The gift of family

            Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were given the opportunity to choose your family or the people you want in your family? How many people in your current family would you pick? Imagine getting rid of all the riff raff and crazy ones in the family; the tatafo or news agency of the family, the black sheep of the family, the ones that when people hear their names, they cringe while you start looking for cover.

         While talking with a client one day, she said something that I had never heard before, but it became food for thought for me. She was complaining about her sister and she said “If we were not sisters, she would not be my friend. We are just different” She went further to explain that her sister is someone she would not normally be friends with, if not that she was a family member. One of the most unique things in life is our inability to choose our family. I think God has a good sense of humor which is why he put us in our various families and included those other people, to be associated with us. For instance, if we think our family is crazy, then perhaps we were put there to learn how to endure in the midst of crazy people. If our family is poor, perhaps we were put there to learn about humble beginnings so that when we eventually get rich, we would know how to handle our wealth.

           I believe there’s a reason that we are in our various families. There are some stories and jokes that are only understood by your family members. There are some slangs and sign languages that can only make sense in your family. Family gives you the opportunity to meet and know people that you may ordinarily never have introduced yourself to, had God not done it.

            In my family, I look at my parents/siblings and despite all their antics; I still would not wanna trade them in for any other. Most of my fun filled memories are somehow connected to my family, and it feels good, relieving those memories with the people who understand. Like Joyce Brothers said, “when you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses” In spite of all these, my siblings and I have come to the conclusion that we are the only kids that can survive living in my house, especially with my parents, and we are proud of it.

            Family is a unique thing; some families can make you while some can break you. It’s in a family where you witness the first quarrel, tears, and laughter. It is in a family where you first learn that life is a mist; today we fight, tomorrow the fight becomes a memory we wouldn’t wanna give up.

            It is only in a family where you can find two brothers trained under same circumstances, by same parents, given same opportunities in life, yet one brother is 6ft under cos of a wrong choice he made, while the other is an upstanding citizen in the country. It is only in a family where one twin brother is serving life in the state prison while the other is a renowned lawyer in the country. You may ask, what went wrong?……it’s only in a family.

              According to Desmond Tutu, “Family is a gift, You do not choose your family. You are given your family members, and although some might be regarded a painful gift, they are still a gift.” You are a gift to your family and each family member is a gift to you; until this concept registers in your mind, you will still be running around wishing for another family.

          Perhaps, a family member has wronged you or you did the wrong. There’s still time to make peace and to enjoy the gift of family. Too often, we take our family or the members for granted, yet when worse come to worse, we may even give ourselves up for them. Take time out today to appreciate a family member. If they ask why, tell them Naijagirl said so, There’s no other greater feeling than the love of family, so make hay while the sun shines.

                My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. 1st!!!!. 1st time ever.

  2. *dancing a jig* go Bibi. Go Bibi. Ok enuf. Time to read. BSNC, in ur face!

  3. thats so true. if we weren’t related, so many of my family members will not be my friends. you know what they say about loving someone but not liking them at the same time?

  4. God puts the solitary in families it says somewhere in the book i think…

    You are a gift to your family and each family member is a gift to you; until this concept registers in your mind, you will still be running around wishing for another family.

    Well said.

  5. True talk! Family is the clothing that covers our nakedness! Family heals!!!

  6. @bibi yea rub it in oo lol

    @naijagirl girl i am sooo feeling this post. i love my family so much. i will not trade them for anything. yea i had my first quarrel, fight, tears, love and happiness with them. nicely written

  7. Nothing is thicker than family, nothing.
    You can count on them. When you are down and out, and friends are no more-family will be by your side!

  8. Can’t imagine trading any of my family for anything….They ae crazy but that’s what makes them them…

  9. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  10. Finally got ma comment page back on track and as promised,your the ist to know…
    thx 4 the mail.
    Well said chica,family means a lot.

  11. Good Read and so true…

  12. @Bibi…..oh, you are sooo first. LOL.
    @Danny…thanks DB
    @Ochuko….hmm, thats a nice twist to it….family cover our nakedness
    @BSNC….thanks girl
    @Blog….I believe its called bond of family”hood”
    @Afro…yup, they can be a pain but we still love them
    @John…thanks and thanks for stopping by
    @Farida…..thanks girl, I’m back on track
    @Gochi….thanks and thanks for stopping by

  13. family is indeed a gift…d very ones u can run 2 when u’v messed up and still have them wrap their arms around u…

  14. @justdoyin…yup, family is a gift. thanks for dropping by

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