Quick questions

  1. When you trust someone with things that don’t mean anything to you—is that still trust?
  2. Is it true every black male, over 6ft looks at his rear view mirror at all times—in search of a police car?
  3. Define the universe and give 3 examples

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  1. Good questions.. before I reply, I am so first on this one!!! 1st!!!

    • hahaha you are soooooo first

  2. :)!! so it’s the TGIF series I have to target now.
    So to the Qs, here’s my take:

    #1 I think it’s still trust, but not total “entrust”. To entrust is to commit. When you trust people with things that don’t/can’t cost you anything, then you might as well have kept it to yourself. Since it doesn’t mean much to you, there’s no sacrifice and so it isn’t worth much.

    #2 I have no idea

    #3 Universe: everything that exist anywhere. Examples include: I, you, them!! LOL..

    OK, were this questions riddles or what?

  3. *these

  4. I forgot to add: “3 more to go”… I sincerely hope I’d be first on that!!! (you know what I’m talking about!!) 😀

  5. Hmm — Not sure I KNOW definitively — but I’ll try…
    #1 – Perhaps its not trust per se, but it is giving them an opportunity to audition for the real thing –
    #2 – Clearly, that has to be of interest to peeps in regions where the police are more interested in working than chasing some Naira..
    #3 — The Universe? Everything…. Physical, Social and everything between

    On second thoughts, I was never good at riddles, so if these are, expect the worst!

  6. #1… trust is trust… whether it means something to you or not..

    #2… i dont think so… it is good driving practice to use all your mirrors

    #3… when i think of the universe.. I think of the solar system and everything contained w/in… example: earth… all the different continents… the sky… 🙂

  7. 1-dnt think so.
    2-I dunno,really…
    3-I think of its beauty;the greenery,the air/atmosphere and of cos co-habitation..

  8. Ochuko don answer the question…
    i am just leaving my mark oh!

  9. 1. i don’t think its trust.

    2. Big lie oo, cos all my brothers are above 6ft. I don’t see them checking their rear mirror for police.

    3.Universe is everywhere and everything. like the earth we live in..

  10. Yes, it is trust….more deeper than trust will fit in though…
    For two, lol..me I no sabi, is that they are always criminal or what?
    I think the universe is all encompassing…it is just everything around us, we and what we see (animate, inanimate et al)

  11. o.k i will answer the 1st one..to me that is not trust o..its just…communication or something of that sorts…..
    the 6 ft…i no understand o..everybody looks at the rear mirror now..tall or short like me..
    ubiverse…i’ll pass.. :)..

  12. 1 – Trust is trust, especially when we consider that the person had the option of a) not sharing the info at all and b) telling an untruth.
    2 – It probably is not true that EVERY black male over 6ft is concerned with the cops. But, if they live in the U.S. and considering the legacy of maltreatment received by black males and certain current stereotypes, regardless of height, age, complexion, financial status or national heritage, they should be aware that their mannerisms, even the most mundane, can be misinterpreted not just by cops but society in general.
    3 – Now this one is tricky but I will share my spontaneous answer. Each and everyone of us IS the universe. No examples necessary.

    Regardless of whether or not there were correct answers to these, I enjoyed this mental exercise. Got anymore…

  13. lol..ive got no idea…i dnt think its trust if that thing doesnt mean nything to you.

  14. @everyone–(1) I am still thinking of that question and wondering if its really trust. I mean, you are doubting the person by giving only what doesnt mean anything to you. In other words, you are covering your behind in case the person “messes up”.
    You already believe the person is gonna fall short of the trust so you are giving him/her, only something that does not mean anything to you. If the person now fails, you can say “ahh, I knew you would” or “who cares, i didn really trust him with something valuable”–uhh! is that really trust?.

    Trust deals with confidence in the certainty of something–if it was trust, you would be confident enough to give the person what means something to you, or no?

  15. @everyone–(2) In a country like US, where there’s “rumu rumu” about black males and the injustice on them. I have constantly heard this phrase, however, heard it so much this past weekend, that i decided to think about it. I mean, i dont look over my shoulders–ahhh, who am i kidding? I do look over my rear view mirror when i am speeding or something, but for a black male to constantly do that? hmmmm

  16. @everyone–(3)This was supposed to be a trick question. almost everyone fell for it. cheers y’all and thanks for responding.

    when you answer or think about questions of this nature, you are exercising your brain. so from now onwards, i will be bringing you a brain teaser, brain exercise regime, quick questions, whatever you would like to call it. It is still gonna be questions that would require you to think beyond your normal reasoning of an issue

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