How to know if he/she loves you….

         Alright, how many of you have someone you are going out with, or you are in the process of committing to someone, or just for kicks, you have been asking yourself “is he the one? Is she the one? Well, today I will be helping you out a little bit by discussing how to know if he or she is the one, based solely on the concept of love. You will never know what it means to be in love if you have never experienced it, therefore, what is love?

Love is not the feelings you get when you see or think about that person

Love is not that stomach upset or butterflies in the pit of your stomach

Love is not that high blood pressure or high temperature or sweat that comes upon you

Love is not thinking about that person “all the time”

Love is not the unending wait for that person to notice you or to call you

Love is not the fear that things can go wrong

Love is not the pain you feel

Love is not the hope or the wish for a guiding light

Love is not the anxiety shown in the midst of everything

Love is not sleeping with the person to prove you love him/her

Love is not saying the words out loud and trying to make the person believe or repeat them.


            So now I have given you pointers and you know what love is not. Maybe for a while, he is been telling you I love you or she is been telling you I love you, and you need a sort of conviction; you wanna know if he or she really loves you. But, what do you do when you love something? You show it and how do you show it?

                  This file is too big,……. to be continued!!!


*Happy april fools day…..if there’s anything like that*


                   My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. Love is when he sticks around through thick and thin! Leave all these romance novel crap!

  2. thanks for sharing. i really thought some of the notes up there was love.. yea you did give me a pointers. happy new month to you too

  3. hehe, Happy April Fool’s Day!

  4. well said.. Ah, u sure you don’t want to become like a ‘Dear Abby’ columnist in future ni?

  5. update quick quick o! lol!

  6. lol!!! we know what love is not, lets know what Love is.

  7. Ah love..meaning different things to different people.
    Waiting for that big file of urs…

  8. Again,well said,ma dear….
    I think love is a thing of the heart that words can never really explain but we try sha……..

  9. lol..naijagirl..theapril fools at the end made it sound like the whole post was meant to fool someone..anyhowz..lets see/hear the conclusions of the matterz

  10. @Nice anon….ok oo, thanks for stopping by
    @BSNC….yu welcome, and thanks jare. I just feel those could be side effects of “love/lust/infatuation” but not the essence of love
    @GNG…LOL, thanks jare….didnt know there was anything like that
    @Danny….hmmm, that will be food for thot. thanks
    @Tigress….Lol, i will be sure to do that
    @dta….lol, i’m on it. thanks for stopping by
    @eko post….lol, i will be sure to upload the rest
    @Farida…lol, thanks my dear. like you said, we try
    @Simeone….lol, now i wonder if the rest of the post is april fool too? hmmm

  11. ok, I’ll wait 4 d concluding part before I say my piece…update asap…

  12. @Doyin….lol, the update is there

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