Some riddles for the mind……

1.      If a tree falls in the forest and no one was there to see it fall or heard it fall, did it really fall? If it fell, did it make any sound?

2.      When a husband gets into an argument and his wife is not there, is he still wrong? (This is based on the notion that a husband is always wrong in any argument involving the wife)

3.      How do you stay married for 30 years with the same woman?

                     My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. 1. It couldn’t have made a sound!
    2. He’s wrong.. Makes his life easier to just admit and keep it moving..
    3. Keep seperate bathrooms and never have a TV in the bedroom!

    Easy peezy! 🙂

  2. Errr.. Never was good at riddles so I’ll just let it slide this time…

  3. lolllllllll @rock9ja’ infact chop knuckles’ ori’e 4kasibe 🙂
    9jagal abeg come score us o jare 🙂

  4. i…No sound cos sound needs a receiver…abi na ear..

    2. Of course he is still wrong..He is wrong even when he hasn’t done anything..

    3.. My concern is how do women stand men for that long…

  5. @ Roc…lol. i’m with you on the separate rest rooms
    @Danny….i see, you are trying to play on the safe side
    @LG…lol,LG, i didnt see your answers oo
    @Afrobabe…lol, you gave a different insight to the riddle….I feel you on women standing men for that long

    i will give the answers later…enjoy the rest of the day y’all

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