cop!
    i should do a grateful post too…
    wetin u think?

  2. @chayoma….air traffic cop(wetin you wan make i talk?). I will give you all the encouragement for the grateful post; you will be surprised at what the series will do for you.

    LWKM stands for?

  3. Hahaha… So olopa/ pothole dey for air too? Thanks for the education…Perhaps you had a bout of Mama Agba-ism in the air?

    LOL @ engaged/hooked/hoodwinked/bamboozled — surely, the guy or girl being dragged alongside your frined to the alter is not that bad!

    • hahaha, Danny dey there ooo. no be for only naija roads wey potholes dey. Onyibo fit call am any fancy name, but na pothole wey i go call am. hope you are good

  4. TGIF, werrin man pikin go do?


    • hahaha wetin man pikin go do? Go use tomato paste as facial scrub

  5. lol @ speeding in the air…

    lots to be thankful for…all praise to God!

    • True true, there are lots to be thankful for. Is it not this morning I heard about the pilot that died mid air….tell me there’s no testimony in that story

  6. Another day to be grateful…thanks for sharing!
    Have yourself a memorable weekend.

  7. Please check out my new post on

  8. This is a very powerful one…

    I thank God for going out and coming in safely everyday – there is always an accident or the other on the roads.

    This is actually my first comment here!

  9. Thank God It’s Friday again!!!
    Thank You for remiding NaijaGirl of the many blessings you have showered her with; she reminds US to be grateful too.

    “The joy of the Lord is your strength” Same verse I’ve read/sung, but a sharper perspective. I long for the day I’ll really enjoy Church (the messages are awesome, but me and praise worship is like… sugar in icewater).
    The joy of the Lord will 4ever be your strength, amen. Happy weekend!

  10. @Blog….Thanks blog, you have a wonderful weekend
    @Tigeress…hey girl, I already did. hope you are good
    @fseye….There’s always a reason to be grateful to God. you can check the rest of my TGIF series to be sure of that. Thanks for stopping by
    @Cider…..thanks for that. I am grateful that God always finds a way to remind me of his many blessings. sometimes, i stare at a blank computer page thinking of how to start my TGIF series and what to write, but before I know it. the words and the thots are rushing after the other onto the page.sugar and icewater….well, sugar melts in water so i am wondering if that means that you like it or not. have a blessed weekend

  11. I am grateful that you are grateful for the things your are grateful for because being grateful is a great feeling. Stay blessed

    • for a second I thought we were doing the tongue twister thing…….”I am grateful that you are grateful for the things you are grateful for cos being grateful is a great feeling for grateful people”…..get my drift?

      hope you are good girlie…..’re yu stil on your cross country road trip?

  12. The ironic thing is your friends man’s friends probably think he got hooked/hoodwinked/bamboozled as well..
    Depends on whose foot the shoe’s on..

    I’m grateful for miss NG’s sense of humour. That ‘tomato paste’ line really had me cracking up..

    You do know the words ‘brokest’ & ‘bestest’ are naija variations to the english language, right? 😀
    Hmmm.. I wonder if the domain is available..

    PS.. LWKM – Laugh Wan Kill Me..

    • errr, you could be right but seeing as she’s my friend and not him; seeing as oh boy wan marry “today and tomorrow”, and seeing as her friend aka moi is the one telling the story……I think sister girl is the “hookee”
      man, Roc, see I knew we could go places…..that na proper business portfolio… make i go check if its available

      Laugh wan kill me….thanks jare, see na these kind of abbreviations that ought to be in our

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