I’ll keep her holy

This continues the theme for the week “not without my consent”…..

      While stalking Diamondhawk’s blog, I came across an entry where she was referring to her brother in law;

“He told me about how he’d promised God that if he gave him a good wife that he would keep her holy (Ephesians 5:26 niv) and his commitment to that has been unwavering. I noticed they read the bible everyday and I had asked both him and my sister if it’s something they do together all the time… She said yes. Each year they decide how they’re going to read the bible and talk about it. He told me that it didnt matter what my sister did, but he would keep the commitment he made to God concerning her. He would keep her holy”.

         The highlighted comments were priceless to me, especially as I had never heard any naija guy mutter these words out loud—I’ll keep her holy. I don’t know how he came to that conclusion but I wish more guys would aspire to such thoughts. In addition, I believe it takes someone with the fear of God or who believes in God to be able to take that decision.

         In any relationship we find ourselves, it is very important to involve God in it. We have to get to the position of looking beyond the person next to us and focusing on a higher being (God). When we focus on God and our commitment to God, you find out that the relationship works better than it would if you were doing it by yourself. I have found myself in situations where I want to pay people back in their own coin, but at the end of the day I say ‘if not for God”.

          I had a friend who used to get on my nerves and I used to return the favor in any way that came to mind, but when I learned to see beyond the person to my commitment to God, I felt better. I remember thinking to myself “If not for God, if not that I am a Christian, if not that I have respect and fear for God……you will be seeing Naijagirl 2.0’

          We struggle so hard to make things right and to make everything perfect, yet we find ourselves falling short. I am yet to see someone who is Mr or Ms perfect in all ramifications, so why do we expect perfection in others? Let it register in your mind now that you are not perfect and no other person is perfect, therefore, next time you are ready to vent, pause and say “if not for God”. If not for God, I would not tolerate you and your antics. If not for God, I would have run over you with my car; but there’s a God and I believe in him and cos of that I am giving him the respect. The interesting thing is that when we give God that respect, it reflects on the other person or on the situation at hand.

          “Yes we can” was Obama’s slogan in the campaign trail and it wasn’t long before a lot of people caught the fever. We repeat Obama’s slogan of yes we can, but to be candid “yes you can overcome” Yes you can be a good wife/husband/friend/sister/brother/daughter/son/employee, but that is your decision to make.

        Finally, I think every guy ought to aspire to utter these words and every lady ought to aspire to being submissive to such a guy. With that said, maybe the day I meet you, you will be able to say “I made a commitment to keep my wife holy” “My husband keeps me holy” “I made a commitment to submit to my husband”.

My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. 1st again? didnt u post something today?

  2. I’m so loving your post. Another good job. 🙂

  3. @Tigress….Lol. I put up something earlier for Tuesday. Thanks, thanks and thanks

  4. Yes the guy really had the fear of God. hmmm naijagirl 2.0, okay oo..lol

    nice post

  5. yay..I like reading your stuvvs jare.

  6. I made a commitment to God to stop sleeping around when he gives me the man of my dreams….

    Not in line with ur message?

  7. is that like naijagirl version 2.0 like a new software kinda thing..well…we like this version of naijagirl o..
    thanks for sharing this..i’m feeling that guy o..sld make that commitment soon…

  8. can’t find my comment o….dunno wot happened..
    i like this version of naijagirl sha…and luv the guys commitment..it takes something special to be able to say that to God…
    thanks for sharing..

  9. Good one!
    So there is a naijagirl 2.0…

  10. Nice piece, i like the part about no one being perfect especially…that’s what makes marriage work…seeing it as two imperfect people coming together under the guide of a perfect God!

    Afrobabe! you’re just a work of art!

  11. nice 1 naijagurl…I can honestly say my hubby keeps me holy…I look up 2 him spiritually, and otherwise…one can only pray that many more men like these arise…

    lol @ naijagirl 2.0…don’t even want 2 know what that entails…

    @ Afro: He WILL give u the man of ur dreams, but u know, He’s probably waiting for u 2 stop…first…all d best…

  12. @BSNC…lol, thanks
    @taynement….lol, thanks jare
    @afrobabe…lol, its still in line with the theme ‘cos its your choice to make. It sounds like you are asking God to work with your own schedule rather than his. How’s that working for you? If not so well, maybe you should change tactics and do the reverse
    @Simeone….lol, 2.0 is a “ware” but not software.Like you said, it takes something to be able to say that…..its a choice
    @Blog….thanks. lol, yes there is but its being cleaned up
    @writefreak….I like that– “marriage is union of two imperfect being by a perfect God”. thanks
    @Doyin…thanks and good for you regarding your hubby. You need someone who will be able to build you up and vice versa. lol …naijagirl 2.0 is on a world of its own

  13. You certainly put perspective on courtship and married life. Say bye bye to rubbish. God is really working in you (I dont have to be an arc angel to sense this).
    Thank you v. much for sharing.

  14. So is naijagirl 2.0 like Windows Vista?

    Nice post as usual!

    Thanks dear!

  15. naijagirl 2.0???
    It is true,yes we can overcome….
    thanks for sharing and your prayers on mi blog.

  16. @Cider…Thank you, and you are welcome….you are too kind
    @Rocky…lol, its different from vista. thanks
    @Farida….lol, yes 2.0. you are welcome and I pray God comforts everyone of you at this time of loss.

  17. okkkkkkkkkkkk… so ask my why I didnt add you to my blog roll o so that I can also stalk your blog… I’ve remedied that now. Nice post. 🙂

  18. @Diamondhawk…lol, thanks

  19. now i know why i dont get to come here.wordpress someimes isnt compartible with my internet connection jare,nice post thou.

  20. @mizcynic…I thot I replied this. Thanks. wonder what to do so it can be compatible for you.

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