I die everyday

           There’s time for everything”, said the wise man. A time to weep (Good Friday) and a time to laugh (Easter). Easter is an important celebration for Christians but it means different things to different people.

             Some of us observe various religious practices without knowing the “how” or “why” behind them. I believe that God is a God of order and he has a manual for how we ought to do various things in life, but we just gotta find those manuals. For instance, most of us do fast but at the expense of the fast manual. Likewise, some of us do observe Easter without knowing the reason behind it.

           We have reasons to thank God for the death of Jesus (Good Friday), but we have more reasons to be grateful for his resurrection which is what Easter is all about—the resurrection of Jesus from dead.

…and if Christ had not been raised from the dead, then our preaching is without foundation, and so is your faith. If Christ wasn’t raised, your faith is worthless and you are still a sinner. By dying and getting back up again, Jesus proved his authority over death, sin and the law. With his resurrection we have confidence in “salvation” and all that comes with it.

             Easter or its significance gives us hope for the future; many times, we have heard of a loved one who died and we wondered why there was death in this world. Why couldn’t we all live happily ever after without having to lose anyone? According to the bible, a time will come when this will happen; a time when Jesus will abolish every rule, authority and power; for he must reign until he puts all his enemies under his feet and the last enemy to be abolished is death. So, with each passing Easter, we draw nearer to the day death will be totally abolished

            I die everyday from sin, I die everyday from curse, from poverty, from crime, from unemployment, from bad marriage/relationship/in laws. I die everyday from economic crises and from the words of people. Yes, I die everyday, but with Easter, I have confidence that when I die, I will come back renewed and stronger than I was.

           Maybe throughout this year, you have sown in tears, and you have failed or fallen more than expected, but with this Easter, be confident that you will reap in joy. With this Easter, be confident that you will get back up again, for though a righteous man falls 7 times, he will get up again.

              So as you observe this Easter, do it as one who understands fully what it is all about. Happy birthday BSNC and to every birthday recipients and happy Easter to you!!!

               My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. I love the way you brought to light the significance of Easter. Now I can fearlessly say I die to sin everyday, and I come back renewed and stronger…

    Happy Easter.

  2. @Rita…thanks,and happy easter to you

  3. Why can’t I be first 😦

  4. Amen to this, naijagirl. Thank you for reminding me of the Reason for the season.

  5. Some of us observe various religious practices without knowing the “how” or “why” behind them… this was the same issue I was discussing with someone… People pls read colossians 2:16-23… My sister thanks for this post oh.. and God’s word is just a blessing! the righteous falls 7 times but gets back up indeed…I was listening to that jam by Donnie McClurkin this morning…It is so reviving!! xx

  6. @GNG….you welcome dear
    @lovepaprika…lol.you are welcome. There are so many things we do in life that we dont even understand. When it comes to religion, we tend to look at the big picture to the detriment of the little things. happy easter jare

  7. Aww, thanks for this post. Expository and encouraging!! Imagine a world without resurrection- then we’d have died for real – then there’d have been no hope, no success!! Thanks again and Happy Easter.

  8. hmmmm..thanks for this beautiful reminder..
    happy easter..

  9. Well writen. Happy easter!!!

    awwww thanks alot *sniff sniff*

  10. That is so true. We celebrate a lot of ‘christian’ occassions without knowing the real meaning behind them. I die everyday but with God in me, I also rise up everyday. I likey

  11. thx 4 ds…we all need 2 b reminded 2 not just say/do the “christian” things but 2 know the significance/importance of each activity/ceremony…thk God 4 Easter, but more significantly, for the resurrection of our Lord Jesus, which ensures that we also get to live eternally in Him…cheers…

  12. @Ochuko…you welcome
    @Simeone…you welcome
    @BSNC…lol, wish you the same
    @Bibi….true, true
    @Doyin…you welcome

    you welcome y’all and happy easter. I bet is back to work for most people today

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