Stronger than this

       I am like a ball; people take the only side of me they see or are privy to and they accept it as whole. It’s like the story of the blind men that came across a dead elephant. They couldn’t tell what type of animal they found but each of them mentioned a different animal based on the different parts they were able to touch.

         Just because you know some facts about me don’t mean you know the truth about me. Don’t make any mistake, just cos you see me now, that don’t mean that’s where I will always be. People mistake me and judge me based on where I used to be, but when God gets through with me, I will shine forth as pure gold.

        I am stronger than I look. Don’t let my size deceive you. Don’t let my family deceive you. Don’t let my degree get to you, for I am better than this. I am worth more than this. Be sure of this, I am all that and a bag of chips

          If only they know I am more than that; I am more than what they think of me cos I am born of the creator of the universe and I can only be what he has made me to be and he hasn’t put a limitation on me when he created me. The only limitations I see are those placed by others and by me.

            Don’t be so engrossed in your limitations that you forget your assignment; just cos one area of your life is not working, don’t mean you should abandon everything. When people get connected to you, your real friends will love you when they know your issues. I am connected to someone that looks beyond what you see of me, and make no mistake about it “I am stronger than this”

                      My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. Preach on Lady, you are definately stronger than this and you are blessed.
    Continue to strive for the best

  2. With you all the way,dearie……
    You definately are strong,hang in there.

  3. word o word..
    God made us with zero limitation(s)…
    powerful reminder..

  4. Wonderful post..
    Yes you are . With God on your side, anything is possible..

  5. @Gochi….thanks
    @Farida…thanks my dear
    @Simeone…yup, we limit ourselves
    have a wonderful week y’all

  6. yes oh! I am stronger than this…no limitations!
    anoda inspiring write-up naijagirl…keep ’em coming…
    one observation though; ur references to God should be in capital…i.e. He, rather than, he…

  7. like i was nodding throughout! great post!

  8. Yes babe, I am stronger than whatever limitations the world can bring. Good one.

  9. Nice one….

  10. bravo chica! bravo!!

  11. Yes you are.

  12. I’m loving these encouraging posts! Thank you for them!

    And you sure know yourself…it’s refreshing!

  13. Chic,how far now?
    Unlike you not to have a new post by now,hope all is well???

  14. You are just one big whole of an inspiration Naijagirl!!!
    Very Strong words… first post am reading on blogsville since i’ve bin ‘AWOL’ for some 1week.. LOL


  15. […] Some few minutes ago, I stumbled upon a post by Naijagirl. Powerful post (read it here)… […]

  16. @Doyin….Thanks; never really heard the He/he reference, thanks too
    @dta….yes you are, thanks
    @Farida….thanks for checking up on me; will remedy that
    @Ochuko….lol, nice to have you back and thanks

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