M.I who?

         I never heard about him except when I read Rocnaija’s post. This guy is off the hook. This is the right rap. I haven’t heard this good rapping from naija since modenine .…don’t even start me on some naija rappers. And before you get all up in my business with your hateration, mention the artiste and I can tell you where he falls into. This guy is repping naija to the full and I’m dedicating this post to him.

          Some call him naija Kanye West, naija Lil wayne….but I call him what he calls himself “M.I”, and  like he rapped in “I’m hot”, he sure is a new general, the new kid on the block….and he’s hot like that

           Some say while modenine and ruggedman where busy dissing and hating on each other, M.I sneaked up on all of them, but I say…..he’s talented like that

           I am definitely gonna patronize his album…oh who am I kidding, I will get it off youtube. I am sorry but you can’t listen to any of his track without muttering a prolonged “damnnnnnn”.

            I love music and I love people who know how to appreciate music. Above all, I love people who can deliver good music. I love his coordination, the lyrics, the style…if you are gonna deliver to the public, you might as well give them something authentic, and that’s what this new kid is doing. If you are not into rap, he is sure to get you interested….he’s hot like that

            I find it interesting that he is able to use other people’s songs or beats and make something unique and beautiful out of it. If it was another artiste, I would have been the first to say “that’s not his beat/song”, but with M.I, all I can say is……damnnnn

        For all the single ladies trying to get with him, he said…don’t be effing with him ‘cos it won’t be safe sex, he got a girl and in case you are wondering when he will get married, I will be practical and answer that question for you….not today, not now. How can he when his music is just taking off.

         I would love to be present while he delivers a freestyle or compete with some other naija rapper. Anyone who knows of his next gig should let me know. Is he up for any recent award, let me go cast my vote.

         I am sorry y’all, don’t start the hate ration, I am just giving him the ups. Someone actually commented in one of his songs that he is glad to be alive to witness this kid’s rap..…he’s hot like that

               My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009



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  1. firsttttttttttttttt…
    I just recently heard of the guy too..
    one song he sounds sooo like T.I…
    “pullin me bk”
    He isnt bad tho..

  2. I hope he makes it to Canada! His rhymes are very tight.

  3. Nice article NG.. Sorry I didn’t get those links up early enough.. And thanks for the shout-out!
    But I’ll have to right a small wrong impression..

    MI released his album ‘Talk about it’ in December ’08.. by February ’09 he also released a mixtape for free download.. So basically he’s the hardest working rapper right now..

    With mixtapes you’re allowed to use other peoples beats.. noone uses fresh beats for a mixtape, as it’s not for commercial purposes.. That’s where the song you heard was on..

    I did an album review for him here..


    He also just got the highest number of nominations (I think) in the upcoming Hip Hop World awards to be held in Abuja..

  4. Here are some more links to downloads that might interest you..

    This was on his mixtape called ‘Illegal Music’ using D’banj’s hot banger..


    This is the soundtrack to the upcoming HipHop world awards.. MI ft Banky W and Kel.. Track produced by eLDee (formerly of Trybesmen)


  5. Below are links to two tracks from his album…

    MI ft Djinee – Safe (Here he played on al the recent club songs by different Naija artistes)


    MI ft Pype (This is one of my personal faves..)


    Oh yeah and you just missed him ‘cos he recently performed in Mayfair… Not enough publicity unfortunately..

  6. After all this hype he better be good…..am off to listen…

  7. I’ve listened to this cat, and he’s not that bad! He’s got great delivery no doubt.

  8. @Gee….LOL. you are definitely the first. I was impressed with his rap….thanks for stopping by
    @GNG…yup, I hope he makes it down here too, wouldnt mind going to listen to him live
    @Roc….thanks a lot….and yea I heard he’s the most sought after rapper….good for him
    @afrobabe….uhhh, maybe I shouldnt have made so much noise about him…..then again, you will at least say, he is “aiight”
    @O.B….yeah, I think his delivery is good…..thanks for stopping by

  9. @ Roc….that was a good review you put up. you put up some good songs up there, I may have to come ransack your music library

  10. dude is hawt mehn! nuff said!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog..will check this dude out. see what the fuss is

  12. lol@ “your flow is basic and mine is acidic” he is kinda tight

  13. listening to forever right now and he’s on fayah!

  14. listening to forever right now and I must say…dude is on fayah!

  15. @Toluwa…lol, dude is good
    @Dabizniz…his lyric is tight, you have a good blog. thanks for stopping by
    @Nolimit….LOL, enuff said, thanks for stopping by

  16. Very well then. Make I go listen too. He’s that good, huh? I’m off to listen too

  17. Vera, you better like him oooo, else….else….you will still be verastic

  18. I hearing about this MI person all over blogsville. I really need to check him out. maybe i’ve already heard his music gon sef.

  19. @Tigress, you can check the links Roc put up or check him out on youtube.

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