What is your price tag?

         I have heard people say that everything has a price and in fact, you are advised to go into a job interview knowing your price tag, so the company doesn’t pay you lower than what you are worth.

          Recently, I was involved in a debate about the price tag of people and it got me thinking; in this economic downturn, a lot of people have had to compromise on their standards just to make ends meet. An opening for a janitorial job in a school came up in North Carolina and up to 600 candidates applied for this job. Some of the people who applied for this job were PhD holders. A janitorial job is one of those jobs we expect a bachelor degree, masters or even PhD holder to be over qualified for, but apparently not.

        One day, I got into a cab and from my conversation with the cab driver, I gathered that the guy was a PhD holder in some engineering field. He had been a professor and had worked in some companies but the last company he worked with folded and he lost his job. Fortunately, he happened on a taxi and according to him, he likes the freedom it gives him now.

           I have read of the million dollar employee who now delivers pizza. I have heard of the billion dollar lady who has turned into a maid for her neighbors, and I would think nothing would shock me again about the side effects of this recession, but I stand corrected after I heard the story below.

            Either ‘cos of the economic crises or for some other reason, a lady was approached in a gas (fuel) station and propositioned to go naked, and she will be paid $200. The young lady did that and walked away with the money……fortunately/unfortunately, the information got leaked to the news. When I heard the story, my first outburst was “$200? It’s cheap money for me to strip” but I realized it depends on the standards one placed on themselves. One of the persons present said he would strip for $2000 while the others tried to make excuse for the lady by claiming that $200 may be equal to her pay check or close to. But this brings me to the big question “how far can you go to make ends meet? What is your price tag?

          In the movie “Indecent proposal”, a billionaire approached a husband and offers him one million dollars to spend a night with his wife. After a difficult night, the couple agreed to go ahead with this proposal. I have read jokes where someone volunteers to donate money to a family at the expense of a night with the daughter or mother of the house, and the jokes always end with the father/husband of the house agreeing to this proposal, but seriously, how much will you have to be paid before you do something contrary to your normal behavior and what will it take to get you there?

                   My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. 1st?

  2. yipee- was 1st. 🙂

    How far will i go to make ends meet? Get an Aristo!! WORD!! It’s becoming more and more tempting. lol!! Ko si meter ben (there is no meter there)

    This recession is real bad. So whoever is out there who still has job even if u’re paid crap or has received a substantial pay cut like myself- still remember to thank God cos you cld be worse off. I have friends who have been out of work for a bit. Folks losing their homes etc. Just thank God and dont complain about not getting a bonus.

  3. @Tigress….lol. Yu are right about being grateful; was gonna include that in the post. You dont know the importance of your job until you lose it and you have bills coming in.

  4. My answer is a copout but all I can think is thank God that I haven’t had to deal with difficult decisions of this nature. I can say for sure if it comes to selling my body or something I find degrading, I won’t do that. I will beg for food or eat scraps, lose my pride before I do something that would make me lose respect for myself.

    However, if I had children to feed and clothe, perhaps what I’d be willing to do would be very different.

  5. Hmmm….. Guess hard times test the veracity of our worldview…..And in these times of recession we do need to be thankful for any job we still have in hand like Tigress pointed out…

  6. deep one..tough questions…but very simple answers..
    once i know my worth, i can chose to devaluate myself or not..but 1st things first.i need to know my worth…we can’t blame that $200 lady cos she might not have known her worth..but what if you know ur worth and the economic conditions push you….then that when you’ll know ur real worth..
    @ tigress yes o,in all things give thanks..

  7. Me without God= No value!!!
    Me with God…Priceless!!!

    What I’m saying in essence is thank God for God…I remember the story I once heard about women eating their children out of hunger and people drinking their own urine to quench their thirst…in the time of plenty, none of this people would have ever envisaged that they’ll do such a thing…again I say…thank God for God!!!

  8. @no limit Me without God= No value!!!
    Me with God…Priceless!!!.. you are soo right

    @naijagirl that is a very good question. i am with no limit on this one. i am priceless as long as God in on my side

  9. Priceless’s the word.
    At a time when personal finances are getting leaner by the day,jobs are being lost and all, none of all these should make us lose our worth-Priceless!!

  10. @GNG….I pray you dont ever find yourself in such a fix
    @Danny…yup, you are definitely right
    @Simeone….The lady is the only one who can answer that question; maybe she doesnt know her worth, maybe she knows her worth, maybe her worth is 200, maybe, it was circumstances beyond her control
    @Nolimit…you are right on the mark
    @BSNC…I wish more people would identify with this concept

    Thanks y’all for the input

  11. @Blog…Its good to know you know your worth

  12. Lets be honest with issues.. In most instances you don’t know what a person has been through in his/her life that aids in making a judgement call..
    If you had a million dollars.. a good life.. invested in a maddoff scheme and lost everything..
    Then had to live real rough for like a year.. then someone comes and says what would u do to have the life you have in the past..
    And people here say.. I prefer the life I have now cos I have God? Priceless? Are you for real???
    *No insults meant.. I’m just a cynic I guess*

  13. @Roc….I dont think cynicism has anything to do with it; dire circumstances always push people to dire reactions, and a person’s current actions may be due to prior experience, but its only in hard times that you can be able to tell for sure what a person can/cannot do.

  14. Well it’s difficult to answer! It’s difficult to know if we’d pass the faith-test and money-test just like biblical Job did!
    It’s easier said than done!
    Truth is, let’s not rely on our own capabilities and wisdom.. instead, let’s all thank God for what we have now and ask for His Grace to see us thru in times of temptations and trials.

  15. @Ochuko…its only in a difficult situation that we can prove for sure what we believe of ourselves. When you put a cloth inside water, you bring the cloth out and wring it, you get water. you put another cloth inside oil and wring it, you get oil. whatever deposit we make inside of us is what shows when we are tested

  16. well, I haven’t got a price tag cos I’m not 4 sale…I make bold 2 say dat I’m PRICELESS, yet VALUABLE…

  17. @justdoyin…I guess your price tag reads “priceless”

  18. @justdoyin & naijagirl, I’m with you too oooo!!.. “PRICELESS: NOT FOR SALE” LOL…

  19. @Ochuko…LOL, is your price tag “priceless” too?

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