Best seller novel

                 We are like a beautiful best seller novel; suspense filled and fun packed thriller. Every day of our lives is akin to the pages, in that, as we go through our daily routines or relationships, and as things get unraveled, it is similar to the pages of the novel. As we go through the pages of a bestseller novel and meet the various characters that have been written or as we experience the story and the different twist in the words written, we operate in a parallel line with our lives.

                Like a lot of good novels, we don’t know how the story is going to end, except we fast forward or go straight to the last page, but why would we wanna do that, when we could enjoy the thrill and suspense that comes with not knowing the outcome of the various characters.

            We are like the pages of a good book; sometimes, it drags. Sometimes, it is boring, exciting, new, different, same, weird e.t.c, but whatever it is, it adds up to make a beautiful book that sits atop a shelf as a best seller. You are a best seller in your own way—never forget that.

             My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. Sometimes when you know the ending of a story, you still read it because you want to see how the author brings the character(s) to it. I would like to know some aspects of my life play out actually. I think I’d live better and more calmly and be at peace if I knew.

  2. I do like the analogy though…it is apt!

  3. Ah.. what we would give to know the end of our lives — guess the real hard part is living thru the hard work of the page turning! Nice analogy…

  4. yea we are a best seller in our own way. i totally agree with you. nice post

  5. True,ma dear…
    Thx 4 stopin by mine,ma boo is up and about now,thx 4 asking…

  6. We are bestsellers…nice!
    That reminds me, it’s been a while i sat down to read a good novel…any suggestions ?

  7. Deep stuff as usual..

    We’re all individual masterpieces.. Best sellers!

    Thanks Naijagirl!

  8. Nice write up. I like! 🙂

  9. @GNG….good point, thanks
    @Danny…yup, you are right, thanks
    @Farida..yu welcome
    @Blog….thanks. I will have to get back to you on the book selection
    @Roc….yup, we are very unique in our different way.
    @Tigress…lol, thanks

  10. yes, I am a best seller in my own very unique way…nice one…

  11. @justdoyin….thanks and thanks for stopping by

  12. Sometimes sitting down reading a simple story …
    but it is so fascinating … you can from that
    that something is missing in my life

    • @mefodei….True true. thanks for stopping by

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