The best marriage?

        Just yesterday while thinking about various things, this thot popped into my mind “The best marriage is a contract marriage”. According to Wikipedia, a contract is an exchange of promises between two or more parties to do, or refrain from doing, an act, which resulting contract is enforceable in a court of law. It is a binding legal agreement.

          A contract between a husband and wife helps them to align their mission statement/purpose for the marriage, which is something most marriages lack from day 1……a plan. Contract defines the obligations between the two parties; you go in knowing what you are taking into it and what you are getting out of it, as well as your responsibilities from the first day.

     A contract is an agreement between two parties or more; for a contract to hold, there must be an agreement; this means your opinions count. Therefore, if in your original contract, you agreed that no extra wife or husband shall be brought into the marriage, if one party defaults and brings in someone…..there has been a breach of contract.

       A contract is an official and legal document that clarifies that you are legally bound to something/someone and breaking the contract results in a penalty. Most naija indigenes (home and abroad) understand the importance and extent of contract; you understand that when your house rent or electricity/phone/credit card bill or any kind of bill is due and you default on it…..there’s a price to pay. Someone might be forced to say that we pay more regard to “business contract” as opposed to “marriage contract”

       A contract is an agreement enforceable by law:- Like everything covered by the law, there’s a huge penalty for defaulters. When marriage is hidden under the legal umbrella, no need of inviting your relatives from the village to come hold village meeting for you and your husband, rather, you and your husband take your contract agreement to the court of law or whatever place the law specifies to settle your scores. That is to say, a contract is an exchange of promises for the breach of which the law will provide a remedy.

So, out of curiosity, the best marriage is a contract marriage—true or false? Give reasons

Enjoy this clip:

                My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. am i?

  2. first?

  3. yes i am….
    okay lemme go read !!!

  4. @chayoma…lol, you are soooo first. silly

    • i just noticed! lol

      its a miracle i tell you!

  5. all for the contact marriage!
    marriage shldn’t be based on love alone! it cannot survive on that alone…it needs commitment,compromise, to make IT work!
    if two people cannot come to an agreement on a single issue, no matter how much love they have for each other, the relationship( or in this case marriage) is faltered! one party has to compromise.that doesnt mean that that one side shld do all the compromising…NOOO!
    both parties are committed and thus, shld come up with plans for the future, even if it means drawing up a contract….
    like the song said,( which i did enjoy..)
    If you commit,signing papers to spend your life with someone, please ensure that you do all that you can to live up to your agreement!

    that took a toll…

    but then again, i am not married, what do i know???

  6. Hmmm interesting sha

  7. Personally don’t think it makes any difference because contracts can be broken.

  8. Hi, nice post. I love the layout of your blog. Marriage is like a contract where 2 people promise to stick to each other through thick and thin for better or worse. You cannot be legally married without taking vows and appending your signature and the act being confirmed by the signature of witnesses. This shows the importance of understanding what the terms of the contract are before actually getting involved in it. Understanding the roles and expectations of each partner is also vital for success. Thanks for this post, a lot of food for thought!

  9. Hey Ng, i hope you arent thinking of doing one of those..

  10. @chayoma…lol, you know a lot oo
    @nice anon…girl, whats your own input
    @taynement….When contracts are broken, there’s penalty for it
    @Believer….technically, marriage is a religious contract….its just that lots of peopl do not have much regard for that. thanks, thanks and thanks
    @Blog….hahaha, I was just thinking of it; wouldnt it be better? wouldnt marriage last more?

  11. Truth is everyone interprets marriage differently. BUT the key is whatever works for them. For some folks it is the contract kind and for others it is something else. There is no one way of doing things when it comes to marriage.

  12. False o! Although it depends on what one is seeking from a marriage.

  13. I… cant comment. It’s a dicey topic, so I’ll just say hi instead 😉 And thank you for checking up on me! I feel luved (lol!)

  14. @Nice anon….true, true. see? I know nice anon had some comments up her sleeve.
    @Sting…lol, false huh? Wouldnt it be nice to have something/someone that everyone looks up to in marriage and respects enough to obey, rather than doing what they think is right?…hmmm, just a thot popping in my head
    @Cider…lol, you are sooo loved. hope your sis is doing good

    ok y’all, I know its a “dicey” topic as cider put it, so thanks for your input

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