What happened to children’s day?

       The bible said that for everything, there is a time and season. I think the time has come for me to comment on something that has been on my mind—children’s day. The only place and time I ever witnessed or recognized children’s day was in primary school, where we went for interschool competitions (matching and exhibitions). After that, children’s day was up for grab.

      We have father’s day, mother’s day, but, where in the world is children’s day? I want to receive gifts too. I want to be called on my phone and hear “happy children’s day” I want to be told “today is your day”. I want to be called in the church or work or school and told to stand up and be recognized cos its my day. No, I don’t mean my birthday; I am talking of children’s day. I am a child too. I want to be looked on with that lost dog look that says “you have really done a good job being a child”

       I know fathers and mothers get recognition cos its not easy having their job, but I must say, its not easy having to honor the parents and having to endure when they exasperate me or forget what’s written in the good book. I need props for those times they were in their room but made me tell the visitor that they were not around.  I need props for all the times I wanted to stay up to watch the late night shows but was made to go to bed. For all those times I was made to go carry 20 liter jerry cans to and fro the boreholes, for all the trash I took out, for all the clean up I did in the house—don’t I need recognition for them?

      I need props for all the beatings I have received, for learning sign language especially eye language from my parents at an early age; for knowing when I have made a blunder in front of guests and knowing what would come afterwards; for having to endure when both parents claimed they always took first in class—always made me wonder who took the last position if every parent was first.

         For all the times I was forced to go to school or learn how to say yes maam, please and thank you. I need props for actually listening and learning from them….hey!!! I could have chosen not to, but I chose to obey them, so don’t I need props for doing that? Don’t I need props for turning out good? I can do bad by myself, but I chose not to, so please, someone, anybody, nobody, somebody, can you just say “happy children’s day” to me?

        To every child born by humans—happy children’s day!!!. Take out time today to appreciate the essence of being a child and be grateful that you have an identity—someone’s child.

               My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

Disclaimer: I decided to put this up today ‘cos its children’s day in Nigeria—the only nation I have seen that recognize children’s day, even if it’s for kids only.

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  1. REALLY? Nigeria recognizes children’s day? haa, i probably sleep thru out this day every year coz i am as clueless as a new born on this issue…
    as of now you want there to be a children’s day marked on the calender, wait till you have your own, who wld bliv they will also get the star treatment on this very day and expect gifts….
    with the recession and all…
    But not to bust ya pwetty bubble…

  2. i just wanted to say that there is indeed a children’s day nd i loved it….we’d go marching on govt park nd have fun.my mum wld cook a lot too.aww,naijas d best!!ist tym here.

  3. My dear,It is children’s day again ooooooooooo.

  4. happy childrens day!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy Childrens’ day dearie..

    But we are all grown now, let’s look forward to breeding our own and showing love to every other toodles around us.


  6. I know. it seems as though children’s day has disappeared. very funny props for all the beating. its true though

  7. …you want it? u’ll get it…Happy children’s day to you…for all those things u highlighted, u sure deserve it n more…lol

  8. at least we have childrens day in naija…but it is usually meant for the young ones

  9. Happy Children’s day! I like what my church in lagos does, i used to teach in the children church and the church sets out a day for the children where they will make presentations and be appreciated by the adults. Usually colourful!

  10. Lol, we have Grandparents day and Secetary’s Day and Take your child to work with you day….I believe we do have children’s day, but it’s not recongized…it might be on some calendars.
    Honestly, children’s day is EVERYDAY!!!!!

  11. @Chayoma….lol, thanks jare. yeah, Naija observes children’s day every May 27th. Who is to say that I will recognize chldren’s day for my kids; hmm, maye I ought to start it.
    @Chidinma….thanks for stopping by. The only time I ever did observe children’s day was in naija and that was in primary school; the older you get, the less the children’s day is connected to you.
    @Spesh….happy children’s day my dear
    @LG….hahaha, thanks my dear
    @Sassy trends….lol, yup we are grown, but i still want to be told “happy children’s day”,lol

  12. @Omolola….you dey follow me see this kain thing? the older you get, the less connection to children’s day. thanks for stopping by jare
    @Doyin….lol, thanks, thanks and thanks
    @Pink satin….yeah naija observes children’s day for kids. Maybe there should be young adults day, adults day, girls day, boys day….something, anything
    @writefreak…..that would be lovely. I love watching such displays by kids, but see if I was in your church, I wouldnt be among the kids cos its solely for kids and I will be missing my own appreciation.
    @Lady A….noooo, lai lai, children’s day cant be everyday cos it wont be recognized that day. I need a separate day recognized by all as children’s day. till tomorrow, i will still be someone’s child and will still need that recognition and appreciation.

    @everyone….thanks y’all, dont mind my craziness

    • @Naijagirl, it isn’t craziness. So here’s to Innocence; to Love; to Care; to Children; to Life; Cheers. Happy Children’s Day.

  13. @Ochuko….thanks my dear. you see why I talk of you? lol

  14. Oh there is something like children’s day? Inukwaaa. where have i been then? That is good oh. Happy children’s day!

  15. LOL, funny I was just reading Luscious Ron’s blog and she said that Children’s day was recently recognized in Naija. I doubt it is a holiday sha…I didn’t even know. But yes o, we chilluns need our holiday.

  16. @Nice anon…yes ooo, there is children’s day in naija..its for kids though
    @Original….Children’s day has always been recognized in naija and its a public holiday especially for government workers. The trick is that the “children ” doesnt cover all children but just kids

  17. I hadn’t ever heard of children’s day! I hope I remember to celebrate it next year!

    You made me laugh…you deserve recognition for all you did o!

  18. @GNG….lol, thanks jare. yup, there’s children’s day and Naija is the only country I know that observe it

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