Got tagged?

       I got tagged by Farida for this challenging but fun game. It has an interesting twist to it and you just can’t help but love it.

The rules;

*use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
*they have to be real….nothing made up! if the person before you had the same first initial,you must use different answers.
*you cannot use any word twice and you cant use your name for the boy/girl question.
*dont google your answers.
*make it as interesting and fun as you can.
 1. what is your name: Naijagirl
2. A four letter word:
3. A boy’s name: Nonso
4. A girl’s name: nancy
5. An occupation: nurse
6. A color:
7. Something you’ll wear: Necklace
8. A food: noodles
9. Something found in the bathroom: napkin
10. A place: Nashville
11. A reason for being late: napping
12. Something you’d shout: Niiice!
13. A movie title: Nagin
14. Something you’d drink: Noni juice
15. A musical group: Nu breed
16. An animal:
17. A street name: Nsukka rd
18. A type of car:
Nissan Altima
19. The title of a song:
No one

       Whoa!, didn’t think I would be able to get through this. I had a hard time finding answers to 14-16.

It was tricky being able to answer with first letter of name but I am glad I survived….I would love to tag as many people as possible, especially people with challenging alphabets. I am tagging Afrobabe, cider, GNG, justdoyin, Ochuko, simeone and theekopost. For every other person, try it…..just for fun.


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  1. Nice.. a color, nude …LoL!!
    A food, noodles…Niiice!!
    tnx 4d tag, i should give it a try. happy easter 🙂

  2. didnt know that nude part o…like it is said..we learn tank :))…

  3. Mehnnn I dont even know how to begin the alphabet A….all I cant think of is something I would shot Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!lol

    Happy Easter love..

  4. Good job girl….nude? nu breed? noodles? so did you pass the psycic test???……….lol!

  5. na wa ooo, dis Afrobabe!!! can’t you shout Aleluia instead?? LOL…

  6. yes i tried it. its really fun, mine was kind of easy

    Happy Easter

  7. Naijagirl! where on eart do u want me 2 find words like ds beginning with J? aaarrrrggggggghhhhhhhh! Anyway, I’m up 4 d challenge…sometime soon…thx 4d tag…

    lol @ Ochuko…maybe Afrobabe tot it spells “Halleluyah” instead…

  8. “earth” sorry…

  9. Nude colour???

    I remember seeing that ‘Nutcracker’ animal on Discovery channel recently.. lol

    Nice try NaijaGirl!

  10. @everyone….the trick was not to look online for answers. I was using a computer to type my answers but i cant go online to look for answers.I remembered artistes with N, but the phrase says “music group”. At a point i started second guessing myself, i wasnt sure Nissan made Altima or Maxima or….crazy but fun game

  11. @Ocuko….lol happy easter ooo. I think afrobabe said the first thing on her mind, lol, i will probably think of ahhhh first before alleuya
    @Simeone…lol, now you know. its used more in the fashion industry and i think it describes the color brown.
    @afrobabe….lol, thats a start…ahhhh!.when i was answering them, i was asking myself why i didnt pick any easy alphabet. happy easter my dear

  12. @Farida…lol, thanks girl. all i could say at the end was “phew!’. Psychologists use them, not psychics. They ask you to say the first thing on your mind with a question. I was taught in class but have never been subjected to that treatment.
    @BSNC…yeah, i was thinking “man, i shoulda got an easy screen name like B”. happy easter my dear
    @Doyin….lol, thats the point. I was trying to come up with good response with j, but nothing much came up so i decided its a good challenge for you
    @Roc…rocky, i try i try,lol. I had a hard time convincing myself there was an animal called “nutcracker”. Was gonna tag you but you are going nuclear these days

    Thanks y’all. have a wonderful weekend and a happy easter

  13. all ur own twist to this game..
    Nice blog..


  15. @spicytee…lol, thanks girl
    @Lovepaprika…lol, you couldnt resist screaming my name….ok, present aunty

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