The rich also cry

           Why does it seem like the poor (even middle class citizens) tend to have more fun than the rich?

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  1. i think because the poor/middle class have less problems to worry about. like they say more money more problems

  2. More fun uhn…thought it was the other way round!

  3. Lots of money=lots of troubles=taking life too seriously
    Less money=not too much trouble=talking life as it comes,
    That’s how I see it.

  4. what a huge question.. the Question is broad and it’s relative… I think fun has nothing to do with wealth status.
    But if it had, then hmmmm, maybe the poor have nothing to be pompous about so they are not self-conscious, maybe they have no airs around them, they are sort of down-to-earth, and maybe they appreciate the important little things of life.. so they free up themselves to experience raw fun…

  5. I dont think the poor have more ‘fun’ than the rich. Being broke means you dont have the financial resources to have ‘fun’. Unless maybe people mean the poor are generally happier than thier wealthier counterparts, which again is a myth. Thats just my take on it, money doesnt buy you happiness but it can ‘facilitate’ it.

  6. hmmm…I think it depends what “angle” you’re looking at this from gurl…

  7. Because they at least dont have to wonder where their next mel is coming from…

    But as a kid I always tot poor people had more fun cos they didn’t hve curfews or all the rules we had…they didn’t ave to make sure everywhere was locked…

  8. @Afrobabe…that reasoning was what led to this question. thanks

  9. i think human is human..and as long as you are human…you will feel what all humans feel..blings, mtv cribs, private islands fill in the blanks..wont make anybody unhuman…did that make sence..?

  10. i think human is human..and as long as you are human…you will feel what all humans feel..blings, mtv cribs, private islands fill in the blanks..wont make anybody unhuman…pls, did that make sence..?

  11. What a question dearie but I’v always translated too much wealth to too much wahala….

  12. sorry…sense

  13. I’d say it’s because rich people have more distractions..than the poor or average people!

  14. Money is not the solution to everything…

    I think the caption says it all – The rich also cry. Personally, I do not think they cry more than the poor. It is just that people are human and will still experience one challenge or the other.

  15. I thot I commented too (hmm). Anyway I think it’s becuz the poorer ppl form real, close, more meaningful friendships with family & friends. Quality relationships, as you know, make a whole world of difference, and some rich ppl dont have that, so they end up miserable regardless.

  16. @BSNC….thats on way to look at it
    @Blog….of course it depends on one’s definition of fun, but I refer to the gritty fun
    @Bibi….I like the reference to taking life seriously, thanks
    @Ochuko….I like the emphasis on freeing up themselves to experience “raw fun”; thats the kind of fun i’m referring to
    @miss definitely… believe you can have fun even while broke. I see the poor make something out of their poverty and get down to having the gritty fun that a rich person might find despicable

  17. @doyin…yeah, i concur
    @afrobabe….lol, thats exactly my point
    @simeone…thanks jare, it made sense
    @Farida…you know what they say “more money, more problem”
    @writefreak….either that or they have different way of having fun which might be too outlandish for the average/poor man
    @Rita…thanks Rita, money sure aint the solution to everything, like they say, it buys you a house but not a home. it buys you fun/activities but not happiness
    @Cider….thank you very much; i like your response

    thanks to everyone who commented. I really do appreciate it, have a wonderful week

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