Tribute to mommy dearest

Many may try, but none can take the place of my mom in my heart;

She is like a beautiful song that keeps playing in my head even after the radio has been turned off

She is a woman of carriage

A large heart in the perfect body

A woman of substance; so beautiful yet so delicate

Saying she is the most beautiful woman I know will be an under statement

She is definitely the strongest woman and the best mom any child will ever have

I call her mom ‘cos she deserves it

She challenges me to do the impossible while standing next to me in case I need her help

She is the one who we run to “first” in times of trouble

She is the one who will be on her knees 24 hrs interceding for her family

She goes to greater height just to make sure her kids have the best

Friends come and go, friends may pass us by but she always remain

No matter how many times you call her in the day, she is always ready to pick up and call back

An angry word will not changer her love, a fight never did change her love, a failure never stopped her from loving

Friends may turn their back on me, brothers and sisters may be occupied but my mother’s love endures through all

She is the one who makes sure I give her a big hug before I go back to school

Even when she is not there, she is there. She may not be physically present, but her spirit and words are always there

Every day to me is a mothers day cos I don’t need just one day to celebrate my mom.

I may call you mama, I may call you mother but you can not take the place of my mom. To come close you have to do the same thing she did which is to be there for me for all these years.


Affirmation: There’s only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has him/her. Happy mother’s day to all mothers. To those waiting on God for a child, may today be a sign that by next year’s mother’s day, you will be called a mother.

                My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009!

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  1. Yes mums are the BEST

  2. What a beautiful tribute to a special woman. Happy Mother’s Day to your mummmy!

  3. Awww how cute…i hope she gets to read this!

    That was a nice prayer at the end and i say a resounding AMEN

  4. awwwwh, sooooo sweeeeet…

  5. Amen Sista!! Amen to that!

  6. Real cute one.

  7. This is so sweet. A big AMEN to your prayer!!

  8. That is so nice! 🙂

  9. @Nice anon….lol, yup, they sure are. we fight, we quarrel but they still the best.
    @GNG….thanks my dear, and to your mom too.
    @writefreak….lol, She didnt get to see it.
    @Doyin….lol, thanks
    @Blog…thanks dear
    @Ochuko…thanks, and amen too
    @Tigeress…lol, thanks

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