TGIF 1.3

       In this episode of “thank God it’s Friday”, I have a lot to be grateful for.

       I completed a job series this week and I am grateful for the evaluation report I received; my supervisor was an awesome guy and I am grateful I got him. I was opportune to work in a favorable environment with wonderful people.

       I learned about a near death experience of one of my aunts in naija:- she went home from work this week. According to her she had the urge to pray, but she kept putting it away. Fortunately/unfortunately, she slept off. A loud noise woke her up and she jumped up screaming “blood of Jesus”. She noticed white flakes on her and on the bed. She called the lady in the house with her to ask if she heard anything, the girl said no. They looked around and that was when they noticed a hole in the roof and a bullet on the pillow where her head was few minutes ago. When the cops came, they explained that the only way the bullet could have gotten into the house was if someone actually climbed to the roof and shot directly through the roof into her room. Why would someone risk their life by climbing up a duplex in order to carry out an assassination? I am grateful to God that her life was spared.

This week, I am grateful for journey mercies, for financial miracles/breakthrough, for peace of mind, for being available to a friend who’s going through a break up, for not being stopped by the cops while driving with expired insurance

Thank God it’s Friday……

                 My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. yup! loads of reasons to be thankful!!
    LOL @ the expired license… I did that for two weeks without knowing.. I was even racing a cop car during that time..

  2. lol….Roc, you are so silly. racing a cop car….I am beginning to suspect you are a rebel

  3. wow…. could have been so much worse… thank God she wasn’t hurt…

    expired insurance? now that climbing out on a limb!

  4. Danny, I know. so much to be thankful for

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