TGIF 2.1

         Its Friday once again; another day to say TGIF.

       I am grateful for my good health; leave it to a health scare to make you appreciate a pain free week. A week without any headache or body ache or any type of pain

        What do you do when someone who is on your address book or messenger list dies and you are aware of it? Do you immediately delete their name to wipe off the memory or do you retain the name to remember the person……I just heard that a virtual friend died. He was involved in an accident and I thought he had survived, but I learned today that he didn’t make it. Its weird how almost every week, I can find someone who died….makes you realize that life is a mist and makes you appreciate each second you get.

      I am grateful for knowledge/understanding; sometimes you read something and you get a deep understanding of what you are reading. I find myself reading my books and bible and getting deeper meanings in them

       I am grateful for rest; I had a good rest this week and in all those times, I never felt bored…I hate being bored

      I am grateful for the diversity in human race; some are black/white both in physical features and in character. No matter how different a person is, I am grateful for their existence cos they help to add color to this earth.

      I just learned that a prodigal friend has been released from naija jail….i’m grateful for that.

       My friend called me up today to say she dreamt where I had triplet boys out of wedlock; I am grateful I can boldly pray and cancel that dream and go my way without having the image or thot hanging over my head

       I have a friend who goes contrary to everything I believe in, but I am grateful for this friend for I know there’s a purpose for getting to know people like this.

      Thank God it’s Friday…….Have a wonderful weekend y’all

                 My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. Grateful for you. Grateful for me.
    Sorry to hear about your friend!
    TGIF, and have a great weekend.

  2. I would keep the person’s presence online for a while…

    Have a good weekend…

  3. very deep tgif…I’m touched by all ur thanksgiving points; d friends, life, rest, understanding, good health, ability to pray, etc…

    thanking God with u…have a lovely weekend NG…

  4. @Blog….thanks, and you have a great weekend
    @afro…hmmm, I was thinking of that cos I dont wanna have to look up his name and recall that he is dead
    @Doyin…thanks, have a blessed weekend

  5. I’ld keep it for a while but will eventually delete.

    lol@ the dream, “triplets out of wedlock” …make we no see that kind of thing!

    truly its TGIF… have a great wkend

  6. I am thankful for you.
    I am thankful for your friend.
    I am thankful that dream shall remain a dream…

  7. I always look forward to the TGIF series.
    I’m grateful for good health too. You know I’ve not really thought about what to do with such numbers, i really don’t want to think bout it. We have every reason to be grateful for life and living.
    Triplets out of wedlock? *gbese*.. LOL

  8. **You know I actually thought you were married** 🙂

  9. @dta….lol, see me see wahala ooo. Of all dreams na born pikin out of wedlock.I already rejected it for me, for my friend and for anyone I know
    @Farida…lol, the dream shall remain a dream no be small thing oo.
    @Ochuko….lol,Thanks. gbese no be small thing my brother. You dey follow me see that kain thing. Thot I was married huh….niiiice

  10. that triplet part cracked me up bo be small..
    this life is a gift o..and we cant stop appreciating the giver…

  11. Yeah… difficult times bring things into sharp focus… Nice stuff…

  12. Thank goodness the chap in the naija jail made it out..

    Too many bad tales from there..

  13. You touched on several deep points, and this one hit me: “I have a friend who goes contrary to everything I believe in, but I am grateful for this friend for I know there’s a purpose for getting to know people like this”.It is easy to be judgemental; it is easy to be judgemental about people that are judgemental, but this statement you made was just pure. Straight to my heart (I don’t like that I am not expressing this well, but I hope you understand somehow). The summary is that I love coming here bcuz your perspectives are so powerful. Probably becuz they are aligned with God’s. And your attitude/outlook is amazing. NaijaGirl’s Perspective true-true.

  14. Depending on how close i am to the person- i think i’ll delete…..

    As for having friends contrary to what u believe- thats an interesting perspective. I wld normally just put a distance.

  15. @Simeone…join me and see oooo. triplet out of wedlock. *mschew!!!*
    @Danny….yup, I have come to realize that. although when we go through the hard times, we dont see it that way but at the end of the day, it gives you a perspective of lots of stuff
    @Roc….I thank God too. with the kind of stories i hear, its a wonder he made it out intact
    @Cider….thanks a lot honey. infact, God bless you true true for those words. they sure have made my day

  16. @Tigeress…the older i get, the more I learn. Its like seeing the words of Paul come into play; when I was a child, i spoke like a child, i acted like a child but when I grew up, i left childish things behind. As of today, I can say I know myself and I have learned that if I cant handle the tree/such friends, I am just gonna cut it down or ruuuuuun from them like crazy.

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