Weird naija remedies

            What are the weirdest remedies you ever heard or came across for health problems?


  1. eye problem= breast milk inside eye (believe me it hurts like hell)
  2. tooth ache= gargle your mouth with urine/drink urine (never tried it)
  3. malaria= drink the blood of a dog
  4. malaria= boil “dogonyaro” leaves and drink
  5. fever= boil “dogonyaro” leaves and put your face towards the vapor
  6. anemic patient= mix the blood of a turtle/tortoise with malt and drink
  7. anemic patient= mix  & drink egg, malt, evaporated milk
  8. chronic cough= mix 2 drops of kerosene with palm oil (1tsp)
  9. Sore throat= gargle your mouth with salty warm water
  10. bed wetting=  pee on hot charcoal at night
  11. to keep healthy= drink fresh/concentrated urine ( medicinal)
  12. if you do something and you don’t want your parents to flog you= you knot one plant (forgot the name) and you make a wish

 Warning: children, don’t try this at home

                             xoxo…My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl ©2009


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  1. hahahaha are you for real. please people don’t try it at home. you got the title really wierd

  2. @BSNC….its funny but weird; these are remedies i have heard people use in naija; i have seen people who used them. Some swear it works, all i can say is….dont try it at home.

  3. Wow, I’d try d,e, and i but none of the others! I’ve heard of the wonders of urine but I have my doubts…isn’t what you excrete as urine the stuff your body has no use for…so why consume it?

    Have a great week!

  4. Story! I bet none of them work!lol

  5. LOL @ yr list — some Grail message dude once told my mum washing the face with urine would cure ‘apollo’ or conjuctivitis

  6. Yah I’ve heard he dogon yaro (neem tree) remedy for malaria- served in Zamfara where the trees grow alot. It’s usually ground, sieved and mixed with cold water, sans sugar) I think it works, tho i havent tried it.

    And thank you for stopping by. I am feeling much better now (m resigned to my fate of traveling :-))
    Have a good week!

  7. these are truly outrageous and outgaga….once heard “tie a frog to the waist of the bedwetter when the person is going to bed”.pls how would the person sleep..?

  8. @GNG….I’ve been forced to take g, but ‘ll try only “i”,’cos even drs recommend that. Thanks, have a wodnerful weekend
    @Nice anon…some swear it works for them; dont know if its imagination or not. I bet d and i works or used to work
    @Danny….lol seriously, i dont know how and where they get these stuff. I draw the line when it comes to drinking or washing my face with urine
    @cider…you are welcome, and thanks for “neem tree”, i always wondered what the english name was
    @simeone….lol, will that be a live frog or dead ones?

  9. blood of a dog? no way! and d urine business? absolutely no way! where did u get ds list 4rm? lol…but I’v heard (n tried) d warm salt water 4 sore throat thingy b4…can’t remember if it worked or not…also heard of coke with salt or garri with salt for stomach pain…

  10. lol@ simeone.
    How you doing Ng,thanks for sharing!

  11. I know a few of these but men, a lot of them are absolutely ridiculous…! What! breast milk in eyes…! lol

  12. So is it fair to assume that with the exception of the one you said you hadn’t tried.. you’ve tried every other one on the list?? 🙂

  13. more than weird most are gross….

    wonder if they actually work….

  14. @doyin….lol, to think i grew up with the fear of coke + garri,(coke + mango, and killer beans) cos it was rumored people died afterwards
    @Blog…I’m fine my dear, yu welcome
    @writefreak….lol, it stings
    @Roc…lol, sorry mister; I’ve tried a, g, 1. I’ve watched people try some, and I’ve seen and heard about people who tried the rest.
    @Afrobabe….lol, some swear it works, I would believe its just their imagination, but some are just plain ridiculous, and I aint doing that

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