Before “I do”

         This is continuation of yesterday’s post; I warned y’all about this being a big file, so….pele. I used “he” more, but this refers to both “he” and “she”. I believe in God, and I based most of my words on my belief. For those who do not believe in God—these are my words, my views, and of course, my style!


           If he loves you, he will GIVE. For xtians out there, John 3:16 says for God so loved the world that he gave, therefore, if he loves you, he will give. He will give, and when I say give, I am not talking about money or any of the ideas running through the minds of some of you. Giving here means he will give his precious thing which is TIME. However, the giving has to be natural. When you ask of it before it comes, then there is a problem.

a)      The person has to LOVE and FEAR God, and then, the person has to LOVE you

b)      There must be a natural thing you love about this person, find out what that thing is. That will be something that will hold you both during stormy weather

c)      You judge his love by the time he gives; I spend more time with what I love. If you want to find what you love, find what you spend more time with.

d)     People are not consistently deceitful a long time; so you test them with time. Don’t rush, give it TIME and the truth will come

e)      As you grow older, your taste changes, things you liked in the past may not be to your taste any more, so to this I say “time is important, don’t commit yet, give it time”

f)       If it’s right, there will be a settlement. You will have peace and rest in your heart. So when you think he or she is the one and yet, you have this unrest, you might wanna pause and think again



In conclusion

1.      Do you love him? Do you love her

2.      Does he love and fear God? “God is love”

3.      When you love God, you will love humanity/men. If he doesn’t love God (who is love), how will he be able to love you or show love to you. When you love God, compassion will come even when the person has messed up big time.

4.      And for some people who have been asking God to give them a specific partner, God will consider what you like, but that will not be based on lust, but on spiritual mindedness

5.      Love is not everything; there are other factors that come into play, for instance, is he committed to you? How do you determine his level of commitment? You check his level of commitment to other things, e.g, Is he committed to God; There are people who cant keep commitment and the way you keep a commitment to God or a higher order determines the way you will commit to your partner. Is he committed to watching the football game than spending some time with you? Or is she committed to chatting on the phone with her friends than spending some time with you?

6.      Is he consistent? Can I rely on him? Is he there when I need him? Can he stand up for me when I need him to? Does he respect me? Are we compatible? What things do we have in common? Can I talk to this person all day without being bored? Can he give of himself? Does he have an essence?  What is his essence? Can he give of that?

                       So now you can answer these questions and see if he or she is really the one

                      My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. well said.. bookmarking both this and yesterday’s for furture refernce.. thx for sharing

  2. So true. Great post.

  3. nice one

  4. true words..keep ’em coming..

  5. @Danny….lol, no problem. yu welcome
    @nice anon…thanks
    @simeone…, thanks

  6. Very, very true
    Time is a very important measure
    and there is nothing like a man/woman that loves God genuinely……….this naturally settles a lot.
    Nice post!

  7. beautiful post… am giving you a round of appaluse.

  8. I round of applause to you, NG. I mean i am so loving this that i’ve forwarded to my friends. I like very much!! 🙂

  9. @funke…thanks, and thanks for stopping by
    @BSNC…thanks girl
    @Tigress….lol, thanks

  10. I really, really love this because these are the same things I ask of from my man – a man who firstly has the fear of God in him, a man who is consistent, faithful, serious…. too many things babe. Love this!

  11. Great post!! Love it.

  12. @Vera….thanks hon

  13. Hmnn..deep words

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