TGIF 2.3

         When I say he knows my name, you think I am playing. When I say he got me, you look at me like I am crazy, but he got me for real. Who am I that he is mindful of me? Who am I that he listens to me and grants me my requests? Who am I that he even considers me?

        I am grateful for “Jara”; My God is a God of jara, he is sooo awesome that he does it beyond my expectations. I asked for healing, and he paid my debts.

         I am grateful for Bills, for they are opportunities for God to prove himself strong. Going to the emergency room is not a big case until you get the bill. Days after I was at the emergency, I called the hospital to ask how much I had incurred. The lady I spoke to mentioned an amount close to $5000 (five thousand). I was concerned ‘cos I know I did not have that kind of money and even if I did, dashing it to the hospital was the last thing on my mind. I started praying from then “Oh Lord please let them cancel my debts”. I wasn’t ready to pay anything so I kept praying. Last week I received my bill and from $5000 I saw “you owe $250”. I thought there was a mistake, I wanted to call them to make a payment plan but I was scared they were gonna notice their mistake. Eventually, I mustered the courage to call their account department. I asked for discount and they said “ma am, we already gave you discount. Your bill was $5000, and we discounted it to $250”….so it wasn’t a mistake? Baba God, you do well for me ooo. I no know wetin I do wey make you love me so. That is why I go praise your name

         That wasn’t all. I would think my bill was from one source, but oh no, I received 3 more additional bills from different sources regarding the same health issue. I called them and I received 20% discount from each source. Even the company that had two different bills and is supposed to give me just one discount gave me 2 making it 40% discount….who does it like him? NOBODY do me like he does. Where I for dey if Jesus no die for me, where I for dey today?

         I am grateful knowing that there are some things I cant afford to get too close to…for my own good anyways. Who goes with you to your weakness? Who escorts you to the place you can’t handle? If you cannot handle the tree, cut the tree down. If you know you can’t handle being friends with him/her, RUUUUN!!! Don’t use the opportunity to turn into a missionary. Delete their names like hot potatoes from your phone, facebook and address book.

       I am grateful for all the kids that participated in the last national spelling bee. I give them props; trust me, I cannot boast of spelling half of the words. Ok, you caught me, I confess, I can’t boast of spelling 99% of the words they were given. I remove my cap for them.

      I am grateful for Buchi, the Nigerian xtian reggae singer. I just realized he is the composer behind the mma mma song that gives me joy. Check it out here.

Its an uplifting song and I had previously written about it without knowing who sang it. All I can say in regards to this is, find your niche and stick to it. Sammy Okposo found his niche and he is basking in it. This guy, Buchi is good with these xtian reggae songs and I pray he goes far beyond his imagination.

       I am grateful for the virtue of patience. I think of patience and I think of Tairebab’s recent post on blogville residents. It’s not everybody that would have the initiative or patience to compile most of the naija bloggers’ names, and put them in a slide show. Kudos for your work. Give props to whom prop is due—I am giving Taire her props.

      Ok y’all, rather than open different blogs, I am gonna add more series to my TGIF series. I shall include a stress buster series and Dear Naijagirl series; I have decided to start the series, as a way to reach out to single men and women across the globe, who are struggling with being single in our world, today, while keeping the faith. There are lots of relationship/non relationship questions in regards to God’s leading single lady/guy; I will entertain questions and reply to the best of my knowledge. Also, at the end of each question, I will say a word of prayer over you in regards to your question. This will not only benefit you, but it will keep me grounded. Send me a mail if you have this kind of question at and I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge. The series will be on separate days. holla!!!

         Have a wonderful weekend ahead and don’t think too much of me. Abeg enjoy the links below

              My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. lol @ jara .. Not heard that in light years!!!! God still runs things.. Nice!

  2. Thank God with u…especially for all those discounts…5k to 250? only Him could’ve done it…n yes, I love Buchi too; his style is unique n his songs r deeply touching…

  3. I like your mindset with regards Life’s issues. Makes any situation you’re in or anything life throws at you easier to deal with.

    Not heard of Buchi before.. But i’ll give him a listen seeing as you rate him so highly.

    PS. These your titles are beginning to look like Windows Updates. Lol… Or is it just me?? 😀

  4. lol @ Roc……
    9ice going girlfrnd,lost you on yahoo ystday….
    where we at now???
    Oh,i and thankful for you and HIM that looks after you….

