TGIF 2.0

           I am grateful for divine favor, for laughter, for good colleagues, for ability to sleep at night and for good health.

          I am grateful for the gift of love. I am grateful that God loved me so much that he sent his son for me. I am grateful that I was formed out of love. If no one liked me as a kid, they would have found a way to eliminate me as a defenseless infant.

       We are made from a lover and we were made to love. There is nothing wrong in loving others; that in itself is a great feat for it means you are able to do what some cannot do. If we all loved as we should—the world would be a better place.

           I may not be a celebrity, I may not have great riches, I may not have my name written on anything, but one thing I have and would love to have is …my love.  If I die today, I would love to have written on my tombstone “here lies a woman who loved so dearly. She loved with all her heart and all she got”.

        I am not ashamed to love you or anybody. I am not ashamed to love because it is a gift I have. Havw a lovely weekend.

                     My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. Nice… We are made from a Lover and made to lvoe .. Hmmmm

  2. Share the love!!

    It’s not that hard when you think about it really..

    “Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.”

  3. i am with you girl. if we all love as we should the world will be a better place..

    nice post. Have a wonderful weekend

  4. great! thanksgiving/gratitude is in the air…and yes, love is a gift…keep sharing…weldone girl…

  5. Another TGIF…….cool and you know I agree with you,girl…….

  6. I sincerely have to increase my love for the Lover who made me, I’m not loving Him enough.
    And I’m also not ashamed to say I LOVE YOU Naijagirl!

    Have a lovely week too~~

  7. Oh yes! love makes the world go round! I’m thankful for love too and for you!

  8. Great things to be grateful for..
    great thanks giving,especially for me!!

  9. I love where you say we are made from a lover and we were made to love. very nice. There are so many reasons to thank God. Thanks for reminding me to do so as well.

  10. @Danny….yup, we are made from one who said “God is love”and “for God so loved….”
    @Roc….I like that; love is never lost
    @BSNC…thanks girl
    @Doyin….thanks my dear
    @crazy….thanks hon, hope you are doing great
    @Ochuko….lol, i love you too my dear. share the love
    @writefreak….lol, thanks
    @blog….lol, niiice
    @tairebabs….you welcome, and thanks for stopping by

  11. It can be tempting to avoid loving deeply because the potential for hurt that loving someone can bring. But just like God loves us, we should also love others. More love would definitely make the world go ’round in a more positive way.

  12. @GNG….past hurts, mistrust, doubts; just looking around your environment and seeing the filth in people can make you flee from loving anyone, but we were given a mandate to love and thats what we should do.

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