TGIF 2.2

         It’s another day to be thankful, and I have lots of reasons to be grateful.      

       First and foremost, I am grateful for journey mercies on behalf of papa naijagirl; he travelled and I was concerned due to constant report of dreams of kidnap and other stuff. God confirmed his words “who is it that speaks and it comes to pass when the almighty has not yet ordained it?”

       I am grateful for God’s divine favor this week, especially today. I missed my flight for my trip and was almost frustrated by the airline (delta…..worst airline in my judgment), but at the end of the day, God showed himself strong and granted me a ticket and safe trip.

       I am grateful for good health for my sister; she had surgery yesterday and the area for surgery was so sensitive that the anesthetic did not work on her, but she was still able to bear the pain. She’s doing better with no complication…………the devil thought he had me, but ahhhhhh I run.

       I am grateful for peace; peace of God that passes every understanding of man. Peace that you experience when everything around you is in turmoil but you look at yourself and realize that you have peace within you. Peace that comes on you even when nothing makes sense.

       Today, I saw a blind couple being led by their walk dogs and it made me appreciate the gift of eyesight. You will never value your eyesight until you lose it. You will never value your ability to sleep and wake up in the morning, until you lay in bed for hours turning and begging for sleep to come. You will never appreciate what it means to walk on your two legs until you lose them……no need to wait until you lose what you have before you appreciate them. Just for few seconds, look at yourself from head to toe and take time to appreciate the beauty that is you. Take those few seconds to thank God for different things about yourself… will be glad you did.    

      I am grateful for the insignificant things that make life worthwhile……can you think of anything?

           My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. oh yes, NG…there r soooo many things to thank God for.

    I rejoice with u n ur family…may His love n peace always be with u…have a good weekend…

  2. Now that blind couple with a watchword ad is really touching and humbling.
    No doubt we are all guilty of complainig and murmuring against God about “why?”, “when?”, “how?”…. we pray the good Lord gives us the grace to develop our weak sides – “A thankful heart”.
    Nice one.

  3. We give Him praise! He deserves all our praise!

  4. There are so so many things to give Him thanks for.

  5. We thank God for his mercies. For you and yours!

    I am also truly grateful for life and the insignificant things that make it worthwhile and the UNKNOWN. We give him praise

  6. In everything give thanks the good book said…… Nice.

  7. In all things may we give God praise.
    we have a roof over over heads,food and clothing,even when we claim we are broke, we still can feed! our little luxuries… our lives, there is so much we take for granted! Good to be thankful everyday….

  8. Thanks for sharing all that-reminds one to be more appreciative of life and the hidden little things we take for granted too!

  9. You always remind me of Luke 17:12-19
    Thanks again for your regular TGIF series. It’s always uplifting. May the fountain never thirst!! 🙂

  10. I value my sight and i’m very thankful for it everyday. I’m happy ur daddy had journey mercies and ur sister’s surgery went well.

    I don’t get what’s going on with all these kidnappings.

  11. It’s true o about the eyesight thing. I can’t remember thanking God for my sight lately. Thank you baba God. I thank God for your dad and sister. By his words all things are possible.

  12. Don’t get me started. I’m grateful for just about everything from health, children, husband, house, bills getting paid and the list goes on….thanks for the reminder.

  13. @Doyin….thanks a lot, all the best to your family.
    @ST….if only we can develop a grateful and thankful attitude
    @writefreak….yes he does deserve our praise and more
    @Tigeress….There’s always a reason to be thank him….we just have to find that reason
    @Gochi….I am grateful for the things we consider insignificant in life…those are the things that matter a lot sometimes
    @Danny….yep, we need to give him thanks at all times.

  14. @Chayoma…..There are so many things we take for granted until we look beyond.
    @Blog….you welcome
    @Ochuko….lol, thanks my dear and amen amen
    @Sting…..My dear kidnapping is a big time business for naija now
    @Tairebabs…..true, true, thanks for stopping my dear.
    @Lady A….you welcome; we ought to be appreciative and grateful with a lot of things in life

  15. You know, every day I see someone who is dealing without something that I take for granted and just have to thank God for his blessings. I do not deserve his mercy and his favour at all.

    Thanks for the reminder

  16. @GNG….God knows how many times i say that…i do not deserve it but he does it anyways. his love for me and for you is new every morning; not old love oo, renewed every morning.

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