I am scared of love

       Don’t worry y’all, Naijagirl is not scared of love…yet. This title was coined from the song of a new naija artist “H man”. I came across the song this weekend and it has grown on me, perhaps cos of the lyrics or the tune or even because of the beautiful young lady (Uche Odoh) that featured in the song. His album was released last month and of all the songs in the album, I have got attached to this particular tune.

       H man came into the scene last October and he already emphasized his stay by bagging an award. In one of his interviews, he claimed to be shy but we all know how quick these heartthrobs do shed their shy boy image, or don’t we? As long as he gets focused, I shall be rooting for him….uhh, who am I kidding, I will root for him cos of the pretty girl in the video.

        According to the song, the singer is scared of love ‘cos what makes you can break you and the best thing can always be the worst thing…..it doesn’t get any “truer” than these. The one who made you laugh will be the one who makes you cry in his absence. Whoever has a hold on you and able to affect you is the person you should fear more cos they can do and undo.

    Thumbs up to H man, may he soar beyond his imaginations…enjoy the song from the link below (The song starts 0.45 secs)

            My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. Nice… I think he’s the same dude who did this Ndoli song?

  2. @Danny…yeah, he’s the same guy with Ndoli. Apparently, Ndoli is his first release and the song that earned him an award.

  3. Oh, I’d never heard of H-Man before…thanks for sharing this.

  4. Sounds really 9ice……
    Thanks for sharing,chica.

  5. ok song…he has a funny way of shaping his mouth like he’s about to cry…lol…d babe is pretty, but y’s she wearing full make up in bed?…

    Naijagirl thx 4coming by mine n elucidating on the Proverbs 31 woman’s kind of man…u’ve made d job easier for Danny Bagucci n his co. men…cheers…

  6. Saw this, subscriber of timmynaija!
    i wish i cld rock that chica’s hairdo! and any guy who isn’t scared of getting wet is one to look out for!

  7. @GNG….you welcome;heard of him this past weekend.
    @crazythots….you welcome. he’s getting there
    @Doyin…..lol, you no well. Watch every naija movie and you will see that they make them up in bed…..like you are going to party in your dream. You welcome
    @Chayoma….I dont think everyone would look good on low cut. I doubt the look will fly by me now.

  8. Nice one…thanks for sharing…

  9. “Whoever has a hold on you and able to affect you is the person you should fear more cos they can do and undo.” that is so true.

    I’ll listen to the song when i get home.

    Another nice post. 🙂

  10. The girl is pweeeeety!! The song is beautiful. The words r true.

    Uwa bu ndoli ndoli ooo. I’m doli-ing right now sef. **HISS**

  11. Yup.. She’s definitely a pretty one..
    H man’s facial expressions in his videos always seem to crack me up though..

  12. My first time hearing of him. I’ll look out for him.
    Hey nice post on Nigerian men and romance- you worked all our views into it. Tight.

  13. The girl is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, I actually like the song. I had never heard of the artist prior to this.

  14. @Baba…you are sooo welcome
    @Tigeress….thanks hon
    @Vera….lol, doli away my dear…silly girl
    @Roc…lol, I havent seen a lot of his videos but i can see what you mean….dont I see same expression in most naija music videos?
    @Cider….thanks girl
    @Original mgbeke….yes, I think she is, even with the low cut. Low cut doesnt do a lot of grown ups justice but she sure did rock it

    thanks y’all and pele for the late response

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