Beautiful failure

     When is failure considered beautiful?

          Beautiful failure is doing the right thing at the wrong time. It involves doing a nice/beautiful thing with the wrong instruments. It means, doing a good job in another person’s position while your seat is left open. It is doing the job of another person, and doing it very well, whereas your responsibility/job is left unattended.

       Beautiful failure includes studying the wrong thing in college; paying lots of money for the wrong degree and being educated in the wrong thing.

Are you investing in a beautiful failure?

                  My words, my views, my style! Naijairl©2009

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  1. perhaps we all need to stop and think – instead of mindlessly chasing tasks others have set for us….

  2. Err I think not. Right now I am doing what i want to do in school. busting my butt to do it as well.

    Other things.. this is what i would call ” ndi oka mma n’ama” i rest my

  3. I certainly hope not…I’m sure I’m on the path HE has set for me…

    good food for thot here…

  4. hmmm…chops for thot..

  5. Beautiful failure. What’s the opposite of that??
    Ugly Success? Hehe…just kidding.

    Most times we let others define who we are and what we become later in life.
    Why not go after things that make you happy on the inside-life is too short to be living it as someone else. Just a thought*

  6. This got me thinking… and how true…
    We all victims in one way or the other, may God help us all ooo..

    Long time babez… howdy-do?


  7. This got me thinking… and how true…
    We all fall victims in one way or the other, may God help us all ooo..

    Long time babez… howdy-do?


  8. Lol @ Blogoratti..

    Interesting post though.. Can you excel at something and still be called a failure?

    Depends on who’s setting the standards, I guess..

  9. I am still scratching my head. I don’t think that term holds meaning. Funny enough, ugly success makes more sense to me than Beautiful Failure.

  10. hmmm,
    this one has got me thinking.
    i bliv my current path will lead to my BEAUTIFUL SUCCESS. 9can’t call it ugly success…ewww)

  11. hmmm something to think about. I really hope i’m not investing in that, but rather i am investing in beautiful success like chayoma rightly says.

    How you dey?

  12. lol…beautiful failure indeed…wat an oxymoron.failure and beautiful…

  13. Sometimes we just don’t know that we are failing beautifully. Life throws these beautiful failures at us, however our reactions to these ‘beauties’ is what matters most.
    I think “studying the wrong thing in college” or “succeeding in another’s role” is beautiful because you are studying and succeeding and that’s what matters, but also not what matters most!!
    We can have beautiful success which is the height we all should aim for.

  14. I had to stop and think for a second. I should be studying for a test I have on saturday but I am blogging and loving it…a few more minutes now and I think i need to go…before blogging becomes my beautiful failure moment.

  15. @Danny….If only we could stop and think; I just love that line.
    @nice anon…lol, silly. I wish you all the best with school.
    @Doyin…thanks. I wish you the best on that path
    @simeone…lol, i like your version jare; chops huh
    @Blog….True words, if only we can do rather than talk. I have encountered people who are in a profession they detest but they are doing alright in such professions. ugly success huh, that could take a different meaning too..good one.

  16. @Sassy…amen oo, thanks my dear. I have been trying to breathe from tight schedule
    @Roc…I could say yes, but it depends on criteria. I believe I can excel in anything I set my mind to, especially when the tools are made available to me. Being a success in such ventures, dont mean thats where I am supposed to be. If you win a race but failed to follow the rules of the race, are you crowned the winner?
    @taynement…lol, think more more more
    @Chayoma….amen, amen and amen. I wish you supernatural success on that path in Jesus name, amen.
    @BSNC….hmm, beautiful success, i like the sound of that. I am fine my dear, just busy busy
    @leggy….lol, you caught it. that was my first thought when I heard the words for the first time….”what an oxymoron”
    @Ochuko…hmmm, i like “sometimes we dont know we are failing beautifully”. you wonder why i like the biblical quote ‘my children perish cos of ignorance”
    @Taire…hahaha. I wish you all the best with the test. go grab the A.

  17. lol @ naijagirl.. ignorance is ignorance no matter how beautiful it looks!!
    Thanks and have a gr8 day. I hope to be first on the TGIF ooooo (pls do ‘ojoro’ abeg)

  18. @Ochuko….hahaha, thanks for that word; I cant remember when last I heard it. Ok, we will see what we can do to “rig” it.

    ignorance is ignorance…chikena!. The world we live now like to butter up stuff before you present it, which is why we will call ignorance a beauty.

  19. I never want to be a beautiful failure or ugly success, and I pray that none of us do, in Jesus’ name.

  20. @Cider….God forbids that you be a beautiful failure. You will work in your own position, you will be in the right place at the right time and you will speak the right thing at the right time n Jesus name, Amen

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