He knows my name

Disclaimer: if it’s a long epistle….let it cover my lack of entry for the past week.

     Last time I made an entry, I wrote about my illness. I was sick on Saturday, I made the entry on Sunday, went to the doctor’s office on Monday, only for her to say I needed surgery ASAP.

       Surgery? The same surgery that for the past 5 weeks I have been coming home and telling my friends and family that I never wanna be cut open.  I said this almost everyday that it became a form of joke among my siblings and friends cos I always said “whatever happens, nobody should cut me open, I do not want to go through surgery” so now you can imagine my concerns and the irony of it all, when I heard I needed surgery, and not any optional one but emergency surgery.

        I was so disoriented from there, I wept from her office back to work ‘cos I am thinking “oh great, my life is not a mess already that surgery has to be thrown into the picture” “Lord, what did I do to deserve this?” the questions running through my mind were endless. Doctor explained “we have to go in there immediately and get it out; we might have to remove your ovaries….what? “so I am not gonna have babies?”. At your age, we try as much as possible to preserve them or not to take them off, but we can. There could be complications of course; complications normal to any surgery. Can you take off from work? We can do the surgery in 2 days and you will need 4-6 weeks to recover.

         They did more tests and I told dr I have to think about all these things. I was still in pain so I took oxycodone (great mistake; I didn’t know it was a sleeping pill. Shoulda known since I was the one screaming in emergency room that if they didn’t have any higher pain med, they should give me anything to knock me out so I don’t feel the pain)

          I was so sleepy while driving from her office back to work that’s it’s a wonder I didn’t fall asleep on the wheel. I thank God I didn’t have any accident or wasn’t pulled over by police. I got to the parking lot, called my colleague and told her I am too out of it to get to work immediately. She said I should stay in my car and she came to see me. Told me our time to get to work was extended and so I should sleep for 30 mins and she will wake me up. God bless her soul. She watched out for me, trying to cheer me up for the rest of the day.

          I recall one of the receptionists at the dr’s office who saw my blotted eyes telling me “God has a reason for everything and he will not give you more than you can carry”. Even when my mom or anyone called or sent a text about God….trust me, listening was the last thing on my mind. Before the end of the day, I got myself together; my mom and I decided we will go to the great physician and get another treatment which was to pray and fast rather than doing surgery; some people joined us (God bless them for me).

        Not very many people were in support; I recall telling one of my friends “I have decided to use prayer and I would like to offer a word of prayer on my behalf, can you do that for me?” he didn’t even let me finish before he said “I will go out on a limb here and say…take the surgery” when he realized I wasn’t budging, he said “what can I do for you to take surgery?” and I said nothing. I found out others within the family were in support of surgery, but then again, if they knew HIM like I knew him, they will know that “can’t nobody do me like Christ does”.

       We set out on the days fast and prayer and I thank God for his sustenance; I went off my pain meds on the first day of the fast and to God be the glory, the pain left. I was so back to myself that people who heard I was sick or saw me when I was in pain were commenting on the way I was running my mouth.

       I said I will put this entry up after I carried out a confirmatory test so the naysayers and doubting thomases can have a proof, but it just dawned on me today that I already do. Yesterday, the doctor called me to tell me about my results “Hey ms N, your results are in and the tumor markers are normal. I set you up with my oncologist friend; how are you feeling? and blah blah blah” Oh, she mentioned one of the markers were couple of nos high, but not significantly high, and the truth is, that particular no can be couple of nos high in every normal human being just because of hormonal changes (we all know how women and their hormones roll)

       She still wanted to cut me open and do surgery. “Doc, I am feeling good, I haven’t had any pain, I am back to my self. Cancel the surgery, and yes your oncologist called me and I told them to cancel my appointment”. Said ok honey, call me if anything comes up.

      This is not a story I heard or read somewhere; this is my own personal experience. It’s for me and it’s for someone who needs encouragement somewhere and all I can say is if you know him like I do, you will know that cant nobody do me like Jesus.

        I learned a lot through this experience; there’s nothing like a tragedy to bring a family closer and to reveal the vulnerabilities of its members. I learned God has covered me and you can’t penetrate me without going through him. I learned how to pray using God’s words; I prayed using these scriptures Ps 19:14, Isa 55: 11, Mat 8:16//Isaiah 45:23, 1 cor. 6:19, Ps 46:1, Isa 55: 11, Jer. 30:17, Ex 16: 26, Ps 18: 44-45, Isa 10:27,  Isa 53:4, Mat 8:17, Rom 8:11, 2 cor. 6:16

Thanks to all those who sent in their prayers, wishes and messages. I am right at the door of your blog to keep up with the one week MIA.

                My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl ©2009

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  1. WOW.. Great.. Your last post had us flustered….

  2. @Danny…lol, I was claiming my healing in my last post, but now, I am truly healed

  3. WOW, what can I say? We thank God for FAITH. I’m short of words. May God perfect the work He has started in your life in Jesus Name.

  4. Oh oh! sorry u were in so much pain, but good to know u r out of it…

    I don’t need to preach at u; I’m glad u know Him like u do…just remember He bore ALL ur pains on that cross n u ARE healed by the stripes which He took…claim your permanent and perfect healing in Jesus’ name…


  5. @Ochuko….amen ooo, thanks my dear
    @Doyin…thanks my dear. I already claimed it and it already happened

  6. First time here. Your healing is permanent in Jesus name.

  7. there’s a song by Kirk Whalum that goes “If I tell God about my problems, He’ll work it out for me”

    We can’t but give praise to God.

  8. Thank God,girlie……..
    I was thinking of sending you a mail when you didnt come around…..
    It is well.

  9. Oh Ng, thank goodness you are okay..
    Keep your faith going!

  10. @Telekinesys….amen. thanks for stopping by
    SMF…..yes ooo, its just that we are too doubtful to give him the whole rein
    @Spesh…thanks honey for checking up on me. I am doing wonderful now. I wish you all the best
    @Blog….thanks, have missed having to keep you accountable for your weekly to do list

    have a wonderful week y’all

  11. I am SO glad to hear you’re healed. Praise God!

    Was the appointment with the oncologist supposed to do additional tests, or was it for a surgery consultation?

    Have a blessed week!

  12. Hi!
    I read your pos two days ago, and I was surprised and sad you were going through all that, but I join you in thanking God for your healing. I can see that it made you appreciate God more.
    Many more of His blessings are yours, in Jesus’ name, amen.

  13. @GNG….the appointment with the oncologist was supposed to be a surgery consultation. thanks hon
    @Cider….Amen ooo. thanks a lot, I sure have come to appreciate him more…Nobody does it like him.

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