  5. We give thanks to God, he surely performs miracles.

    Your post gave me a lift 🙂 Thanks

    P.s: Looking forward to the Series!

  6. mehnnnnn discount from 5k to 250?? God definitely loves you…

  7. awwww see me smiling after reading this. Found out about it from Bagucci. Thanks babe for including me in your post. Gosh God really worked wonders on your bill o. Those emergency visits are cut throat and usually those people never budge. lol @Delete their names like hot potatoes from your phone, facebook and address book.

    I think the relationship blog series will be very interesting. Especially for single babes like me:-))

    Love the way you sign out ~ My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl ~

  8. @Danny….lol, that was the first word that came to mind while typing this post. He still runs things….me likey, i just have to keep reminding my self those words. thanks for that
    @Doyin….you dey follow me see this kain thin? 5000 to 250; its only him. I heard the mma mma song and loved it so much but I didnt know who sang it. i heard other songs from same album; he covered Lucky Dube’s songs with the xtian reggae and his own words. I had prevviously read of a naija artist’s interview where she commented she loved Buchi and would like to work with him, so yesterday i typed in Buchi in youtube and voila….the song came up

  9. @Roc….thanks, I wish I could pocket that compliment, but I am still in training to be that person. Buchi guy sings more of xtian songs in reggae form. in one album, he covered Lucky Dube; I didnt find it funny cos I love me some Lucky, but then i let him pass since i like his “mma mma” song. its on Youtube too.
    Did you say windows update? lol, mind yourself ooo. it better be the good windows update cos i know how many times i ignore those updates when they pop up in my system. then again, its series, so I should deliver updated version.

  10. @Spesh…..yes you did, but thats ok. we will catch up later. thanks
    @Gochi….thanks, abeg take all the lifting you can get from it. I know what it did for me
    @Afrobabe….I no know wetin I do wey make him love me so; I just know I am the apple of his eyes, his thots and his love for me is new every morning.
    @Taire….lol, just giving you the recognition you deserve gurl.thanks, thanks and thanks again

  11. Ok, it just came to my notice that the Lucky Dube coverage wasnt done by BUCHI but by Rev/Pastor Chris Ogugua….I mean, duh! they mentioned his name in the beginning of the song…why did i think otherwise? the album is born to shine

  12. Hallo!I will stay tuned for the stressbuster and NaijaGirl series. Thank God you’re good. PS: At this very moment we are watching Akeelah and the Bee (for the nth time, lol).

  13. @Cider….lol, ok ooo. Akeelah and the bee? lol, how many words from that movie can you spell? talk true, talk true.

  14. I always feel so happy after reading your posts, and this one is no different. I thank God with you for taking care of you and your bills. Only God!

    Have a beautiful weekend. I love the idea of your new series and I’ll be a reader…I’m still working on something I want to start for single women of a certain age.

  15. Good luck with the new series..
    be on the lookout for that. Nice weekend!

  16. That’s what I’m talking about!

  17. @GNG….awww, thanks hon. pls do quicken the steps; lots of singles need information, will look out for yours too.
    @Blog…thanks my dear and have a wonderful weekend too
    @Lady A….lol, have a lovely weekend

  18. There’s something about these miracles in your life. They are Live. I believe you are not joking about them. So, if they can happen to you, they can happen to me and my family too. This I believe.

  19. @Ochuko….Trust me I no dey play with things like this. The good thing about this TGIF series is that it makes me remember the blessings of God. It baffles me the way God blesses me almost every week and sometimes the miracle occurs when am about to make an entry. Infact, as of this week, he already gave me one big blessing but i will wait for next friday to say it. I have been thanking him for it ever since.

    My brother and sister have outstanding hospital bills and they were surprised when they heard my story. they said they were gonna do same thing which is “pray”,

    My dear, i reveal these things so that someone can benefit from it; if it happens to me, someone who falls short everyday, how much more another person. When I was sick and needed surgery; my prayer partners kept telling me it was for a reason and people were gonna be blessed through the testimony and am glad i received my healing.

    When God blesses someone, you can always tap into that anointing/blessing and receive yours. I pray that as he has done it for me with my bills, that he will do it for you, much more than you can think or imagine, as the “Jara” God wey im be

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