Naija man and romance

          I was in a gathering where a topic was raised regarding my naija men and romance. Like every good debate, some were for it while the others were against, so the big question to you is “Are Nigerian men romantic? What is the basis for your answer?” As you ponder over this question, take into consideration a typical/average naija man, a poor naija man, a middle class naija man, as well as the rich or political naija man.

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  1. I think it’s fair to say the average Naija man isn’t romantic but does have the potential to be romantic…

    But then same can be said for just about every man on earth, right?

    What shapes our opinions and mindsets is culture.. the environment we grow up in.. music & films we’re influenced by.. loads of stuff..

    Those that are considered romantic, put an effort into cultivating that side of them.. and those that don’t.. just don’t.

  2. I usually categorise them as ‘Old Naija men’ and ‘Younger Generation Naija men’. The former arent romantic to me. I havent studied too many homes, but I have a feeling they don’t really pay attention/listen to their wives. They are always preoccupied with news, hardship, politics, sports, food, etc.
    The younger guys seem a bit more loving… but could it be just show? (I hope& pray not!)

  3. lets hear the ladies on this one..
    \\cider makes a good point tho..
    i do think the majority of them are not..

  4. i hate categorial generalizations, people are individuals, the fact that an arguable majority of nigerian men aren’t romantic doesn’t go to say that nigerian men, as a nation of men are not romantic…it’s all down to individual choices and preferences

    i’m with Roc on this one, we are shaped by what we allow to shape us.

  5. Actually, I don’t think romance is something that runs in the blood. So being romantic has nothing to do with where you’re from bt what kind of man you are. I have met some very romantic Nigerian men along with some really…unromantic ones.

  6. I agree with all the points made above…
    I do think the younger men tend to be more romantic but as they get older, they get involved with other things and sometimes forget…

    Perhaps it would be best to describe what “romance” or what “being romantic” is… because it’s different for everyone… so long and short is I think it just depends on the individual… but if you ask me what my first first first response is… it’d be NO lol

  7. I don’t do generalisations…i tend to see each human as different from the other so it’s a bit of a tough question for me to answer.
    I’ll say romance is something that maybe the older generation didn’t subscribe to but young men (like my husband…hehehehe) are great romantics! Big ups for the romantic naija men jo!

  8. I don’t generalise too. i think it depends on the individual. i know most nigerian men are not romantic, so people tend to generalise..

  9. All sectors of naija men are not romantic fullstop..

    But I still like them sha…

  10. hmmm…well, I think I agree with most of the other commenters here…you can’t really generalise…it’s more of an individual thing and I can’t just say that all Naija men r unromantic…everywhere in the world there are romantic n unromantic men, not just naija…rambling? sorry…lol

  11. some peeps are romantic n some are not but depends also on if ur realistic abt ur expectations, d movie type expectation dey too high

  12. some are and some aren’t.

  13. This one na long thing ooo.. lol

  14. And your thoughts on this?

    I thought you’d have come back to respond.. 😦

  15. It depends what you find romantic, I’d say. I’m all about those little things that show he was listening and I’ve noticed that it’s only a few men (regardless of race) who have learned that while the grand gestures (a trip/holiday away, expensive gifts) are nice, remembering your favourite song or buying you something small in your favourite colour can show that you occupy the mind and heart of your special someone. That to me is romance.

    Also, there’s nothing wrong with telling your guy what you consider romantic or even just what you find sweet when it’s done by a guy you’re into. One girl’s idea of romance may not be another’s!

  16. @ everyone–sorry y’all for the late response. Each time I decide to respond, i find my entry going over board so I have decided to make a post out of my response. I will be sure to respond to everyone of you. thanks for your input

  17. I like this site

    • @naijaside….thanks and thanks for stopping by

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