Pains 1.1

            You don’t know what it means to hurt if you have never felt hurt. To be alone even when you are surrounded by a whole lot of people. To have a smile on your face when you are truly broken inside. To pretend everything is alright when all around you is in chaos. To be quiet when all you really want to do is scream out loud. To be still when everything inside is exploding.  You don’t really know what it means to hurt, if you have never felt hurt.

           To wake up and question all you have ever believed in life. To have nowhere to run to. To feel like there is no more hope and reason for those belief. To wish on death upon yourself. To feel like you are on a lonely road all by yourself. To cry unto God and feel like no one is answering. To wait upon God for an answer or miracle and to feel like all doors have been shut on your face

              You don’t know what it means and how it feels, to feel like a shame, to feel like everyone is against you, pointing fingers at you. to feel like a leper in your own land, in your own home. To feel like an outcast in places where you have been glorified and lifted. To wish no one turns to your way for they will see the great shame that has befallen you. To wish that your name be far from the lips of man for that name brings failure to their mind. To wish upon a star but find nothing. No, you will never know what it means to hurt if you have never felt true hurt.

to be continued……

                           My words, my views, my style!Naijagirl©2009

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  1. i dont like sad posts, especially those that come in parts…:(

  2. True that — but without trying to sound uber spiritual (which I’m so not…)
    we do not have a High Priest who cannot be touched by the feelings of our infirmity……..let us therefore draw near to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need

    That’s been my mantra for the past few days… Hard to accept but its true so work off it!

  3. This is painful…and sad…

  4. To wake up and question what you’ve always believed in, has got to be the turning point of one’s life.

  5. been there(not pleasant)…glad i can see the light now…

  6. @Bumight….LOL. i shall keep that in mind
    @Danny….Thanks; it will come in handy
    @Theekopost….it can also be a disheartening place to find yourself
    @Simeone….lol. I am glad yu have got to the end of the tunnel where the light is

  7. That’s a difficult place to be in..

  8. you will never know what it means to hurt if you have never felt true hurt.. you are soo right

  9. @Roc….its a sad place to find yourself
    @BSNC……thanks, and thanks for stopping by

  10. The first paragraph really expresses what i was going thru a good part of 2003. There certain things we go thru whether by own on fault or not, but when we depend on God- He bound to pull us out of whatever hole we’re in. 🙂

    Nice post me dear!

  11. @Tigress….thanks hon, I’m glad you are over it now, and you are so right as regards to depending on God

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