TGIF 1.6

  1. If your house is covered in darkness pray without ceasing, if the darkness still persists… your NEPA bills
  2. When you are ready to curse Nigeria or your country, think first about something good it has done, and when you are done, think again. If you don’t find any good thing, you may curse, but if you do find at least one positive thing about your country, bite your tongue and move on. There are better things to curse.
  3. Facts don’t cease to exist just because you ignore them
  4. Today’s promise is tomorrow’s restraining order
  5. Close your mind to negativity (no matter who is bringing it)
  6. Close your eyes to impossibility and mediocrity

          I heard about a naija lady who was murdered at work this past week, and the unfortunate thing is that the case may be closed without the culprit being apprehended…..makes you value the gift of life

          Thank you God for you gift of forgiveness, mercy and grace; that I can boldly confess my sin and receive forgiveness for them…great is your mercies towards me.

        I am grateful that I have a place I can go to and get busy aka work, I am also grateful for “day off”

                     My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. first!

  2. @Tigress….lol, you are soooo first

  3. Yes o! So how did the lady get killed? and why was she killed?

  4. awwww, that is so sad. poor woman. and whats even sadder is like you said, we may never get to know who was responsible. true words though….close your mind to negativity…true words

  5. May the poor woman rest in peace. Imagine going to work and not coming back home. Life is truly a gift…thank you God!

    Have a lovely week my dia.

  6. weekend I meant! 🙂

  7. nice post. Much to be appreciative for.

  8. wow.. killed at work that is serious!!! Nice stuff about repping the country, haha but its rell yhard not to curse whn you don’t get PHCN?NEPA service for a month and yet you get a bll… Mscheew!

  9. Grateful for the little things in life.
    One shouldn’t really take anything for granted.
    Have a fantastic weekend.

  10. Any news on how the lady died??

    I heard one recently about one that was killed in her house on val’s day….really sad..

  11. eya about the lady that is really sad. it shows that you never know. thank you lord for our life

  12. @ everyone: The woman has been here for 5 yrs or more, without going home to see her kids (family). she finally got her papers and her ticket to travel next week, and she was murdered this week. There’s no news yet on who did the killing. the police were just able to conclude that her neck was broken, hence homicide. Imagine going to work, busy doing your work duties and to witness death; another work related death occured in some nursing home. why in the world would someone go kill elderly patients in nursing home who ar bound to die any time soon, or the employees taking care of them? abeg, my people, make una shine yur eyes well well

  13. 9ice post girl,love the first one…
    One is always grateful for the gift of life and people like you….

  14. @Tigress….No one knows the motive for the murder; just stories flying around and a corpse in the morgue
    @GNG….Thanks hon
    @Danny….lol, i feel you but we have to think positively for our own good and good of our society
    @theekopoast….thanks and you too
    @afrobabe….just stories flying around
    @BSNC….you are sooo right
    @Farida….lol, thanks hon. you have a nice weekend

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