19 years for love scam?

       Here I was thinking of what to blog when I came across this news on yahoo “Nigerian student gets 19 years’ jail for love scam”. I laughed hard at this heading ‘cos I assumed it was the usual love scam most people do when they go through dating websites. But, by the time I was done going through the article, I had few bones to pick.

         First, I have a problem with this kind of bad publicity; it’s like yahoo and CNN and the host of the news agency have no qualms in tagging us with the 419 scam and giving us such bad publicity. I wish I knew all the charges laid against this student so I can give my rebuttal, but 19 years? Come on man.

        The number “419” refers to the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code (part of Chapter 38: “Obtaining Property by false pretences; Cheating”) dealing with fraud, so I am guessing this is what was used against him in court.

         I will go on a limb here and say that everyone of us at one point in our lives have been scammed, either by our parents, siblings, relations, friends, neighbors, enemies, and we have lied too. Did we get 19 years for it?

Edna Fiedler, 44, of Olympia, Washington, on June 25, 2008, pleaded guilty in a Tacoma court and was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and 5 years of supervised release or probation in an Internet $1 million “Nigerian check scam.” she made $1 million and got 2 years, so what was different with this boy?

         I kid not when I say the whole blame shouldn’t be left at the door post of this young man. I plead in defense of him, but for goodness sake 19 years? I cry foul. That boy must not have had a lawyer to defend him in court.

         I blame the woman for falling prey. How many times do they have to broadcast about 419 scam? With all the bashing from CNN, ABC, BBC, CCC, AAC,  people still fall victim to naija scam? Ok, maybe this case is different cos it was a romance scam, but come on, how many ladies have been scammed by supposedly boyfriends who wanted one thing. What’s the difference between a guy who wanted a lady for sex and convinced her that it was a love match and this guy? When you are going into internet dating, common sense should tell you to dip your feet one leg at a time. Half of the people looking for love on the internet do not give their right age and they lie, lie, lie.

        I blame the government for not providing job opportunity and for the state of the economy. If things were right, probably this student would have had something better to be doing than trying to scam someone old enough to be his mother, if not grand mother.

        I blame his friends and colleagues doing the yahoo yahoo business ‘cos if they didn’t have their flashy produce to dangle in front of him, then he wouldn’t have been tempted enough to go try. It’s unfortunate but like we sang in secondary school “tapinson is a game, but when you are caught…..you are a thief”

       I blame even the court for giving him a whole 19 years…..what the heck….19 years. What’s he going to be doing in jail for 19 years? Cooling in cell while the real rogues are out terrorizing my village with the latest AK 45. Of course, all EFCC needs, is someone like this to teach him a lesson. Maybe, I feel sorry for him cos of his age, maybe I don’t but I still believe 19 years is an outrageous no of years to give him.

If that boy gets 19 years for lying, how much do all the terrible boyfriends who have lied get? Nada, that’s what.

                   My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

Link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090316/od_uk_nm/oukoe_uk_nigeria_australia_scam


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  1. By all means i dont support 419 scams, but the jail term is what i have bones with. how can someone get 3 years jail term for raping a 3 month old and another person get 19 years for an online scam?

    i guess the sentencing was harsh because they are trying desperately to clean up nigeria’s image, then again its just outrageous!

  2. wow! That one is not good o! I feel terrible for the boy.

  3. 19 years… sheeesh… People still have unrealistic dreams of getting rish quick.. and will always fall for scams!

  4. I am the one who reported Edna Fiedler to the authorities. The ONLY reason she got two years is because she agreed to a plea agreement. The sentence for her actual crime, of which there were MOUNTAINS of evidence, is 30 years in Federal Prison.

  5. @Bumight…I am not trying to condone what he did, but giving him 19 years is too much clean up
    @Termite…I hear you my dear
    @Danny….which is why I believe such people should be prosecuted as well, they should be charged for greed
    @Angela….If she got a plea agreement for 2 years, then perhaps this young boy should have got some kind of plea bargain.Knowing the state of naija prisons, they might as well give him life.

  6. that is ridiculous! 19yrs?

  7. but i guess if he was sentenced to jail, he shld not have been made to pay back…! sad tho, for the victim and then perp!

  8. That’s so mean and messed up!!!!

  9. Chica,thats the plight of all africans. I dont condone 419 but I say give us good publicity as well.
    Nice comment to Angela as well.
    Lovin’ u girl,thx 4 al ur views on ma blog.

  10. LOL… Loads of blaming going on in your post chic!

    But in truth the sentence is like killing a fly with a sledge hammer…

    I see where you’re coming from..

  11. @JT….ridiculous is an understatement. He was given 19 years, the proceeds from the land and car returned to the woman and he has to pay “child support/alimony” every month. *sighs*
    @Abujamaiden….I hear you, thanks for stopping by
    @Farida….thanks, thanks, and yu are welcome
    @Roc….LOL…if all the people i blamed were put into consideration, perhaps, his sentence would have been reduced,or at best, they would have distributed the number of years amongst them all. (The victim 2, the court 4yrs, the government 4 yrs, his friends 4 years, the perp…the remaining)

  12. Wow.. Thats a very long time.
    But do u know what me think they re trying to..
    They just want others to see what they could be getting themselves into..
    Don’t mind all those white akatas jare…(Oro won da bi eni wa ifa..On wa ofo ni-Yoruba Adage)Person that is looking for free thing might as well lose too.

    Upon all the cries and popularity of Scams coming from Nigeria, this people are still fallen maga/victims cos they choose to… left to me self..I would say they should be judging it tit for tat.(Oun oju wa, ni oju ri-Yoruba adage)What you are looking for,is what you get)

  13. @spicytee…I bet they are using him as scapegoat, but e get as e be. Lol @ white akata, i never heard of that combo before. thanks for stopping by, jare.

    In my books, the new rule should be, if you fall victim to naija scam, then you should be prosecuted as well. We cant keep condoning ignorantism, not with all the bashing going on about naija and scam

  14. Clearly they’re making an example out of him, and I admit that the length of the sentence is too long but in this case I do want to defend the woman who he scammed.

    Perhaps it’s just the tone of the article but this was not the usual case of a woman trying to get rich…she was trying to find love (after being unlucky in love at age 56 it seems). This “Nigerian student” (who is married with 3 childrean) told her he was a 57 year old British man living and working in Lagos as an engineer, and sent a picture of a man fitting that description to fool her. He then claimed to be ill and she sent money to him for that purpose, and for him to visit her in Australia.

    Now, I know she was unbelievably naive, and she should have realized this well before she sent him even one penny, talk less forty seven thousand dollars that something was not right here but love is apparently very blind, and she deserves to get her money back. I’m sure the emotional hurt and the sense of betrayal will take a long time for her to get over. Anyways, I hope she does manage to collect what is due her and keep her search for love closer to home. It’s a cruel world out there!

    All that said, I think his sentence is too heavy for the crime, but hopefully others will learn from it.

  15. @GNG….this is a romance scam as opposed to internet scam and we put that into consideration, but at the end of the day…..the sentence is too much (19 years + proceeds from the car and land + the monthly payment)

  16. That is sad news indeed. Apart from being convicted at such a young age, it’ll certainly derail his future. The question is, would jail turn him into a better person?..only time will tell.

  17. @Blogoratti….19 years is definitely gonna set him back a notch or two. I hear you on jail bringing a turn around for him….thanks for stopping by

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