What else you got?

         I am getting to that point where I want more. Did you think I would always settle for this? I want more. Apart from sex, what else can you offer me? What can you bring to the table? What do you do for me? Can you build me up in times of trouble? How are you helping me? How will I get my own place when I am living with you? How can I marry you when I am already tapping it? What else can you give me that I don’t have? What differentiates you? What sets you apart? How can I pursue you when I already got you? I want more, what else can you offer me?

                            My words, my views! My style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. Hmm.. Food for thought!!!! Methinks true Love and Marriage is synergistic, both parties ought to achieve far more together than they would have as individuals..

  2. One starts to see with 20/20 vision after the hunger has been satisfied. (shebi I sound like an old Baba who speakes in proverbs all day (lol)).

    As an aside, I’ve been wondering: what does the 1.9 stand for in TGIF 1.9? Last week it was 1.8 ko? (and we’ve had more than 9 Fridays this yr). Scratches chin.

  3. more of what you already get? 😉

  4. @Danny…Thats one thing about marriage; you get more as a couple than as a single person. Love and marriage is a give and take event “what do I do for you? what do you do for me?
    @Cider…..hahaha, yes you do. Proverbs make one sound like an adult. lol, the TGIF is a series i post on fridays and I number the series/posts. Each consecutive no is an update to the previous one. I have had 9 fridays since i started the series ‘cos i started with 1.0

  5. Ohhh… de-mystified. I thot you had always done TGIFs. Makes sense. Thank you!

  6. Food for serious thought.. i will also like the know the answers to these questions

    the questions take style many sha, but you are right.. what else can you offer..

    nice post as usual

  7. one sentence ….i love your style.

  8. These are valid questions to be asked. This way you can make an informed decision.

  9. Must ask questions

  10. As someone said: “…I need a man striving for perfection in every aspect of life”…
    mentally, spiritually, financially, emotionally…etc!

    What would that kinda man not bring to the table?

    Good post. Food for thought for me :)!!

  11. I can’t offer you the world…

  12. @tdva….lol, you sure that will be enough?
    @Cider….lol, nah, I started about 2 months ago.
    @Simeone….one word…thanks, lol
    @Nice anon….thanks
    @Rita…I think so too
    @Ochuko….it would be nice to have a man striving for perfection as long as he doesnt turn into a perfectionist or anal retentive. It would be nice for someone to strive to be better
    @ekopost….lol, what can you offer?

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