TGIF 1.8

     Its Friday once again and wow, but the week went so fast. Now, I have to go make sure Blogorati kept to his “to do” list this week.

      I am grateful for surviving the weather this week; imagine an environment where it’s sunny yet cold and windy as hell

      I just heard that a family friend passed away this morning; it’s like every week there’s some news about a death somewhere. May God comfort all the families that are mourning someone within this period

      I was discussing with a friend this evening and we were reflecting over our childhood; Its only in naija where I have experienced half and quarter current, and now all I can say is “thank God for constant supply of light”

     I remember days of carrying 20litre and 40litre gallon to and fro the borehole; I still thank God for that was my own source of weight lifting and thank God that I can easily turn the tap in the kitchen sink or bathroom and water comes out, without me having to carry jerry cans

     Only in naija……..I couldn’t possibly trade all those experiences in naija, cos they contributed in making me what I am today. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

                     My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. only in Naija. I thank God for water and electricity too. but there are more important things abi? i agree with you i wouldn’t trade it for anything. Firsssssssssssst!

  2. thank God with u…sorry about ur family friend, may s/he rest in piece,,,n amen 2 ur prayer…

    u sd u wr discussing with a friend ds evening…did u mean yesterday evening? lol…

    enjoy ur weekend dearie…

  3. rest in peace oh, not piece…

  4. I thank God for you and for every thing He’s working out in my life.
    I thank God that things are changing in naija (the electricity is work in progress sa- Amen), i live in Naija and i have not had a minute without running tap in my house for several months…the moral of the story, things are not always as bad as they seem/seemed.

    I thank God for Nigeria!

  5. Thank God for you,dearie…
    Sorry about your family friend,may she/he rest in peace and the family,the strength to bear their loss.

  6. yes only in naija

    May God give the family strength for their loss..
    We all give God the glory honour and adoration. have a wonderful week

  7. May your family friend R.I.Perfect peace! God will continue to protect and bless the family isha allah.

    I wouldn’t trade my experiences either, Nigeria has a given me the tool for discpline and strength. 😮

  8. Ahem, about that to do list….lol
    Thanks for the heads up*
    Sorry to hear about your loss…

    Life is really short, enjoy every minute of it people!
    Have a happy weekend!!

  9. @Bibi….you are sooo first, and yup, cant trade those experiences
    @Doyin…thanks. lol, yeah i meant last night (is the time difference affecting me?
    @Writefreak….lol, amen to the electtricity.
    @Farida….thanks, have a wonderful weekend my dear
    @BSNC…thanks. lol, only in naija. have a blessed weekend
    @Gochi….thanks, naija has given us many things “good and bad stories”
    @Blog..thanks. lol, told you I will hold you accountable. have a wonderful weekend

  10. LOL at taking kegs to the boreholes for fetching water — was reminded of all that when my entire clan assemlbed in the village for my kid sister’s traditional wedding…….. wow.. those days…..hmmmm

  11. @Danny…lol, yup “those days” is right for it. Hope the traditional wedding went well

  12. Naija: “What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger!” 😉
    Sorry about your family friend. I hope you’re feeling better.

  13. @Cider….thanks

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