I don’t like changes, I heard myself say. I would rather not go through it. Change can not be good for me, but I had to go through changes.

I had to be born to learn to crawl

I had to crawl to learn to walk

I had to walk to learn to run

I had to run to learn to jump

I had to jump to reach

I had to reach to make an impact


I had to go through the rites to be a man

I had to date him; I had to pass through it to get to where I am.

I had to get the heartbreak to learn to appreciate

I had to marry him

I had to go through the pains for it to be birth


I had to lose the trust to know the importance of trust

I had to fail to learn to succeed

He had to die for me to grow up

I had to loose him

We had to fight to make up

I had to go through the divorce

I had to break up


I had to be shunned to learn to believe in myself

I had to struggle to learn to survive

I had to cry to learn to laugh

He had to doubt me for me to know I can do it

I had to have the drama to know to stay away from baby mamas

I had to be shot to learn to stay away from gang

I had to be unconscious to learn to stay away from drugs


I had to hear that one word

I had to go through that tunnel to see the light

I had to go through depression to appreciate my happiness

I had to go through it to learn that in every trial there is a greater revelation of who God is

         I am still going through changes…..but I have learned to appreciate it. I have learned that change is working for me.

Dedicated to everyone who is going through some changes in life…..This too shall pass. Sometimes, God will make you look at something you have produced and watch it fall apart. Mary was the mother of Jesus, she carried him in her womb for 9 months but she still watched Jesus die on the cross.

               My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. I like!!! omg I am sooooooooooo 1st

  2. really love this song!!! love one pure and holy passion as well by him! thanks for this post !

  3. @Lovepaprika….lol, you are soooo first. Yeah, I just heard of the song and have been replaying the song over and over. I love pure and holy passion too.

  4. Nice……. kinda needed to hear part of this one…..

  5. I actually ran before I could walk.:)

  6. In as much as i am not a fan of change…I realise its a neccessary part of growing up…
    Things cant always be hunky dory and sweet- unfortunately.

  7. Change…the only constant thing in life.
    So why not embrace it?

  8. Another nice blog post. Keep it up! 🙂

  9. nice…indeed, change is constant n so we should learn to accept it…I don’t agree that we have to fail to learn to succeed though…

  10. there are two constant things in the world. change and change.. er i think i walked before i crawl( did i even crawl)

    nice post as usual

  11. Beautifully put together as usual..

  12. Thank you for this, naijagirl. I’m often able to tell my friends that a trial they’re going through is part of what will make them into the wonderful creation they’re meant to be but I forget to remind myself of that sometimes.

  13. @Danny….thanks
    @afrobabe….lol, good for you
    @confesions…..change is relevant to life and a necessary part of growing up
    @Blog….you are right, the only constant thing
    @Doyin…Its not what should be done but what was done for the writer to learn; had to fail to get to the success
    @BSNC…lol, thanks
    @Roc….thanks my dear

    thanks everyone

  14. @GNG….you are sooo welcome. It would be nice if we listened to ourselves 100% of the time and took our own advice

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