TGIF 2.5

      Who will believe its Friday already? This has been a busy busy busy week and I apologize for not visiting your blogs, but I will be sure to add my quota this weekend.

     I am grateful for journey mercies—for me and for my family; having to relieve the news of air France crash and having to board a flight make you grateful that you are able to pray for journey mercies and have that answered; whether road, sea or air travel, be grateful!. Even if it’s a trip from your room to your car or from your house to office—be grateful, sad things have been known to happen.

     I am grateful for this beautiful work of God called “naijagirl”. If you knew me like I knew me you would think so too.

     I am grateful for self control; I met someone today who exudes such level of control that even when he is angry, you wouldn’t know cos he still acts like his normal self.

     I am grateful for anger management; sometimes, you have a reason to be angry but I am grateful for the ability to get the anger under control. There have been times when I am angry and I am praying “God please take away this anger or God please calm me down” and then there were times when I let the anger run its course. Above all, I am grateful for those times when someone is annoyingly itching to get on your nerves, but for some weird reason, you find yourself in a certain level of control, so much so, that they have to respond with, “hmm, are you ok? The “you” I know would have done something different, like bite my head off”

      I am grateful for old wine and new wine; I am grateful for anniversaries to celebrate these old/new associations/relationships. I had a friendship anniversary this week and I am grateful for the honor and privilege to tolerate and be tolerated for years by someone. Sometimes, it’s intriguing to watch a person regale you with stories of your antics in the past. Things about you that you didn’t remember until you were reminded. I am grateful for a high school friend of mine who told me things I did back in high school that when I thought about it, I was shocked to see how in line they are with some things I still do today—I am grateful for good friends, chikena.

      With the news and rumors of people waking up one morning and going on shooting spree, I know anyone can fall victim, and although we take walking around for granted, I am still grateful for God’s protection.

       I am grateful for good health; ok lets take roll call—any headaches? Abdominal pain? Body pains? Heartaches?—uhm I don’t think so. Thank you Jesus for good health. I am so wired in such a way that when I get pain any where, I just start praying or rebuking it and God has been faithful with his healing.

      I am grateful for my parent’s marriage and for the togetherness in the family; I have had friends who claim their parents never quarreled in their life. At first, I used to say “yeah right”, until one of them really said something that struck me, she said “its not that my parents have never quarreled, its just that they never quarreled in front of us kids, which is why I claim, they have never quarreled”. I look at my parents and I remember when it seemed as if there was fire on the mountain and I thank God for where he has brought them and each one of us.

      I came across someone today who gave me tips on helping people and this is someone I would never have thought had such information; I am grateful God positioned him to really impact such great knowledge—y’all be kind to people you meet everywhere.

     I am grateful for unexpected blessings—I needed a ride, I hate asking for favors and I hate inconveniencing people, so what did I do? I prayed about it, and fortunately, God provided one. Even when I kept pushing and saying “no, it’s out of your way, don’t do it”, the person kept saying “what time? I will be there”.

     I have a close knit relationship with my siblings, and I am grateful for that. My siblings and I have a fun time discussing childhood memories or family stories, but at the end of the day, all you can really say is “God, look where you have brought us”. Do you realize how every big star always try to tell a pathetic story of how they had a rough childhood cos people like grass to grace stories—I had a good childhood, and I am grateful for that. I remember sharing one loaf of bread with 2 other siblings, and having to eat meat mainly on the first day the soup was made, but I look back and I’m grateful cos I had the best of both worlds. How many kids can boast of that?

     Quick question y’all……Kilo nshele for 100 posts? what’s the big deal on getting to 100 post? Any fanfare? I’m asking cos I will be hitting my 100th post soon and I wanted to know if there were any peek a boo involved. The blog is not a year old; it will be 100 posts old.

    I am glad to announce couturella, a new e-tailer with a new afro couture clothing line. I will put up fresh post /pictures, and hopefully, an interview with the brain behind it.

    Finally, I am grateful that you really don’t have to be jealous of anyone cos its no secret what God can do.

         My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl ©2009

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  1. ist 🙂

  2. i like your thankful post. I was soo angry this week too, but thank God its all good now 🙂

    100th post, that is wonderful o. lol no peek a boo, its just an accomplishment.

  3. @BSNC….lol, you are sooo first. thanks. I saw your post, I hope you are a lot better now. have a wonderful weekend

  4. NG NG many times have Ye been called…

    That friendship anniversary sounds nice. Hope you had fun. I picked one or two things from your words..self control, anger management and whatnot.

    Come to think of it-Life is all about having self control. No?

    …’No secret with what God can do’. So true.

    Will be on the lookout for the Couturella…

    Nice weekend!

    • @Blog….hahaha, its 3 times oo. Life is all about self control….hmm, never thot of it like that. It would depend on how you look at it. Sounds like “life is all about risks. self control is a risk, therefore, life must be all about self control”. Since i learned that line, it has been working wonders for me. when the ugly head of jealousy unexpectedly springs up, all I need to tell myself is “no secret what God can do”, and i just find myself smiling sheepishly cos i know its true. I have been having fun despite the busy bees. thanks.

  5. Hmnnn, TGIF, that has always been my anthem on fridays…lol

    Looking forward to Couturella…
    Can’t wait…


  6. Thank God for the ability to give thanks. Truth be told, we do have a lot to be grateful for. Thank you Jesus.

  7. @Sassy….lol, my one and only sassy trends. Hope you have put up an update for today cos i am off to raid your blog
    @Believer…so true. There are so many reasons and things to be thankful for; we just have to get a mind of thaksgiving to acknolwedge most of them.

    have a great weekend!

  8. lovely thankful post NG…there were several points in there that made me thankful also, and one that I’m still trusting God to do, as He has done for you…have a tremendous weekend…100 posts? waoh!

  9. @Doyin…thanks. I am thankful for Doyin and her daily meal…except when she starves me. I am i agreement with you that he will do it for you beyond your expectations. have a great weekend

  10. lol…im grateful for a lot of things…im grateful u came to my blog to warn me..lmao…God is good oh!!

  11. I can always relate to your thankful lists, and I am thankful for that. I’m also happy that your life has been blessed so abundantly, that you recognize it and proclaim it and give God the glory.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  12. I am grateful for too many things.

    But I thank God 4 u

  13. I am grateful for ur tgif posts…lol.
    lol@ any fanfare for 100th post

    ***good one here,” you really don’t have to be jealous of anyone cos its no secret what God can do”.

  14. You know i am Thankful that i found your blog. Cause days like this when you think, “This can’t been happening” and then i think lets go read NG’s blog!

    Thanks for reminding us how lucky we are and to remain thankful!

    • @Gochi….thanks a lot, and thanks for the encouraging words.One thing I know is that troubles/need will always exist, and he has assured me that though a righteous man may fall 7 times, he will rise up again, and though weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning, so as you get up in the morning, your joy is getting up with you, and as the sun rises, may your blessings rise with the sun in Jesus name.

  15. @leggy…lol, I am grateful for you.
    @GNG….Thanks a lot;I am grateful for people like you who gave me the initiative of thankful/grateful days. doing the series help to keep me in check and help me to remember what God has done, things I would normally have taken for granted
    @Vera….I am thankful for you, thankful for your new radio station, thankful that you are not leaving blogsville. thankful for the humor you bring with you, thankful for your healing. thankful for mama vera and the way she tries to teach her how to cook.

    @dta…thanks. I have taken that last line and I run with it; God knows how many times I have to remind myself that. When I see something that ought to be mine and i realize envy or jealousy is about to spring up, I just remind myself the line and i find myself smiling cos its sooo true

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