Where’s your mind?

         I was watching a Christian program this evening and the preacher said “put your hands on your mind”; I noticed that some people had their hands over their head while others had it over their chest, now my question is…….”where’s your mind?”. It will be nice too if you can pin point the reasons for your answer.

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  1. Firsst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hmmmmm…. where’s my mind. i have no clue. i don’t think i would respond to that call. i would have probably closed my eyes instead. where’s your mind? how will i know? i’m thinking my head but i’m also thinking my heart. in short, i don’t know. btw, firrrrrrrrrrrrrst.lol

  3. okay sorry, 2nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd

  4. Wow!!! Interesting question!! hmmm…I’m very sure your mind is in your brain which is in your head..

    Let me see if i can pinpoint my reason..Dont forget that everything you think of, inshort,your memories are contained in your mind.

    Lets look at this case scenario: There’s an accident and lets say a person incures injuries to his/her head, resulting in a concussion, which later leads to amnesia (loss of memory).. This amnesia only occured ‘cos the head was tampered with..If the memory is contained in the mind, then surely, the mind is in your head..You catch my drift???

    Ok..I know i’m just blabbing but at least thats what i think…

    Later Luv!!

  5. Hmmm..my first instinct was to my chest, even though I normally don’t think with my heart, I think with my head.

  6. hmmm interesting question. i will put my hands in both my chest and head i suppose.. i will think its my head though.

  7. My mind is with ma head bcos its the ‘other voice’ that always questions and guides ma heart…
    9ice post,chica.

  8. instinctively, my hand would have gone to my chest…but now, after deeper/more careful thot…hmmmm…

  9. LoL.. My mind is already taken. LoL
    Figurative i guess..
    But did the Pastor expect his congregation to react physically?

  10. Like justdoyin said, instinctively, i would place my hand on my chest [cos i’m thinking mind=what is in my heart]. However, I think ‘logically’ it should be the head.
    “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”—obviously mind =/= heart as the verse differentiate between the 2.

    So yea…Head!!!

    Things that make you go hmmmm…Nice post!

  11. @Fashinga….you are sooo first, lol. I catch your drift
    @Bibi….i feel you; when you think of “he has lost his mind”, you think of your brain(head), but if you are thinking of mind as in emotions, you think of heart
    @BSNC….lol, you will be playing it safe abi
    @Farida…thanks my dear
    @justdoyin…i feel you
    @ochuko…apparently he did.
    @Repressedone…nice reasoning; when you know answers to questions like this, then you are able to know how to pray in relation to “be not conformed……but by renewing your mind” or create in me a clean heart/mind

  12. It’s gotta be head, right?
    Anyways with the way you answered Repressed One’s question I reckon I’m close to being right..

  13. @Roc….lol, you are close to being right

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