Not without my consent

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”-Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you concur to this statement? Why?


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  1. No one can make you do a lot of things without your consent-and yes i feel feeling inferior is one of such…
    Inferiority thrives only because the mind allows it to**

  2. First, yipee!…

    well, yeah I concur…the way u present yourself to others is the way they’ll receive you…so, if u present urself as inferior/cheap/bold/classy/intelligent/whatever else, that’s most likely the way they’ll accept you…hence, no one can make u feel inferior, except u have 1st presented urself as such…my tupence…

  3. i agree because no matter how people try to bring you down, it all depends on you. Do you want to let their words or behaviour towards you bring you down or do you want to look past it and keep your head up.

    have a lovely week ahead

  4. Yes I concur…to a certain extent
    I feel our relationship with others starts from within…Life is all about choice and will power. Whatever you feel, If one looks deep down and analysis the situation, it all comes down to their choice. If I am heart broken, it was my choice to stay with the fellow who broke my heart. If I feel inferior, it is my choice to put somethings as so significant that if I do not have such things, I get down. Others who do not regard the same things I place as so significant would be less bothered if found in the same situation as myself.
    I think the important question to ask is what makes you feel inferior? Why?
    Material things?
    When we can answer these questions, we can properly answer your question… Interesting I must say! nice post! xx

  5. Yeah I concur…You should always present yourself with your strenghts and not your weakness…most people dont even know your weakness till you tell them, then you have given them a tool to make u miserable…

  6. each person own his/her feelings. So Eleanor Roosevelt was very correct in her quote…because you determine the way you feel!

  7. I agree.. with Afrobabe…

  8. Happy Easter!

  9. I agree too.. people only dish out to you things you let them do to you. Is whatever that you exude that you get in return.

  10. I have to say I agree with it. How are things?

  11. totally agree. 🙂

  12. I totally agree.

    If somebody says sth unpleasant, I guess it goes through a very quick process of “how should i react to this?” at that moment we are either going to give our consent and allow what was said to hurt OR just plain ignore it as the rants of a fool and not get hurt!

    that’s so much easier said than done though, but with practise…

  13. I definitely agree with the statement!

    People find it hard to trample on you when they know you have a good dose of self confidence and you’re not looking to them for affirmation!

  14. @Blog….”only cos the mind allows it”…me likey. So, i guess first and foremost we have to get our mind out of the stinky thinking
    @Doyin…i love this explanation. Might need to frame it for some people…in other words, your presentation goes a long way in determining how you are preceived and received
    @BSNC…thanks hon. Makes you realize you have a measure of power within you (knowingly/unknowingly)

  15. @Lovepaprika…hmmm, i love the twist you put to it; what makes you inferior? that question on its own can turn into a full page essay.
    @afrobabe….true, true. Most of the time, we bring things upon ourselves due to uncontrolled tongue.
    @Diamondhawk….our feeling is something that everyone need to be able to master in order to go further
    @Roc…lol, niiice
    @msspicytee…yup; its what we exhude…goes back to Doyin’s explanation
    @solomonsydelle…i am fine ooo, thanks jare
    @Tigress…lol, you didnt give reason for agreeing
    @smargd…..”easier said than done”….God bless you for this comment. It takes discipline to be able to control our emotions or get to a certain level in life where we dont let the words or actions of others affect us
    @writefreak….self confidence; here’s that word again…you wonder why i said my kids must have it, else, else…

  16. I agree with the statement because, I ‘decide’ how I feel.
    Although it also takes a lot of self control and improvement to get to a place in life that you are ‘almost immune’ to people’s feelings about you.

  17. @Olufunke….Yes. You may not have control over the words of others, but you can control how you react to such words.I agree with you “it take discipline” to get to the place where you are immune. thanks

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