My take on BET awards

        Ok y’all the Bet awards was tight and I must give BET props for the tribute to Michael. They had such a short time but they did a good job.

The Michael Jackson tribute sure did draw viewers and guests to the show. Everybody had a Michael Jackson story/moment and dressed like Michael. I was never into Jamie Foxx but he did a good job and threw in good jokes.

The way everyone was honoring Michael, I wished he was somewhere seeing it and appreciating it, I wished it happened before he passed, but then again, he was given a tribute/appreciation few years ago. I think we should stop being sad but celebrate his life. Be grateful you knew him

Keri Hilson—cute girl, cute body physique, apart from me seeing the crack of the butt of one of the dancers, when they were jumping on stage…..she’s my new Beyonce. I like her using just female dancers. I am not sure I got the gist of her song but I will listen to one song on youtube.

Neyo—he looked different with no hair on his head. I kept saying “Neyo, put back your cap)

The song by Jamie Foxx, Snoop and T pain was awesome—they were the best so far up until this point

Solo act by Souljah boy was received and cheered very well

Of course I knew Jamie and T pain were gonna win, and I loved T pain’s thank you speech “I want to thank the haters, you give me reason to do it

Beyonce—I have seen her and her new diaper do frequently. I appreciate her “in the arms of an angel and ave maria”; she did a beautiful job

Oh man, now am not sure which was my favorite—Queen Latifah coming out to sing? I sooooooooo love that lady. She carries herself well.

Of course I knew Keri Hilson was gonna win—she’s so beautiful and she has a good shape and physique. Boobs popping, butts sticking out…..Y’all need to start working out to achieve such a beautiful physique.

Keith sweat—awww, still looks cute but he is getting old…why is everyone getting awld? Ginuwine, Omar Epps, even Neyo, although people near blamed it on his shiny head.

Ciara—uhhh, maybe another coulda done a better job and maybe they shoulda put lil kids in the song next time. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!

Monica…she needs to fatten up, I have seen this skinny for a long time now.

Keisha Cole—she keeps getting more beautiful than when she first started….impressive.

Marlon Wayans—He looked soooo cute and presentable

I loved the Jamie Foxx—Beyonce—Jay Z intro; Beyonce truly looked surprised

See how clean Jay Z was on stage?—I like artistes that look clean on stage. You don’t have to be all scruffy with tats all over and pants down your ankles before you know you can sing, rap, etc

The tribute to the ojays/lifetime achievement award —ahhh, I love me Tyrese (I love you baby boy), and please who’s the other cute boy that sang with them. (trey song, Johnny gill….oh ok, I got it. Trey Song

Idris Elba—I soooo love him. Fine African breed; cute man.

Taraji P Henson and Tyrese—I loved the Baby boy remake and the playful banter on stage, but Taraji did too much “tuza queen”

Awww….I think the aww moment was when Janet came out. Reminded me of Heath Ledger’s academy moment last year.  Jamie Foxx did pretty good with “I’ll be there” that sent me to an almost tears.

Hey y’all, they are signing up for ashebi for Michael Jackson, both male and female

Y’all need to catch the replay

I wish Michael Jackson had the opportunity to witness all these ample appreciation before he passed away—appreciate your loved ones today. Tell them you love them. Show them you love them. Not when they die, you start shedding tears. PEACE!!!

              My words, my views, my style! NAIJAGIRL©2009

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