TGIF 1.9

       Oh! How the days run…..Just another opportunity for me to say “Thank God it’s Friday”

I am grateful for mercy

        God’s mercy gives you a suspended sentence when you know what you deserve but didn’t get it. One beautiful thing about mercy is that you ask for mercy from someone who has power, in other words, you cannot receive mercy from someone who is not in a position to offer it.

        When you are not good with money but your car hasn’t been repossessed, your house hasn’t been foreclosed; your lights are still working……that’s mercy

     When you have drank couple of times and your kidney is still working….that’s mercy

      When you have slept around and never got any STD or HIV……that’s mercy

      When you have stolen something at any point in your life and never went to jail…..that’s mercy

       When you have been late at work or defaulted at work but still got your job…..that’s mercy

        I am grateful for a job I completed this week and the good evaluation from it

       I am grateful for the goat head I am eating now….mmmmh, yummy


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  1. i got this.. numero uno

  2. lol goat head ke. thats isewu now(hope i spelled it well o). you are enjoying o..

    nice post as always..

    • Good day Naijagirl, am a new blogger and i love your mode of writing, its only mercy that works for us where every other things failed. could you pls visit my blog and leave a comment.

  3. @BSNC…LOL, you are sooo numero uno. Yes ooo, i am eating isiewu. thanks

  4. see how wicked you are? goat head and you’re not sharing. mscheeeeeeeew. lol

  5. Isi mebie gi. What is is thank God for the goat I’m having right now. Lmao!

  6. @Bibi….hahaha, ok come and take; just a lil bit ooo, dont finish my isiewu
    @Nice anon….hahahahaha. ok you want some too? Oya, no finish am ooo, bia were obere

  7. I don’t want obere. Achorom ha nile.

  8. Goat head? From where??!!!! Not fair.

  9. Good morning! Naijagirl di ndu!!(the small Ibo I know)

    These were good examples you gave. I really get the message. Enjoy this Friday, and may your weekend be relaxing, productive… and everything nice.

  10. @nice anon…ole, ole, ole, thief thief thief, onye oshi. you want make i give you everything ee kwa?lol.Dont worry, i go prepare some for you when i see you.
    @sting…lol, you want some too?
    @cider….you wrote that like a true igbo, i am alive ooo. thanks jare, have a wonderful weekend

  11. Good things to be thankful for…goat head included,hehe!
    Good to be alive!
    Enjoy your weekend, and have fun!

  12. I’m thankful for…goat head? mmm…it’s amazing how we can see God even in the seemingly little things! He’s an awesome God!

  13. thank God 4 His mercies, I wonder where we would be without them…

    hav a fab weekend…

  14. Oh yes,girl,its good to be thankful…….
    So,you know even remember me for the isiewu deal,abi?
    lovely post.

  15. Haba.. Naijagirl… You alone??

    *Sulks off to find the closest African restaurant*

  16. Nice write up as usual though.. 🙂

  17. i feel you the mercy..

  18. Were you chopping Isiewu while typing this post?

    Yeah, I know mercy well well…

  19. with the goat-head being yummy! yummy!! y wldn’t we have a nice post on mercy 4 tgif!

  20. @Blog….lol, thanks jare, have a wonderful weekend
    @writefreak….lol, yup, we dont have to look far to find reasons to be grateful….for the water i drank, for the food, for the birds that fly, for the noise outside my window, for cartoon network
    @Doyin…thanks, I always tell myself that without God and all he brings, I am nothing
    @Farida….lol, of course I remembered you, that was why I hurriedly finished it. I did chop and clean mouth so you wont even know there was isiewu in the first place
    @Roc….hahaha, me alone ooo. hmmm, the african restaurant wont do it justice. Ok, come take a bite. thanks jare
    @Simeone….thanks, have a good weekend
    @Rita….lol, I was oooo
    @dta….hahahah,have a lovely weekend

    Ok y’all, since you are “capping” on my isiewu, I shall endeavor to have an isiewu party. Everyone is invited but come with your peptobismol

  21. Thank God

    Isi Ewu….yummy

  22. @Continouslearning….thanks for stopping by. I stopped by your blog, you are making a difference
    @thirty+….lol, thanks

  23. Thank God for the isi ewu that i will chop in the next couple of hrs

  24. hey nice post, its really Gods mercy that sustains us,
    lol at the isiewu, way to go nigerian
    been trying to follow your blog but cant find any link, plz direct me am new to blogsville

  25. @Niceanon…hahaha, you have come again ooo. Make sure you reserve my portion, else someone and I will put leg inside one trouser
    @Optimistic…Thanks and thanks for stopping by. You can save my link Do you have a blog so I can check it out.

  26. Goat head?? now I am hungry…and not for food!!!

  27. @afrobabe….lol, you hungry for sleep?

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